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Thank you, Mashima. For proving Gruvia fans were not delusional in believing Gray loved Juvia.

So much that he would have rather died with her than hurt her or have her die and himself live. 499 confirms as Gray himself admits she is more than a friend to him. Will make a full post once the chapter comes out but remember this: Lisanna, Mavis, Gray, Gajeel, etc. have all come back. Even Ultear is an old lady. Juvia will come back too. She will come back to Gray, because everyone else died for him. Every other couple and character getting a happy ending except Gray? No, just no. Be patient everyone. It may take a while, but don’t lose hope in Juvia being revived.

We ran into about 200 –250 German bombers and fighters … Unfortunately or not, I don’t know, I was flying in the first section with the C.O. [Bader] and before we knew where we were we found ourselves in the middle of all this mass. Every way you turned all you could see were German machines –and there was some lead flying about the sky! Anyway we stuck together and got out of it without injury except a few scratches from glass and odd bits of bullets, but you should have seen our machines –absolutely full of holes and they couldn’t even make one whole aircraft out of what was left.
—  David Masters in So Few

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"Happy birthday, dear." Elincia wakes Aradia with a full breakfast. "I hope it turned out edible... I tried making everything myself."

Aradia wakes slowly, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. 

“G-good morning…” she mumbles, not really yet entirely aware of what’s going on.

Of course, until her eyes land on a plate of food- delicious-looking food at that. With pancakes with “happy birthday” written in whipped cream!

She looks up at Elincia almost teary-eyed.

“Th-th-thank you so much…!”

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I would be sad if Spencer turns out to be Mary's child cause when you look at the whole picture it doesn't make sense. Like Mary saying Melissa and Spencer looks alike like twins? And they both are competitors like its in their DNA. And Peter having another affair... It is just so not make sense

This is a really good point that I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else mention. The whole basis of Melissa and Spencer’s relationship has been that they’re competitive and “true Hastings girls” and if Spencer isn’t actually a full Hastings that kind of goes out the window, which makes me kind of…. Sad? Also the fact Mary herself mentioned how alike they were as children. Her saying that kind of makes the whole Mary/Spencer thing less valid almost… If she does turn out to be Mary’s daughter I’ll be interested to see if Melissa has any involvement and how it affects their relationship


And here we have Ray Toro making out on stage with James Dewees. And I thought Ray was the straight one in MCR.

seventeen scenario- thigh riding.

Seungcheol- Definitely the type to grip at your hips and pull you forward as your rode his thigh. Would be just as much of a treat for him as it was for you; he’d be leaning back against the couch, biting his bottom lip as he watched you.

Jeonghan- Would probably tap your ass and tell you to ride faster. Would flex his thigh muscles and smirk at the expressions you made. It wouldn’t be the full package without him leaning forward and making out with you + a few hickies. Would completely egg you on, telling you to ride him faster.

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“Got your nose,” said Maki in a sing song voice.

I think one day I’ll take this and make a full illustration set out of it. One day. When I’m rested I guess… Says Noel, still awake at 4 in the morning :’D

((Also, imagine if they were to have sex. I wanna use the line “It was then that Maki came to understand the term “breeding like rabbits”.”))

What if X-Men: First Class was shot The Office style? Like a documentary having a closer look at the world’s first mutant team?

Cameramen would follow them around and record their lives, going into every crevice to describe what goes on. Every argument, mutation mishap, romance; it goes onscreen for the American public to enjoy and better understand their future.

Even that time at breakfast once Raven and Hank held steady eye contact the entire time and left the table at the exact same time.

Even that one time Sean did marijuana in the greenhouse.

Yeah, they even caught the time they caught Erik and Charles full-on making out in the hallway.

Of course, that never went live.

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What is your opinion on the Naruto ending?


…And it’s not solely because of my longtime NOTP being canon (the ship has always been unhealthy since the first part, full of verbal and emotional abuse. Girl thinks she could “change” dude… dude told the girl that she was annoying and just stabbed the hell out of her just a few chapters before the ending and even told her it was pointless trying to change him…and then suddenly, in the ending they get married and have a child and the dude barely visits his wife and child.Talk about being a deadbeat dad as well../sigh/ There are so many young girls who read the series. It’s scary)

Seriously, people who bash the fans who got angry and disappointed at the Naruto ending because the latter “had their ships sunk” are ridiculous. Were pissed because we have invested so long in this series (in my case, a decade) only to have received a rushed ending. 

It was a huge slap to the face for me as a long time fan when Kishimoto just gave out this “Babies ever after” trope in the ending (like HP). I would have been a bit chill if the children were well-designed but nope, they look like scrapped designs of generation 1 pokemon.  There are so many plot holes that needed to be filled and like, where the hell was Orochimaru, Anko and Yamato  before the epilogue?

TBH,  it’s okay if Kishimoto wanted to rush the ending. He might have personal reasons why he wanted to end it fast and I respect that choice. However, he should have been aware of his old and new fans (as well as the large ship fandoms). He should have ended it in a different note without the whole “Next generation bs” and random ships popping. He could have shown the main characters achieving their goals like Naruto being Hokage, Sakura acheiving her dream as the greatest medical nin, Hinata showing her worth to her dad and leading the Hyuga clan, Sasuke repenting by traveling around and  helping people and all that. 

TLDR; He should have taken notes from Takahashi by leaving an open ending, characters achieving their dreams and not making any ships canon especially since Naruto is an anime series known for its Huge and long ship Wars, lol. 

Random tip for language/visually-oriented people who have auditory processing difficulties:

I find often when I have to retain verbal instructions or information, I can get lost pretty easily, and writing it down as I hear it, can be helpful.


That’s not always an option, like if you’re training for a job & don’t have time, or it’s a casual conversation but you need to remember something.

But another trick I have found to be helpful is to try and visualize the words as you hear them. 

Like you’re taking notes, but inside your own head.

Imagine picturing a blank screen, or empty note page, or something like that, and as the person gives you the information, think of the words filling the page, or being written down.This can be the full sentence, or the important bits.

 Like someone saying “make sure to take out the trash and to walk the dog.’

If you aren’t as good with visualizing words, pictures can help too, especially when it’s instructions or concrete ideas.

Picture a blank piece of paper, and force yourself to see… Maybe every word, or maybe a doodle of a trash can and a dog, or just the words ‘trash’ & ‘dog’

But either way, it forces your brain to slow down a little bit and consciously translate the auditory information into another context, and I’ve found it helps to retain the information.

I have no idea if this has any particular scientific backing. It’s also not a perfect system, especially if the speaker is talking really rapidly & you can’t keep up. 

But I have found it helpful, when I remember, and so I thought I’d pass it along.

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WHAT WOULD YOU DO AS A MEMBER OF STARFLEET? (aside of make out with alien babes :P)

If we translate my college major into 24th century technology: prolly stellar cartography. 21st century me thinks that sounds kinda boring tho so xenobiologist or, ooh, xenobotanist. If that’s the right scifi word.

Or I would skip Starfleet, be basically a female Outrageous Okona and the making out with alien babes will be my full time career.

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It's been a few years since the best song ever music video and I still can't get over the way Harry was with Zayn as a sexy secretary without thinking of how he would've been if it was Louis instead of Zayn. 🤔😏

Oh my god I KNOW! 

We’d have been treated to full making out on camera I swear (not that any of use would have been complaining I don’t think). 

I love Harry’s face, I love the lip bite and the way he moves his hand from Zayn’s hand and to his waist; it’s very smooth. Similarly, I love how Zayn plays with his hair and purses his lips like he’s going in for a kiss. 

I’ve never seen Harry look at another woman like that, and this woman is just Zayn in drag. I find that highly amusing. 

If it’d been Louis…well ;)

[ i’m fuckin sobbing not only because of poor bby bastion but also all those crusaders defending their homeland like holy shit.. can u imagine how intense and hopeless those battles must have been ]

listen i want someone to sit peter down and give him a winged eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man and make his naturally long eyelashes slay a dragon, all majestic and beautiful, i don’t think u understand how much this man embraces his feminine side like pls give him a fckin manicure he’ll rock that shit. he’ll help any woman with her looks, he’ll totally help them pick outfits, do their nails + hair, help coordinate jewelry w/ their outfits and the whole nine yards. he helped his mother with this sort of thing as a kid and he’s very fashion oriented. he has an eye for colour cordination and sincerely does not disappoint in fashion advice.