full of terrors


The Brotherhood without banners. King’s men, knights, and heroes … but some knights are dark and full of terror.

(top to bottom: Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, Tom Sevenstrings, Lem Lemoncloak, Edric Dayne, Anguy, Harwin, Gendy and Lady Stoneheart)

Second Chances (James Conrad)

Pairing: James Conrad x OC

Warning: Little, tiny bit of violence. And giant bugs. Lol.

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I couldn’t relax. Couldn’t close my eyes without seeing it all over again. 

Choppers being tossed from the sky, like tiny toys. Flames licking away at molten metal. Bodies falling from midair. And those eyes. Those huge, yellow eyes. I squeezed my own eyes shut, desperate to make those horrible mental images vanish. Though the second I tried to think of something else, anything else, my mind wandered back to him.

To James Conrad.

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I particularly like this idea cause if most alien life has never been exposed to peanuts I suspect it’s highly likely it would be a common intergalactic allergy. So Stan just has emergency peanut butter on him to feed Rick- but in a pinch when the raygun needs to recharge and they’re in hot water, it also can be used for defense against hostile aliens.

The night is dark and full of terror ! Melisandre of Asshai commission for @histruequeen ♦♦♦

TOG6 Ending Imagine (WARNING: EOS Spoilers!)

As we all know, SJM is the Queen of Foreshadowing. That got me thinking - has she been foreshadowing the end since the beginning?

Rewind to the scene where young Aelin is with Marion at her parent’s estate. Marion realises that Aelin is the brightest hope for a future that their world has and so she sacrifices herself to defend her.

What if Aelin was pregnant when Maeve took her - or perhaps becomes pregnant at some point in TOG6? What if she sees her baby and realises the kind of world she will grow up in - full of death, terror and with Erawan constantly hanging over their heads?

What if, after her daughter is born, Aelin finally understood why Marion did what she did and realises that her sacrifice was not worthless? That sometimes, there is something worth dying for, worth giving up her future with Rowan and their child for.


Aelin looks at her daughter, the future of their world, and turns to whoever is nearby to utter the words which she has carried for years but which suddenly she understands in a way she thought she never could.

“Tell my daughter… tell her I love her very much. And I’m sorry that I won’t see her grow up. Tell her that I gave her the world - that I gave her a future.”

With that, Aelin wipes her eyes and holds her daughter close before handing her away for the last time. She is no longer the last heir of Terrasen. There are no loose ends.

With that, Aelin grasps the Eye of Elena and the three Wyrdkeys. With a roar that sets the world trembling, she pours everything she has - every last drop of magic, each fragment of being - into the Lock.

She feels herself becoming empty, hollow and is truly afraid. She panics, fighting against the darkness threatening to consume her. She falls to the ground, gasping and shuddering as the last remnants of her power are ripped from her.

She lies there, barely conscious but still holding on. She truly fears the darkness, fears seeing the faces of all those she killed over the years condemn her. She can feel her body growing lighter, lighter and she struggles against what she knows is inevitable.

Images flicker before her eyes - her parents and uncle, smiling and laughing; Aedion, the boy and the man; Evangeline shrieking with laughter as Lysandra shifted between forms for her amusement. She sees Sam smile, frozen forever at eighteen, and the vulpine smile of her former master. She sees the brooding Captain of the Guard and the mischievous, sapphire eyed prince; she sees the healer with golden brown eyes she met once, long ago.

She sees the silver hair and bright green eyes of her beloved. Sees his smile, his voice, his laughter which are woven into the very thread of her being. He is what she most hates to leave behind - next to their daughter.

Her daughter. She has known her for barely a few days but already she loves her so much that she thinks it might set the world ablaze. She knows that Rowan will protect her and guide her - truly, she couldn’t leave if she didn’t know that she would have him to love her enough for both of them. She knows that Rowan will tell her all about her mother - Aelin hopes very much that she’ll understand why she did such terrible things over the years, that she won’t be judged too harshly.

The final image Aelin Ashryver Galathynius sees is not one of her memories. Perhaps it is imagination, perhaps a gift of prophecy from one of the gods to ease her mind.

A beautiful woman with stunning Ashryver eyes and flowing silver hair stood in the throne room of Orynth. Before her was the antler throne, the one Aelin has not seen for ten years, that her ancestors ruled from. The woman had a faint smile on her face as she looked to her right. Her father, his green eyes ambivalent with sadness and joy, held the antler crown aloft before settling it gently on her head. From several feet away, her court - the court her mother built for her, a court to change the world - looked on.

The young woman took a deep breath before slowly ascending the steps and turning to face the court. She sat on her throne, the throne she was born for, as shouts of Long live the queen! resounded throughout the hall.

She was strong and wise and powerful. She would bring peace and prosperity to her lands - to her people - for a thousand years.

Aelin smiles as the image faded from her view. A gift - truly a gift to know that she had succeeded. She had given the world its saviour.

She feels herself slipping away but she no longer fights it. She knows now that she was not being claimed by the darkness but rather becoming one with the light. And she was ready. She was grateful for the time she had.

Her name was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius - and she was not afraid.

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I was wondering when I would end up writing fanfiction for Pokemon and apparently it wasn’t until Team Skull showed up.

I was thinking about how there are three pillows on Guzma’s bed. Maybe he just likes pillows but I also immediately thought about how he could go to sleep on the bed with Golisopod and Ariados, if they want to, and each would get a pillow.

So this is around 1500 words of silliness (and one, more serious spot) where Golisopod is taking up most of the bed and Guzma is trying to get it to move over.  There is some swearing and implied violence, because I do believe Team Skull would be swearing if it weren’t for the fact the game was rated E.

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