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“I haven’t put aside anything. As if I could be turned that easily. It’s just… In that moment, that instant… I forgot all about you. Whether that’s good, bad, or something in between… That’s something I’ll have to think about.”  ✧ Todoroki Shouto | Half Hot & Cold Hero 
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— korean phrases you can say/tweet to your idols to make them feel loved/better💌💕

- Hang in there! 

• 힘내세요! 

 - Thank you for always giving us good music 

• 항상 좋은 음악을 줘서 고마워요 

 - You’re a special person 

• 당신은 소중한 사람이에요 

 - Oppa/Unnie hang in there, we’re by your side 

•오빠/언니 힘내세요 우리가 있자나요

 - I’ll always support you 

•난 항상 응원 할게요 

 - Please rest well 

• 푹 쉬세요

 - You’re unique 

• 당신이 독특합니다 

 - Eat well 

• 잘 먹어요 

 - You’re my angel

 • 너는 나의 천사 

 - Please be happy 

• 행복하세요 

 - You’re very handsome

 • 진짜 잘생겼다 

 - Please don’t lose any weight 

 • 살빼지마세요 

 - You’re the light in my dark world

 • 너는 네 어두운 세상에 빛이에요

 •팬들을 생각해줘서 고마워요. 

Thank you for thinking of your fans. 

 •목소리가 정말 달콤해요 / 섹시 

Your voice is so sweet/ sexy.

 •언제나 응원하는 거 알죠? 

You know I’m always on your side, right? 

 •실수해도 괜찮아요. 

It’s ok if you make a mistake. 

 •웃음을 잃지 말아요. 

Don’t forget to smile. 

 •덕분에 매일 행복해요. 

Thanks to you, I am happy every day. 

 •어떻게 그렇게 (예뻐요/ 멋져요/ 잘생겼어요/ 웃겨요/ 재밌어요)? 

How can you be so (pretty/cool/handsome/hilarious/funny)? 

 •날마다 오빠들이 행복했으면 좋겠어요. 오빠들 장난치는 걸 보면 저까지 덩달아 즐거워지더라구요. 

Be happy everyday because your jokes really lift up my moods all the time. 

 •늘 진실된 모습으로 있어줘서 고마워요! 

Thank you for being the true you! 

 •기쁨가득한날을 보냈으면 좋겠어요. 많이사랑해요. 건강하고 많이쉬세요 Trans: I hope you have a wonderful day full of joy. I love you very much. Stay healthy and rest lots! 

 •우리 항상 네 곁에 있을게요 

- we will always be by your side 

 •역시 최고이다! 

- as excepted, you’re the best! 

 •이 노래 정말 좋아요 

- this song is really good 

 •이 노래 너무 좋아해요 

- i love this song very much 

 •좋은 음악을 줘서 고마워요 

- thank you for giving us good music

 •본인을잘챙겨주세요. 힘들게노력하는것을알고있으니까 많이 걱정하기도하지만 뿌듯해요. 당신이 건강하고 행복할때 우리팬들도 가장행복해요 

 Pls take care of yourselves we know u work very hard and this makes us both very proud and worried. ur fans are happiest when u are happy n healthy 

 •너 아직 먹었 니? 제발 스스로 돌봐! : Have you eaten yet? Please take care of yourself! 

 •나는 너를 꼭 잡고 싶다 : I want to hold you tight 

•안녕 내 사랑! : Hello my love 

 •당신은 천사 야! : You’re an angel 

 - You’re the light in my dark world • 너는 네 어두운 세상에 빛이에요 

 • 사랑해 - I love you 


rising sign pros and cons

Aries Rising

pros: quick mind that is full of fun ideas. have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. come across as very energetic and are good at motivating people. straightforward and honest. approach to life and situations is very sincere

cons: their immense energy may throw people off or people may dislike their energy. can be extremely restless, they always have to be moving or doing something. acts on impulse and rushes into things quickly, usually without planning or thinking it through

Taurus Rising

pros: approaches life and situations with patience and dedication. aren’t afraid of working hard or sticking with something. usually have a good routine in life. have a soothing, graceful presence

cons: are extremely stubborn with opinions/thoughts. are very cautious, and sometimes miss out on opportunities because of that. can be very single minded or focus only on one thing at a time, and hate to be rushed

Gemini Rising

pros: very friendly and adaptable. can talk to just about anyone, has very friendly vibes that most people are drawn to or will like instantly. has a quick and witty sense of humor. aren’t afraid of change or adapting, and are always willing to learn something new

cons: always wanting action and change. may change to fit someone else’s ideal or to get along with someone better. need a lot of space and freedom. don’t like being told what to do or to follow what everyone else is doing. can have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time

Cancer Rising

pros: people think they are sweet and adorable. very approachable and have a kind disposition. reads others easily and are good at picking up other’s emotions. feels a lot of emotion and sympathy for the world and others

cons: people think they are younger than they really are. people may not take them seriously. is expressive and can be read easily, especially with emotion. tends to take on others emotions and is extremely sensitive to vibes

Leo Rising

pros: radiant and exuberant. lives life in the moment, always wants to have fun and do whatever they want. has a noticeable presence. has a big heart that is full of love and wants to spread joy and entertain others, loves to make others laugh

cons: can be too honest or dramatic, doesn’t ever want to be serious or do anything serious. would rather just have fun all the time. it’s their way or the highway. can be extremely stubborn or set in their ways

Virgo Rising

pros: polite and humble, is very honest with themselves and always wants to improve. helpful and thoughtful, is always thinking of others and wanting to help them. intellectual and mindful

cons: can be very picky or nitpick a lot, extremely critical, especially critical of themselves. if something goes wrong they start to panic. can be too logical or practical. likely to have a nervous energy

Libra Rising

pros: has great manners and social skills. good at getting along with people and making a good impression. sees beauty and good in the world and others, and appreciates it. wants to make the world a kinder place

cons: may be too concerned with material matters or what people think of them, can be caught up in their own world for a while. sees people and the world through rose tinted glasses. can seem superficial

Scorpio Rising

pros: people think they are mysterious and cool. reads people like a book. has a great intuition and judgement of character. has stunning, soul piercing eyes

cons: resting bitch face. people don’t understand them, they may feel like an outsider or that they don’t connect with people easily. might come off strongly or more intimidating than they would like

Sagittarius Rising

pros: honest and genuine. love learning and doing new things, wants to experience everything they can. optimistic and enthusiastic, approaches everything in life with a good attitude.

cons: doesn’t like to be held down or put into a box, wants and expects freedom and space. can be flighty or hard to pin down. gets bored with routine easily

Capricorn Rising

pros: has a sarcastic, deadpan kind of humor. self aware and honest with themselves, they really know themselves. senses bullshit from a mile away. hard workers who approach life by working hard for what they want. extremely capable in everything they do

cons: always second guessing themselves and can be insecure of themselves or their work. is very concerned about their image or how they are perceived by others (or sometimes its the opposite and they care too little). puts a lot of responsibility on themselves, can seem really rigid or too serious

Aquarius Rising

pros: sees life as an adventure, always changing and growing. wants to bring change and excitement into the world. sees things with original and unique thoughts, has an amazing and intellectual mind. has cute quirks. very hard to forget

cons: inflexible and stubborn, wants everything done their way and the way they think is best. can be too future oriented, and forget to live in the present. can seem detached or uninterested, or can be hard to pin down and unpredictable

Pisces Rising

pros: dreamy and imaginative. caring and empathetic, they want to care for the world and others. sees beauty and good in everything, likes to stay positive. has a good eye for art and comes across as very sweet and kind. very creative

cons: idealistic to an extreme. can sometimes forget about the real world and how it works, they like to stay in their bubble. very sensitive to others vibes or emotions, especially negative emotions or criticism. sees things the way they want to see them, not as they are


마냥 이대로 함께 걸으면
어디든 천국일테니

- 너의 세상으로 ◇ EXO

“Kiss me,” Bitty says.

And Jack says yeah. Yeah with conviction, a surety that presses in his chest and in his throat. The only other times he’s felt like this have been with Bitty - their first kiss, their tentative but assured touches in Georgia and Providence, the i love you that tumbled so easily out of Jack’s mouth, we’re a team. Bitty and I are dating. 

He hasn’t felt more real - more alive. 

The feeling in his chest expands like a balloon, but it’s not anxiety. It’s just a need, an urge to pull Bitty close and never let go. To show the world how much Bitty means to him.

Jack has never wanted to hide. They’ve talked about this, just enough to indulge their fantasies - for Jack, winning the Stanley Cup was always a strong, hard if, and he only considered it a possibility late into the night, his heart and mind racing, Bitty’s arm looped around his waist and Jack’s nose in Bitty’s lemon-scented hair. 

Jack squeezed Bitty, one night, and whispered, What if I win it? 

Bitty didn’t respond for a second, just grumbled awake and said nothing. Jack had thought Bitty hadn’t heard until he said, Lord. I think I’d want to jump into your arms and kiss you right there

Jack could imagine the rush of winning as if it had already happened, the imaginary euphoria and elation and he knew, right in that second, as Bitty’s fingers drummed a pattern onto Jack’s back and his lips rested on Jack’s chest, their bodies so elegantly fitting together–

You could.

Bitty’s hand froze. I. Your career, Jack. And my parents still don’t even– 

I know, I know. Jack sighed. But. You. You still could. If you wanted to. We still could. 

That’s so brave, Jack. Yeah. Maybe. Bitty sighed, but this was just the two of them dreaming of a future that Jack wouldn’t be able to give them. As Jack imagined the pulsing joy of winning he had to remember that the Stanley Cup was a strong–hard–if

Bitty took in a deep breath and let it out with a long whoosh. Jack could feel in the slackening of his arms and the little hum against his chest that Bitty was almost asleep again. He burrowed closer to Jack and stuck his nose into Jack’s chest, and the twist of happiness that Jack felt drowned out some of the alarm bells going off in his head. 

When he awoke, remembering flashes of their conversation from before, he felt small. It was how Jack always felt when thinking about coming out: his brain buzzed, how the press would turn on him, how they would criticize him and misattribute his failures and tear down the reputation he worked so hard to rebuild. Even though Bitty challenged all of those fears with his smiles and his chatter and his hands, Jack felt tiny, and weak, when he thought about the world knowing. How would coming out make him any stronger?

Besides. The. Stanley. Cup. Was. A. Strong. Hard. If. 

Jack had to stop thinking about it. His doubt whispered that it was a pipe dream. He’d never know the joy of victory, the rush of success in his veins that made him bigger, that could prevent him from tearing down his career. 


But. Now. Here he is. Jack’s several inches taller than normal on his skates, and Bitty’s in his shoes on the ice, and Jack feels big and strong. Bitty’s wrapped up in Jack’s arms, smelling like lemon and honey, and Jack’s nose is cold, but Bitty’s body radiates heat, and the pressure of him against Jack’s gear surrounds Jack. The last of the confetti tumbles down around them, and he feels like they are alone on the ice, even though the screaming is loud. 

Jack just won the Stanley Cup. He is huge

When Bitty looks up at Jack, says, “kiss me,” and “why can’t we?” and “I know you want to,” then “kiss me” again, closing his eyes, Jack realizes that he’s not the brave one. It’s Bitty.

Bitty, who maneuvered around his parents to steal kisses and touches in dark rooms, hidden corners, late at night. Bitty, who stared at his father and his mother at the dinner table with Jack beside him and clenched his jaw in fear, barely looked at Jack for fear of accidentally giving away the nature of their ‘friendship.’ Bitty, who tried again and again to tell his mother but couldn’t. Bitty, who risked losing his family, yet still held Jack closer to him than anyone. 

Jack squeezes Bitty’s arm, and Bitty opens his eyes, large and brown and smiling, full of love and joy, and Jack asks, “Are you sure?” 

Bitty knows what Jack means. His eyes cloud, but he shakes his head and nods. Then nods again, staring at Jack’s chest and blinking away his tears, then looking back up with a firm set of his jaw. He nods again. 

“Yes. Lord, yes. Kiss me.” 

Jack’s grin feels like it’ll burst his face open. He brings one hand up to cradle Bitty’s jaw, and the boy breaks into a bright smile, happy and laughing as they take in the revelry around them. Jack can’t believe he has this, Bitty’s arms looping around his chest and pulling him up close to Jack’s face. Jack can’t believe he has this beautiful boy looking at him like he’s the world, sacrificing everything for Jack’s happiness. Jack leans down, slips his other hand to the back of Bitty’s head, looping his fingers in his hair.  

The voices around them grow louder and louder until they’ve blended into white noise. The world spins around them, and Jack is lost in Bitty, so lost that he says, “You’re so brave, I love you,” and pushes their lips together. 

It is everything. Fireworks go off in Jack’s head, Bitty’s lips are warm and responsive, his hands burn against his body, and the euphoria of the win somehow doubles. Then triples. Bitty is all around, in Jack’s arms, in his nose, in his head. 

The balloon in Jack’s chest grows and grows but it’s a comfortable pressure, like his body is carrying so much happiness that he may burst. Bitty pulls back to gasp for air, and Jack expects him to pull away, but then they’re kissing again, bordering on less than chaste. Bitty’s hands clasp around Jack’s waist, fingers digging into his hips, his tongue sending shivers down Jack’s spine. He smiles against Jack’s mouth. Kisses him again, and again. Jack’s on the ice but he isn’t thinking about anything. The persistent buzz of anxiety in Jack’s head is quiet. 

Jack feels mighty




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2018 Intentions

May 2018 be a year of awakening, growth, recovery, good sleep, fresh starts, healthy boundaries, new beginnings, victories, momentum, healthy skin, healthy hair, healthy hearts, healthy minds, healthy thoughts, healthy bodies, positivity, release, alignment, finding, healing, renewal, abundance, joy, courage, peace, prosperity, daring, manageable expectations of self and others, understanding, enlightenment, luck, magic, divine guidance, synchronicity, listening, action, empowerment, possibility, positivity, self efficacy, self confidence, self sufficiency, self acceptance, self care, kindness, compassion, bold choices, creativity, art, music, learning, new skills and building skills, decisiveness, progress, forgiveness, resolution, solutions, pathfinding, exploration, discovery, intuitive knowing, respite, strength, direction, initiative, vitality, exuberance, exhilaration, excitement, faith, will, health, ability, belief, success, achievement, hope, consistency, steadfastness, solid foundations, follow through, completion, expansion, intention, opportunity, bravery, spirit, articulation, laughter, play, relaxation, clarity, breakthroughs, joy, spontaneity, liberation, connection, mending, ambition, and LOVE for us all!!!!!!! I wish these and speak these intentions with my best truth, faith, hopeful heart, and love.


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To adventure! :D (alternately, it’s been way too long since I drew ducks, and I never tried to draw Fethry before. Also, I used @modmad‘s Gladstone hair because it looks awesome and I wish that’s what we had in the show!)

Happy new year to all! I wish you an awesome 2018, full of love, joy, and duck feels :o)

This life is such a beautiful experience. Full of joy and love as well as pain and sorrow. Each is essential to our growth. Both physicality and spirituality are a part of the whole. When one is broken, we aren’t quite whole. Luckily we have other beings here specifically to help us.

Yes, we have our own goals and lessons to learn, but still here to help Me. Some for a moment, some for a lifetime. Each individual is precious and oh, so helpful.

Because of the abuse I experienced when younger, I have struggled with physical interactions. In addition to that physical experience, I am a very private person and don’t like showing my vulnerability or growth.

Finding others who are patient, accepting, and loving is such a miracle. Healing and Growing is accelerated. What a beautiful experience.



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Magic for Happiness

Updated: April 17th, 2017

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Happy birthday, dearest Denny @dennybitte!!! There’s a place where these Camas Lilies bloom once a year, around our birthdays!!! I captured one for you and hope that you have a wonderful day full of love and joy!!! I am so blessed to have you as my friend!!! Sending *BIG HUGS* from Idaho to Germany and lots of love!!! ~Angie 😙💕