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When one of the Riot guys came over to Sana and said: “Wanna join me in the back of the bus and sit on my face?” So Sana said: “Why should I? Is your nose bigger than your dick?”

god the sue perkins chat was so damn interesting. it’s always genuinely enlightening to hear dnp discuss the trajectory of their careers in this more direct way and provide their perspectives regarding how they’ve gotten this far and where things might go from here. fascinating insights for me included: 

  • hearing them rehash their beginnings, and the way they had to grow slowly with years of consistent effort, rather than rely on any kind of overnight success 
  • phil’s observation that the reason a fandom developed around them was because of people’s interest in watching them collaborate 
  • phil referring to his beginning years of youtube by stating it was like directing his own little tv show
  • the discussion about authenticity driving their content led mostly by dan which showed that even in light of his quibbling about what sort of content he should make and what role he should play he’s fundamentally driven by a belief in himself and who he is and the things he has to say
  • also dan being like ‘phil is weird’ when they were talking about how phil genuinely doesn’t get very fazed by negativity, and phil sticking up for people discussing anxiety saying it’s worth it if just one person were helped
  • phil acknowledging that he is thirty (maybe for the first time? at least that i’ve heard) and admitting that that kind of made him worried at first, but then reiterating that he’s not rly interested in a fight to stay relevant bc he likes making what he makes and he has the confidence to know people are interested in that content 
  • the admissions of how frustrated they’ve been at various points when collaborating with more established media and the sort of bureaucratic constraints that come with it 
  • also dan lowkey admitted they’ve talked to bbc 3 and bbc comedy at different points but decided the time wasnt right to collaborate with them? while also suggesting that if they’d want to branch out into a tv format the principal collaborators would be netflix, youtube red, and amazon. super interesting
  • the fact they shared the montage of baking videos hahaha. the weirdness of seeing them in their fucking pastel personas being idiots in front of a room full of fancy business people
  • just dan and phil generally discussing their wild success without an ounce of condescension towards young people. rather, it felt like they were truly advocating on behalf of young people and asking traditional media types not to belittle our intelligence and focus instead on all of our collective interest in progressivism, social justice, and general social awareness even with respect to the media and entertainment we consume and that just felt so, so good to hear from them 

etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.17.17

DAY FOUR: colorful wedding finds
featuring: calypso nightfall // volumetric black-and-blue layered tulle ball gown with embroidered lace top by mywonybridal

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I was looking through your headcanons, and i noticed you mentioned Shiro and Lance's similar humor ;) want to give us some (platonic) Shiro and Lance headcanons?

hell yea i do

  • The Inspiring Anime Speeches Duo
  • [shiro leaves lance alone with keith] “…oh shit i’m the responsible one now”
    • lance when shiro’s around: “okay so coran says this flask is either full of juice or fancy altean perfume and he can’t remember which… hey keith-”
    • lance when shiro’s not around: “keith blowing stuff up is never Plan A get back here!!”
  • shiro legit has no idea lance thinks he’s cool
  • “what’s the pl-” [shiro runs in, beats people up with robot arm] “alright so the plan is no plan cool cool cool”
  • lance: “so you say ‘when i say ‘vol’ you say ‘tron!’ vol!’ and then we say-”
  • shiro has like a spidey sense for when lance is gonna hit on someone. he’s always ready and waiting with a judgmental look
  • Those Guys that always get way too physical playing video games
    • lance has pointy elbows that he will jab anywhere he can reach
    • shiro can play with one hand and will play entire rounds with his hand shoved in front of someone else’s face
  • shiro: “lance” lance: “oh no lance in b-flat. you’re disappointed.”
Finding you

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Words: 5992

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

It has pretty much everything but there is a point where there will be smut so if you don’t fancy something like that you can just skip the part.

Description: Your cousin gave you a gift. It’s a pen, a pen that whatever you write upon your skin with it will also appear on your soulmate’s. Silly stuff, how can what you write with a stupid pen appear on your soulmate’s skin?

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every day things each 5sos member reminds me of

calum: ocean breeze, ice cubs melting in your mouth, the smell of aftershave, broken mirrors, scribbled notes, painfully strong hugs, starless skies, fridge magnets from all around the world, dark poetry, blue berry stained fingers, the warm feeling of alcohol in your tummy, fast cars, drive-in theaters. 

michael: freshly cut grass, ripped notebook pages, flower gardens, dim lights in your bedroom, cold air on hot skin, bed hair, bruises on thighs, rough fingertips, sand in your shoes, hair dye on t-shirts, guitar picks, cold showers, long paragraphs, fluffy carpets, oven heat blowing in your face, musicals, fruit baskets. 

ashton: wine stained lips, expensive suits, cartoon designed band-aids on knuckles, colorful butterflies, late night facetime calls, broken phone screens, cold feet, knee high socks, heavy thunder storms, horoscopes, braids, knee scratches, skateboards, bandanas, picnics under the moonlight, freshly baked cookies. 

luke: uncomfortable freshly washed sheets, hair spray, moon eclipses, ripped clothes, leather jackets, mint drops, tangled headphones, full body goosebumps, love letters, fancy dinners, piles, the after taste of cigarettes, sticky notes, doing laundry, cold tiles, the sun peaking from behind heavy curtains, empty apologies.


G-Dragon is full of confidence and is fancy and a lot stronger person, however, Kwon Ji Yong is an introvert who has a lot of thoughts and is someone who wants to lean on family and friends. Kwon Ji Yong is someone who is looking to discover his existence off stage by having the time to lean on others, in which G-Dragon doesn’t have.” - G-Dragon, BIGBANG

On a scale from “I thought you were just throwing things at me” to “I’ll see your pudding pack and raise you a snickerdoodle,” Cavendish and Dakota have moved from “One of us has to speak to the customers, but it shouldn’t be you” to “Release the hounds of war!” and I think that’s great.

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If you're still open for Sterek prompts: books, summer, ice cream.

Taking Sterek Prompts!


“Isn’t chocolate bad for canines?” Stiles asked, his elbows on the table, chin in his hands.

Across from him, Derek looked up from his book, spoon full of fancy dark chocolate ice cream halfway to his face. “What?”

“Chocolate,” Stiles repeated, motioning with a flick of his eyes to Derek’s pint. “You’re a werewolf. Shouldn’t you be, like, allergic? Or something.”

Derek gave him a look that very clearly said he was having an internal struggle about whether or not the ridiculous words coming out of Stiles’ mouth merited a coherent response. “I’m not… you know I’m not an actual dog, right?” he said after a few moments. “I’m- I’m a supernatural being.”

Stiles considered this for a moment, before digging his spoon into the melting goop his own ice cream was becoming in the swelter of summer heat that had prompted them to break out the ice cream in the first place. Maybe he would bring up air conditioning again. “But you turn into a whole actual wolf.”

“I- … but that’s not… the same thing,” Derek said slowly. “I’m not becoming a wolf, I’m still just a werewolf, in a wolf… shape.”

Stiles sighed. “I get why Scott isn’t allergic to chocolate,” he explained. “But you were born a werewolf, not a human. So like, aren’t you part wolf?”

“No,” Derek said, and Stiles could hear his patience running thin but this had been bothering him for a while. “I’m not part human, part wolf. I’m entirely werewolf.”

“And werewolves are not canines, despite that they turn into actual wolves,” Stiles said. “Sorry, wolf shapes.” He knew how petty that last word sounded but he didn’t take it back.

“Yes,” Derek agreed. “We are a completely different species.”

Stiles sighed, and looked back down to the book he had selected, one of many from the pile they were supposed to be going through. He could feel Derek watching him, but he ignored it, rattling one foot around as his eyes skimmed words his brain didn’t read, until another thought occurred to him.

“What kind of lizard do you think a kanima is?”

The sound of Derek’s head hitting the table was highly satisfying.

Costume Party - Jason Todd x Reader

Another one of those short story (at least shorter than I usually write) cause I don’t have much time before work, but still wanted to write something. Hope you’ll like it, especially you @demigodslytherin (I’ll wrote one with this prompt for Draco or Sirius another time ^^) : 

Tiny bit NSFW. 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


You weren’t fond of parties, and neither was Jason…So it’s a wonder really, how you two ended up here, at one of the biggest costume party of the year. 

Drunk out of your mind. 

You don’t even agree as to how things actually happened. 

You believe that you got dragged to this party by Dick and Barbara, and he thinks you actually came here on your own will after Bruce said he had invitations to it, but had absolutely no intentions on going because it was full of “the youth of Gotham” and he was getting tired of those “20 years old girls and boys that accosted him to hit on him and flirt shamelessly with him, while he was obviously not interested”…besides, he couldn’t go through the hassle of finding a date for that in time, and had important cases to work on. So you took the invites and went in his place…

You were both right. Bruce gave you, Dick and Babs the invitations, but you and Jason didn’t wanna go, wanting a calm date night instead…But of course, his brother and your best friend wouldn’t hear it and indeed dragged you there with them. You grumbled all the way through, and grumbled some more when you arrived at the place and discovered that it was PACKED with people. Oh and the kind of people you disliked : the rich fuckers of Gotham City that thought they were better than anyone else. Not the rich people like Bruce, who genuinely cared about their city and such…No, their sons and daughters, who were born in wealth and thought that it made them the best. Urrh. You hated those guys so much. Coming from a poor neighborhood, they always were so rude to you ! And the number of time you heard that you were dating Bruce Wayne’s son only for his money…

If any of those assholes told you that tonight, you were gonna loose it. Especially since you really didn’t wanna be here. 

The only good thing about that all ordeal, was the fact that it was a costume party, and you loved getting in a costume. Though that particular night you didn’t have much time to actually prepare anything (again, dragged by Dick and Babs), and ended up in a generic princess disguise you had in your closet, while Jason put on a pirate costume. 

Paparazzis took at least a thousand pictures of you, Jason, Dick and Barbara…”Bruce Wayne’s children out with their girlfriends to the biggest costume ball in Gotham” would be the headline of every newspapers the next day. 

You didn’t get it. It was so uninteresting to know that you guys went there, like, who cared ? Apparently, lots of Gotham folks…They loved the pictures especially, so you made sure to give them a show by making stupid and weird faces on each of them. 

Bruce thought it was the most hilarious thing ever, how you hated being a public figure so much…but he also thought it was very cute that you would endure it because you loved his son. He liked you. You and your sass. Also, you were of a calm nature, so he thought it was perfect for Jason, you were able to tame him down most of the time. 

But tonight ? Oh tonight, things went downhill pretty fast, and the first thought you had was : “Oh man, B’s gonna be so disappointed in me !”. Of course, he wasn’t, but you sure weren’t the one that would “tame Jason down” that night. Oh no. You usually never drunk, but because you were so mad about being dragged to this party, you accepted the vodka Dick handed to you and…Oh you were gone so fast.  

It took you and your boyfriend less than an hour to get angry drunk. 

“Angry drunk” was how Dick would call you whenever you got drunk, because it happened rarely, and it happened only when something was displeasing you.

You had made it clear all the way from the Manor to here, you did not want to come, but alright, to make your friends happy…

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I know this is a pretty common headcanon for vampire characters, but imagine Remilia, living in the Outside World before she moved to Gensokyo; photography is this amazing new innovation, except surprise, it doesn’t work on her. This is so damn unfair she can’t even believe it. So as a result, the Scarlet Devil Mansion is full of expensive fancy photorealistic portraits of herself (and also of Flandre) that she had painted for her out of the sheer spite that she couldn’t try this fancy new ‘photography’ thing.