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What was it like living in Denmark?

it was strange but full of wonderful times; I have only the best memories of Denmark. We lived on a pig farm with eight Ukrainians in one house and misha and I shared a twin bed for the majority of our first year of marriage there. We swam in the sea, walked around Copenhagen, and I helped deliver baby pigs and nursed the sick ones back to health. it was one of the weirdest periods of my life but it was full of joy and love.


Hey, after all the times I screwed up and you two were there for me? It’s the least I can do.

Let’s be real here -

Bitty graduates Samwell, moves in with Jack, and adopts like a dozen kids.

He doesn’t mean to. It’s not his plan. He’s going to get a job or something but he’s a carer. He can’t help it. While he’s looking for a job and working on building his CV he starts volunteering at a children’s home and it breaks his heart to leave all those kids there alone and he and Jack have so much love and so much space and there’s so much need and…

So, long story short, they start fostering. Just short term at first but then some longer term fostering arrangements. They come out, get married. Jack buys then a big house with his big NHL salary. They adopt one kid. Then another. They still foster. Bitty isn’t even pretending to look for jobs any more. He volunteers and he feeds and loves whatever kid comes through his door and Jack is just 100% along for the ride. At any given time there are between 4 and 6 kids in the Bittle-Zimmermann household. They adopt another. Always older children. Always children who are ‘less desireable’.

Jack gets the C. They start hosting rookies. They’re both old enough now that they look at these rookies and wonder if they were ever that young. The rookies all start off vaguely uncomfortable to see their Captain so besotted with Bitty and paternal to all these kids but they get over it. Half of the team jokingly calls Jack dad when he’s not listening.

Just, give me Jack and Bitty with a home full of love and kids and laughter and joy.

“Be like the bird that, passing on her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings.” ~Victor Hugo

I heard through the Tumblr grapevine, it was a special someone’s birthday!! I couldn’t pass up the chance to wish Lina @alittletasteofmint a very Happy Birthday and hope that you are having a wonderful day full of love and joy!! *HUGS* ~Angie ♡♡

Jamie doesn’t say a word

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The smile on your face

Lets me know that you need me.

There’s a truth in your eyes

Saying you’ll never leave me.

The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me wherever I fall.

You say it best when you say nothing at all.

I will never forget her eyes.

Those dark brown irises could warm the hearts of the saddest souls. They could lift the spirits of a person with a simple glance. Behind those orbs was a particularly seductive happiness. It drew in everyone around her, like a charm. Those eyes made me feel alive. They gave me hope and heartache. They were as enchanting as they were misleading. They made my life seem worth living, for a time. But I learned the hard way that those eyes, so full of life and love, quickly sucked all of the joy out of mine. As your eyes burned brighter, with the intensity of a red giant, mine became colder. As your eyes held an irresistible jubilance, mine held a sunken stare. As your eyes felt exhilarating to stare into, mine felt depressive and hopeless.

I will never forget her eyes,

But I have forgotten mine. Long gone are the days of happiness, with a twinkle in my iris and a smile on my face. The ecstasy of your eyes left me overdosed. And I have been trying to fix the withdrawal ever since.


Something amazing happened to me today.

If you have never been bottom-of-the-barrel broke for a decent length of time then you cannot truly understand that horrible feeling when the cashier tells you that you can’t use your loyalty points because the server is down. That sick sinking feeling that happens as you come to the realization that you have to pay full price when you were counting on having the extra $5 the points would have saved you to buy the meat for dinner. That if you want to eat now you won’t later or if you want to eat later you can’t eat now.

I experienced this feeling again today at the coffee shop. I only ordered a small coffee and a ham and cheese croissant. It’s all I could afford if I used the points I’d saved up to pay for the coffee. My total was only $10.90 but I had been counting on using my points to bring it down to $6. Then she told me the system was down.

Everything stopped. My heart sank and suddenly began racing 100ks an hour at the same time and I started shaking. In the space of about four seconds I thought several things at once.

“Do I say leave the coffee? The food is more vital than the caffeine”

“Do I just leave both? I need to buy the stuff for dinner tonight and I have to get to therapy tomorrow”

“Maybe I can borrow from Mum to do dinner and therapy”

“Oh god! They probably think I’m just angling for free stuff!”

“Fuck Georgia! Just pay by card and pray you make it to next week on what’s left”

“I’m going to throw up”

“Tell them it’s fine and pass your card over for fucks sake!”

So I take out my card and start to hand it over. I’m trying to put on a brave face but clearly I didn’t do much of a job of it. The cashier looks like a deer in headlights. She doesn’t know how to handle this kind of thing. She immediately tries to reassure me.

Then it happens.

I hear a gruff voice behind me ask,

“How much does she need?”

I turn and see the older lady who came in behind me and let me go ahead of her in the queue opening her wallet and looking at the cashier.

I’m still desperately trying to convince both women that it’s fine and I’ll pay but they don’t seem to hear me. By now I’m shaking and also crying. I can tell both women are uncomfortable so I desperately try to get myself under control. It’s not working. In the madness the cashier puts through the point discount and the Gruff Older Lady pays for my order. Now not only do I still have the $5 I was counting on from my points I have the other $6 I would have paid for my coffee too.

I move off to the side still loosing my shit and crying (embarrassingly) in a coffee shop, as the cashier takes Gruff Older Lady’s order and she pays and we all wait for our orders.

The whole shop has been watching this and not said a word. I think (it’s something of a blur) I may have hugged her. And I think it made her even more uncomfortable. Anyway, I’m still trying to get myself under control. Another patron comes over and asks if I’m ok and I tell her what’s just happened and she smiles and calmly chats to me till I’m calm and her order is called. She wishes me well and leaves.

My order is then called at the same time as Gruff Older Lady. I can barely look her in the eye. I’m so embarrassed. But I’m also so incredibly grateful so I look up and give a wobbly smile and thank her again as we put the lids on our coffees. She asks if I’m short of money and I admit that I am but I’m mostly coping without looking up from the counter.
Next thing I know she is opening her wallet again and pushing the last of her cash, $30, into my hands. I try to refuse and tell her she doesn’t have to do that, I’m ok. Again the tears threaten.

“Don’t you cry again!”

She tells me in that same gruff voice she used at the counter.

“You’ll set me off! Just take it! I know what it’s like to be where you are. I’ve been there myself. I’m a bit flush this week so I can afford to do this.”

I can do nothing but stare at my shaking hand now holding $30 and thank her profusely while trying not to cry on her. She simply gives me a small smile and murmurs,

“I’ve done my kind thing for the day.”

And leaves before I can say another word.

It’s taken me an hour to write this and I’m still shaken and overwhelmed.

This woman was so kind. It wasn’t the stereotypical warm, beneficent old woman with a big hug and a cheery smile. She was real and my gratitude seemed to make her uncomfortable. Like she hadn’t realized how big of an impact she would have when she decided to do what she did. She was gruff and awkward and that is the only thing that has me convinced that this really happened and I didn’t dream it.

Well, that and the lasting embarrassment from having had such a major breakdown in a public place.

I have now had breakfast and I’ll use the extra $30 for food. And it’s all thanks to that incredibly kind Gruff Older Lady.

I don’t know how to end this except to say again even though I am sure she’ll never see this…

Thank you. Paying for my breakfast the way you did has had a far bigger impact than I think you will ever know.


Emma Thompson, Very Serious Dramatic Actor™

Mrs. Lovett, what a charming notion                                                      Eminently practical and yet appropriate, as always!                                    Oh, Mrs. Lovett                                                                                            How I’ve lived without you all these years I’ll never know!


Heo Joon Jae was worried about me~


Happy Birthday Jack/Sean!!!

I just want to say thank you for brightening my days and making my life more enjoyable! I’ve been following you for a year now and it’s been a lot of fun! Thank you for being there for me and the whole community, it really means a lot :D

I hope you have a wonderful day full of joy and fun! :D

Lots of love,
- Mariel

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” ~Audrey Hepburn

Steve @schoefisch, a little bird told me you had a birthday!! Since it’s never too late to eat cake and celebrate, here’s a very Happy (belated) Birthday to you!! I hope it was a day full of love and joy and I wish you many more to come!! *HUGS* ~Angie ♡♡ 

Magic for Happiness

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@LaurenJauregui: When you have to respond to your waiter’s facial expression after you tell him you order with “I’m hungry, don’t judge me.”

Talking To The Moon || Suga

At night when the stars
Light up my room
I sit by myself 
Talking to the moon

                                                  Suga x Reader

“Pssttttt… Yongiiiii.” you whispered as you stared at your sleeping boyfriend as he lay on his side facing you as you lay on your side as well facing him. “Are you awake?”

You began to see Yoongi’s mouth turn into a frown as he sarcastically grumbled with closed eyes, “No jahgi, I stay awake at 12 in the middle of the night for fun so i can catch elves.” You rolled your eyes at the response and weaved your hands through his mint green hair. “Sorry.” you whispered even though a cheeky smile was still plastered on your face. “I wont disturb you any more.”

Turning around to face your window, you felt Suga groan behind you as he sleepily threw an arm over your waist and nuzzled his head into the back of your neck.

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I have an hour drive to work and all I could think about the whole drive there was that cas said I love you to dean. I can't get over it

I watched the episode during my lunch hour at work. I had to internalise the whole thing for the entire afternoon. I thought like I was gonna burst. People kept asking me what I was up to because I couldn’t stop smiling. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe we got a LOVE CONFESSION out of Cas!!! I can’t believe it!!!

When we were talking about how 12x10 was the best episode ever for basically confirming that Cas was in love with Dean via all the Ishim stuff and angel/human romance parallels I thought we would have to settle with that for AT LEAST another 6 or 7 episodes! TWO EPISODES LATER!! 

This season is the gift that keeps on giving and we all need to send Dabb, Speight Jr and Davey a fruit basket. 

I have glanced at my dash and I am so happy that everyone is so happy! I wanna join in the celebrations but I need to write my review first… if I can actually make coherent sentences of course.


A Few More Small Prayers

From Zeus may you be judged justly by your actions

From Hera may your parents and children live well

From Hestia may your home be warm and full of love

From Dionysus may time with friends bring you joy

From Apollo may music and art fill your heart and you be overcome by the beauty of man’s creation

From Asclepius may you be in good health and heal swiftly from illness

From Artemis may you be of strong will and cunning as sharp as an arrowhead

From Athena may you have the desire to seek wisdom and justice

From Hades may you be given wealth and good mental health

From Persephone may any yearning and desire in your heart be fulfilled

From Demeter may your pets be well and your pantry full of good things

From Hephaestus may your hours at work be peaceful, go by quickly and may your hard work be appreciated as it deserves

From Aphrodite may your life be full of love, from friends, family or a significant love and may they help you see the beauty in yourself

From Ares may any encounter with law enforcement be a just and fair one and may your country remain safe and free

From Hermes may your travels be safe, your luck be plenty and your sense of humour be enjoyed

From Poseidon may your heart be full of adventure desire

Glory to the Gods