full of feels

hob,,,,really never loses his smile like!! he really is so kind and sweet and worm and everything that is beautiful and bright is him

Shit on Sunday that may lead to 7.
  • It literally rained all day today. Finally stopping around 7 PM tonight. I know we need it, but has been raining most days since the last half of December through now. Yay for putting a big dent into our drought. Fuck, because now there are new potholes everywhere. 
  • I have the slightest feeling of a cold coming on. I hope I am not getting sick, but if I am, I’d much rather it be now than next month for reasons.
  • This will hopefully be an exciting Super Bowl. I have relegated beer to one weekend a month, so Feb 5th will be it!
  • In the past after I would at I would feel totally lethargy, and meh. Now though I can feel “full” I do not feel like a fucking sloth, and generally feel fine.
  • I am totally feeling the dread of the impending Monday. I want to sleep in late tomorrow morning, and by late I mean until at least 7 AM.
  • I need to clip my nails, but I’ll put it off until tomorrow.
  • I miss you.

This is going to be my last knee post on this blog. I am trying to distance my knee from this blog. My knee has brought a numbness into my life that i have seen reflected in this blog. My blog use to be full of humour, i feel i have lost some of it. I hope by making this blog a knee free zone i can gain some of my identity back. Hopefully the post under the cut can explain more. 

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yakov is a good guy coaching a team of born drama queens and after the gpf i hope he takes a monthlong vacation to the bahamas

I wanted to mention the fact that Viktor chose wisely his timing to find Yakov and announce him his return. He did it right in front of Yurio and right before his performance, because he knew very well that Yurio would make the Viktor is returning = Yuuri is retiring connection instantly, and that would motivate him to give 200% of himself on his performance, both for himself and to prevent Yuuri from leaving the competitive circuit just like that.

I’m still in awe by the way the narrative shows us how much entangled and close and influential are these three for each other and how the different types of love can coexist among them and can be weaponize in a positive way.

(side topic for the necessary mention of how far we’ve  come from “We don’t need two Yuris. Go and retire” to “You will regret it if you retire just like this” with Yurio).


a small time-travel!AU story

“Coming Home”

Its been an overwhelming two weeks with the new addition to the family. So here is a little something due to all the baby feels. I like to image Leia and Han coming home from a meeting (date) to find an exhausted Ben tucked in already due his Uncle Chewie’s (and Luke’s). They would be excellent babysitters :V