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sinisterstuff  asked:

Hey, do you have any Night Vale crossovers. Preferably where Stiles is Ciecil and Derek is Carlos, but i'd be happy with anything set in night vale :) Thank you so much!!

you should listen to full moon radio its the gr8est thing 

Your friend is not who he seems. Welcome… to Night Vale. by 3byeol (wip | 5,097 | PG-13)

After his mother’s death, Stiles Stilinski - Night Vale born and raised - moves to Beacon Hills to live with his estranged father. He quickly makes friends with Scott McCall, and the rest of the pack by extension, who do everything they can to keep him out of the paranormal tomfoolery that goes about town.

But while you can take a boy out of Night Vale, you can’t take the Night Vale out of the boy.

(Well, not without a scalpel, anyway.)

At the Still Point of the Turning World by Nokomis (oneshot | 2,388 | PG-13)

The only real thought that Stiles has is that he can’t let his father see her, this woman who somehow is and isn’t his mother. (Welcome to Night Vale crossover)