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FIC: “The Utterances of Storms” OMGCP, pre-graduation

Bittle, after laughing into his cup of tub juice for a good forty seconds, explains with only a little bit of a slur to his words that he’d need time—his mother would have to ship things and he’d need to bother someone named Katya for music.

Jack can’t hear what Ransom says in reply over the din of the party, but Bittle nods a couple of times and grins, cheeks flushed with alcohol.

It’s probably nothing.


Shitty texts him in the middle of World War II in Europe.

dude get to faber asap

It’s not just the lack of exclamation points that makes him leave class early—something he’s never done before, and the betrayed look that Professor Shahabuddin gives him as he’s sorry-ing his way past everyone else in his row tattoos itself on the part of the brain where the ocean of his guilt lives. It’s not just the knowledge that Shitty has his schedule memorized and would never dare interrupt if it weren’t important enough to rattle the cage of what he calls “The Zimmerbeast” that spurs Jack into running across campus.

It’s the “dude.”

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BTS Reacts: Your Emotional Performance as Their Ex

Request: Can you do a BTS reaction of him seeing you his ex (also an idol) on stage (or on tv) crying because she sang a song that reminded her of him. Thank you, sorry if you didn’t understand me. 

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Seokjin (Jin)

Seokjin’s hands itched to hold you close. The burning prickle to run his hands through your soft locks, cradle your cheek in his large palm and whisper sweet promises into your ear. The breakup had been messy; your company finding out about your secret blossoming relationship without any regard for your dating ban had even Bang Shi Hyuk stepping in to avoid disaster.

“Not for me,

I don’t think it will be easy,

You still fill up my day to day,

Not yet,

I repeat it like a fool,

But I can’t swallow the words on my lips,

It’s not fine, ah~”

Your voice echoed powerfully throughout the arena, pouring every emotion, every tear into the words of your song. You gazed across the audience, faces blurring together until you landed on Seokjin’s tall frame, easily recognizable in the front row tables. Tears began welling in your eyes, unsaid words pouring out to the crowd that you prayed he alone would understand.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Fine”

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Yoongi (Suga)

Yoongi lounged in one of the comfy couches of the waiting room, makeup and hair already done. The sound of the TV airing the groups who just performed filtered in through the air, idly listening over the banter of the rest of the members as he checked his social media.

The sound of your voice echoed throughout the room, too loudly in Yoongi’s ears as his attention snapped to the TV. The screen was filled with an image of you, one he had committed to memory, every flaw, every dark circle under your eyes during the long, sleepless nights.

“It’s 11:11,

When there’s not much time left to the day,

When we used to make wishes and laugh,

Everything reminds me of you,

The wind is as cold as the edge of your heart,

When I open the window, you blow in,

When this time passes, will this breakup be over? Yeah~

Will I forget you?”

The small acoustic performance fit you. You were never one for fussy stages or complicated songs. You preferred raw, emotional ballads, songs that spoke to the heart and pulled at your memories.

Yoongi’s jaw set, an attempt to control his features. Jimin came up, camera in hand, light blinking blue on the back of his phone to signify he was shooting a V-Live.

Hyung, say hi!” Jimin took notice of Yoongi’s set features, and straightened posture and furrowed his brow. Yoongi gave a quick half smile to the camera and focused his attention back on the screen, where he caught the tail end of your performance, tears streaming down your face.

“Must be pre-show jitters,” Jimin commented to the camera, heading in the opposite direction towards Taehyung and Jungguk.

Yoongi quickly pulled out his black leather-bound notebook and a pen, and quickly started writing down thoughts, biting is lip to control all the aimless emotions in his head.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “11:11″

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

Hoseok had stopped mid warmup to the sound of your voice filtering in through the practice room speakers hooked up to the radio. It echoed off the walls harshly, leaving him with no choice but to stand quietly and listen. It was a radio interview, promoting the new single you had just released the day prior.

“It’s more sad than what your fans are used to, isn’t it?” The host asked and you chuckled lightly, breath catching the mic.

“Yes,” you agreed. The ballad was a complete 180 from your normal pop style but you were happy with the change, Hoseok could hear it in your voice.

He knew he should have stopped, should have turned the station to something that played a mindless beat, the same rhythm over and over, something he could dance away all the thoughts running through his mind.

Hoseok walked over to the radio, hand gently laying on top with every intention of doing just that. But burning curiousity got the better of him at hearing your next words.

“I was in a really happy place when I wrote this. It’s about someone very dear; even though they are no longer in my life they continue to help me through my day to day.”

“Would you like to sing an piece of it for your fans?” the host asked.

“Of course.” Hoseok could hear the smile in your voice, could picture just how your lips lifted, and cheeks bunched up, nose scrunching the tiniest bit. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, your angelic voice filling his ears.

“Cause you are,

The light that feel on me,

You are,

Like a beautiful dream,

With seven rays, the whole world,

Is dyed even more beautifully,

Always, yeah you are,”

The interview became quiet and a small sniffle Hoseok recognized immediately as yours permeated the air waves. “Would you like to take a quick break?” the host offered.

With that, Hoseok immediately turned the station and rubbed a sweaty palm over his face. He exhaled heavily, a deep set frown etched onto his lips. He began to stretch his limbs thoroughly, planning to throw himself into practice to try and forget the words etched into his heart, your voice ringing in his ears.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “U R”

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Namjoon stood in between his members, smile plastered dumbly on his face even though his insides felt full of mud. His brain processed things slowly, but heart beat that challenged that of a race horse. He hadn’t been this close to you since your split, conflicting schedules being the sole reason. Butterflies blossomed in his chest and soared through his veins at the sight of you, and from the blush that was dusting your cheeks, he was hoping your feelings hadn’t faded either.

“So, (Y/N)-ssi,” Don started. “I hear you wrote your newest promotional song.”

The faint blush deepened and you covered you mouth with a sleeved hand. “Yes, that’s right,” you smiled shyly.

“Mind giving us a sneak peak?” Don asked. You looked over towards your manager, sitting off screen, and he gave two thumbs up. You smiled and nodded, exhaling sharply.

“Still, I hear your sounds,

And still, I feel your hand,

Even today, I lived within your tracks,

Still, I see your image,

And still, I feel your warmth,

Even today, I lived inside your time.”

Your eyes glassed over with the beginnings of tears, and you covered your face, embarrassment creeping up your spine. The rest of your members smiled fondly and clapped, as Bangtan clapped as well and made noises of approval.

Something like pride flooded Namjoon’s chest before he quickly squashed that down. He would let himself have this moment, let show a smile fonder than the rest of his members, before he would go back to being polite yet aloof, keeping a respectful distance from your group.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Time Walking on Memories”

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Taehyung (V)

Taehyung leaned over, large hand covering his mouth. “Jiminnie, I don’t know if I can do this.” He licked his dry lips and leaned back to gaze at Jimin, an unfamiliar, serious expression setting Taehyung’s features.

Jimin smiled apologetically and gave a reassuring squeeze to his knee, resting his hand there. Taehyung leaned back in his seat, handing wiping aimlessly at his mouth, as he watched the staff set up for your solo stage. The lights dimmed, and Taehyung could feel his heart begin to pound as you made your way onto the stage, front and center, to the lone mic.

You smiled warmly at the crowd as the soft piano filled the arena. You searched for Taehyung in the crowd, but were unable to find him in the dim lighting. Your heart sank a little at not being able to see him, but knowing his eyes were trained on you alone gave you the confidence to sing your deepest feelings in front of so many prying eyes.

“I don’t know since when, in this endless ordeal,

Your gaze whispers to me, “It’s okay,”,

Then there’s you,

At the end of my parched world,

Oh, it’s you,

Became sweet rain and made it fall,

For a long time, deep in my heart,

This precious word I’ve hidden away,

I love you,”

Your voice choked on the last note, tears running down your face as you unabashedly let them fall. Taehyung’s He ached to hold you. To wipe away your tears. Your relationship hadn’t been the best. You fought, argued about pointless things, neither one wanting to admit they were wrong. But when things were going right, it was amazing. Pillow fights, tickle wars, cooking that always ended in disaster and takeout. You were someone he looked forward to talk to every night, be it over the phone or through a computer screen. Taehyung gulped down the lump in his throat, willing away any form of tears that might betray his stoic face.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Secret”

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“My meaningless days with the truth of you not being there,

The tower of the future built with anticipation collapses in a single moment, oh,

The big embrace that would hug even despair will only be hollow,

Your lie that didn’t know gaze and touch,

It’s over, all of it,”

Your words screamed into the mic of your solo stage rang through Jimin’s chest louder than he thought any song ever could. Your words filled with the distrust you felt then made his skin crawl, sick with disgust for his own actions. He had never meant for any of it to happen, for it to get so out of hand. And when you walked in, right in the middle of everything, Jimin felt your trust crumble instantly.

Jimin could feel your eyes on him, even if it was only his imagination at play. He itched to hide behind his hair, anything to get you out of his line of sight.  He watched as tears clung to your lashes, and could almost feel the pounding of your heart.

Jimin kept a careful stoic face, but not having the courage to watch you perform, instead aiming his gaze at the stage floor where the lights shone brightly on you. You finished your performance with cheers and whistles from the crowd, and the look of triumph aimed in Jimin’s direction had him sinking further into his seat, wishing it would just swallow him whole.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Fire”

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Jungguk (Jungkook)

Jungguk prayed that if there were any cameras filming this joint radio interview, that he would be as inconspicuous as possible. It was by sheer bad luck that BTS’s sister group, your group, had been invited along to the interview with their new studio album being released. He should have known when one of their managers pulled him aside before the interview started and warned him you would be here, that he would not enjoy this experience.

Jungguk tried to steady his thrumming heart, his eyes unconsciously drifting to you when he wasn’t paying attention.

“So, (Y/N)-ssi,” the radio host began. Jungguk found himself watching you again, hoping his face remained as neutral as possible. “Is there any particular song you like best on the new album?”

You hummed in acknowledgement. “Yes, there is one song I’m really fond of. It’s one I wrote myself; a ballad.” A tight smile appeared on your delicate face, preparing yourself for the question that would come next.

“Would you mind singing a verse of it for us?”

You could feel Jungguk’s gaze lingering on you and looked to your leader beside you for courage. She gave a comforting smile as you exhaled deeply and closed your eyes.

“But still, when I think of your name,

Tears well up and when I close my eyes,

And even though everything has changed,

You’re always at the same place, looking the same,

Making me cry.”

You quickly wiped away the tears that stung your eyes and smiled sheepishly at the host. “That was beautiful,” she commented with a sad smile. “Is it about anyone in particular?”

You froze at the unexpected question and made the mistake of glancing at Jungguk. His eyes widened, and you could see how uncomfortable he had become, mouth slightly agape, shifting in his seat every couple of minutes. He gulped, and you quickly averted your gaze. You smiled shyly and waved your hand in front of your face, hoping to not look too apprehensive with your blatent lie. “Not, really. I-I just have a soft spot for ballads.”

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s Time Lapse

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Mer! Clint and coastguard! Bucky?


The nights when he saved someone were the worst. 

Not the nights he lost someone - correction, there’d never been a night he’d lost someone. No one had drowned on Beech Point in the last thirty years, and that’d been a large part of the reason Bucky’d taken the job. He wasn’t sure he’d’ve survived that, but the guilt that still weighed heavy on his shoulders wouldn’t let him take any job that wouldn’t somehow help

Jayqwon Marshall was tiny and chubby and not all that popular, so no one but Bucky’d noticed when he’d drifted away a little, stopped paying attention, stayed too still. It’d been a simple enough rescue, barely even so deep as his chest; hadn’t even needed mouth to mouth or CPR. His brain had been full of what-ifs, though, too big for his tiny beach-front house, and he’d had to come back down to the water. 

The ocean was invisible in the darkness. Didn’t happen often this time of the year, and when there was any sort of moon it didn’t happen at all. But tonight all there was was the sound of the sea, a gentle hushing that soothed Bucky’s mind clean as he stared out over the endless black. 

Until there was a noise that didn’t belong. A soft splash too big to be anything that should be this close to this shore. 

“Fuck,” a soft curse, out of place in the darkness, then rustling. “Aaw, net.” 

“Is someone out there?” Bucky called, and the dark got a little more pointedly silent, like someone holding their breath. “You shouldn’t - it’s not safe out here at night.”

There was another flopping sorta splash, a struggle that Bucky woulda thought was a big fish if there wasn’t some very human curses to go along with it. 

Eventually it stilled, and the voice came again, breathless this time. 

“Hey,” the man said. “Hi. Little help?” 

It was coming from the left of him, from the little jetty where kids fished for crabs, where little boats bobbed in the drawn in tide. Bucky made his way over, picking carefully between shell fragments that were cruel to bare feet. 

“The fuck are you doing out here?” Bucky asked, and a voice came from closer than he’d have thought. 

“Look, if I’m not supposed to be here, you’re not supposed to be here, so how about you give me a hand and neither of us tells the hot lifeguard.” 

Bucky was glad for the darkness. 

“Too late,” he said, and waded out into the sea, waves dragging against his legs a little like a playful pet. 

“Aaw,” the voice came again, and it sounded so resigned that Bucky laughed a little, waded closer. “How is this my life?” 

“You go swimming at night you get what you’re given,” Bucky said. He was starting to see a shape now, grainy in the bare light from far-off street lamps, a guy who was bare-chested and shoulder-deep even in the shallow water, sitting or reclining and wrapped around with a net. 

“How the hell did you -?” Bucky asked, sloshing closer so he could get a better look, try and work out where to start. 

“I’m pretty special,” the guy said, and the shadows on his face changed enough to suggest a grin. 

“Hang on,” Bucky said, and he pulled his phone out of the pocket in his cargo shorts, fumbling for the flashlight. 

“No,” the guy yelped, holding his hand out, “wait -”

The glare of white light blinded Bucky for a second, and the man in the water lifted a hand to shield his eyes, swearing under his breath. 

Bucky did, too, when he got a closer look. When he saw that the net wasn’t tangled around pale hairy legs like it should be, but was instead wrapped and caught around a slickly scaled iridescent purple tail. 

Alright but that scene in the newest episode where the Doctor regains consciousness and finds himself tied up, and Bill says goodbye and goes off to use her brain to save a planet full of people even though she thinks it will kill her, while stopping the Doctor from doing it because it would kill him too?


That’s how River died.

Like…  that’s exactly how River died.

He almost lost another person he cares about in the exact same way he did lose his wife.


Rick Grimes [21/?]

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What if it's your first thanksgiving as a couple, first one you guys are hosting together for friends and family and you're nervous but Harry can't keep his hands off of you so he manages to calm you down 🙄🙊

“Do I need to help yeh relax?” And his voice is all low and rough but warm and slow in your ear.

“/No/, Harry, don’t you–”

And he’s got you in this big bear hug from behind and it’s like a straitjacket only in body form and you’re wriggling a bit.

“Harry, we really don’t have the–”

“Shh, shh, shh,” he murmurs to you. “Just relax. Can you do that fo’ me? Hmm? Sweetheart?”

And you melt a little bit even though your brain is still going full speed ahead. “I’ve got to mash the potatoes,” you argue, but you’re a little quieter. “And if we’re going to eat on time–”

“I’ll do the potatoes, love,” he promises. “Got two arms don’t I? With big, strong muscles–” and here you laugh a bit, because he sounds ridiculous. “That yeh just love to bite.”

And you go really still when he kisses your neck and squeezes you even closer. “Relax, love,” he urges you softly while one hand creeps down to fumble with the knot in your apron tie. “You’ll do that for me, won’t yeh?”

The Cocoon

Pairings: Onjongtae
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3800+
Synopsis: Basically some fluffy poly OT3 with Autistic!Taemin going on a movie date and figuring out that Jinki is the most reliable component in his sensory overload kit. I wrote this for onthighsbelongtotaemin – I hope you like it!

It was almost five in the afternoon when Taemin finally burrowed his way out of the tangle of soft heavy blankets that he had rolled himself into several hours before. He blinked sleepily at the late afternoon sunlight that lay in slanted golden bars across his carpet. He had to pee. And there was a thing he needed to remember to do. Maybe more than one thing. He squinted thoughtfully at the closet and tugged on his ear as he tried to dredge up the memory.

But it would not come to the surface, and Taemin scrunched up his nose and yawned. The blankets were very soft and very warm and put just enough pressure on his body, and he didn’t want to leave his cozy little nest. His phone chimed gently–he had never needed a loud alarm–and there were two task reminders hovering in his alerts feed. Make dinner and movie. He took his phone and wormed his way back under the covers with it.

What’s in the fridge? he texted Jinki.

He took his boyfriend’s delayed response as an opportunity to send Jonghyun a Snapchat selfie of his sleepy smiling face, captioned with nothing but the poop emoji. His favorite.

You know you could literally take like 15 steps and check for yourself, Jinki responded.

Rude. Taemin frowned, and then clicked on his Snapchat again. Jonghyun’s smiling face was halfway in the frame, with Jinki in the background pointedly looking away from the camera. Oh! That was their kitchen table. So they were both home. Maybe he wouldn’t have to make dinner after all. He wiggled his toes happily.

He heard the sound of light steps coming down the hall and then someone pushed the bedroom door open. “Hey babe,” he heard Jonghyun whisper.

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It took me a long time, but think I’ve finally learned how to tell the differences between things I like and things that are SIs for me.

Eg; thing I like: Pokemon. I reflect on my feelings about it and my brain goes “Haha yeah I sure do like Pokemon, gotta remember to finish of White 2 at some point. I’m glad Pokemon is in my life”.
Special interest: Mammoths. I reflect on my feelings about it and my brain goes “!!!!!!!!!! Ohm ygod yES i forgot how good this fEELs !!!!!’ they r so FLUFFY & IMPRTNT !!!!‘and DID! YOU! KNOW! they filled a grazer niche that maintained the Steppe!!! I would GIVE MY PINKES TO TOUCH ONE JUST ONE TIME!!!!!!”

The difference is subtle (/sarcasm) but really it’s all about the exclamation points. There’s nothing like that feeling where your brain is full of exclamation points.

ALSO though sometimes it feels more low-key good, like returning to thinking about a special interest is the mental equivalent of crawling back into the pre-warmed part of your soft bed on a cold morning.