full moon charged

🍃🌕My Home Is Protected Spell Jar!🌕🍃

I made my first spell jar! Its purpose is to protect and cleanse my home, or the room it is in. It’s perfect for my dorm, and very easy to make!

🌱Everything inside this jar has some association with protection or cleansing or banishing negativity and creating a loving environment.

🌱What’s Inside:
-3 dried bay leaves with various protection and safety sigils drawn on them
-sage leaves
-mint leaves
-charged full moon water
-sea salt
-a pinch of black pepper
-some lemon peel
-a small piece of clear quartz
* I added some chicken bones in there since I’m very connected to the earth, and I feel as though the bones strengthen the spells connection and gives it an extra oomph, but that’s optional.

🌱You can add a chant or any other ingredients that fee right to you. I just told each ingredient its purpose in the jar and charged it with white candles and intent!

🌱Let me know if this jar is of help to you! I think it’s a perfect and simple spell jar for your altar or your room. 😊


Gathering supplies for tomorrow’s Full Moon…

1) A white candle dressed with white and silver glitter
2) Florida Water soap for ritual cleansing
3) Bourbon vanilla oil for anointing
4) Selenite, opalite, clear quartz crystals ready to be charged on my window sill

♋ FULL MOON IN CANCER. JAN 11.2017 â™‹

The full moon is good for:

🌕 charging/cleansing crystals and items
🌕 healing
🌕 love magic
🌕 banishing
🌕 clarity

because it’s in Cancer, it’s also good for:

♋ domestic magic
♋ kitchen magic
♋ plant magic
♋ herbal mixtures
♋ warding

Witch Tip:

Put glitter in your full moon water before charging it to amplify the moons energy. You can change up the color of the glitter to correspond with the specific purpose of the full moon water as well. If the water is meant to be consumable, you can use edible glitter to mix in with potions and teas for a magical effect. Or if you aren’t intending on drinking your water, you can set the intent that every time you shake the jar and watch the glitter swirl around, you are amplifying your psychic abilities.

"I am enough" Charm
*carry to boost self confidence and acceptance


Pink pouch/sachet

Rose Quartz: Self love



Pink string

Sunshine Dust


1. On the paper, write every positive thing about yourself

2. Roll the paper up and tie with the pink string

3. Add the paper, dust, and rose quartz to the pouch and charge under the full moon

note: charge monthly under the full moon


I use a glass dish filled with salt water to cleanse crystals like selenite which would otherwise be damaged ~ I even put it on my windowsill during the full moon to charge it with all of those lovely and powerful energies ✨🐚

Attracting Love Charm
*carry to attract a healthy romance into your life


Small corked bottle

Dried Red Rose Petals: Love, romance, passion

Pink Glitter

Taglock of yourself

A small magnet

Pink sealing wax


1. Fill the bottle halfway with glitter.

2. Add your taglock and magnet.

3. Fill the rest of the bottle with the dried rose. Pack as tightly as you can.

4. Cork and seal with the wax.

5. Charge under a full moon.

*note: Charge monthly under the full moon


it’s almost time for a new yearly journal, which means a new volume of my grimoire. i took the time last night to draw my own sigil/glyph on the back cover in order to prepare for the year to come, and left it under the full moon to charge overnight.

my partner and i just put down a deposit on a new apartment and we are getting the keys on new year’s day, so i am very excited about kickstarting 2017 with a new place to live (almost twice as big as the studio we’re in now)! it’s going to be a great change for us - and i’m going to have more than just this teeny kitchen corner to set up my altar! i’ll even have wall space above it to hang art!! imagine!!

it’s good to have something to look forward to again, and i feel the good energy collected here, ready to help me unfold into a new space ✨

❄️The Magickal Uses of Snow❄️ 

Recently, we got snow and it was actually the first snow I’d ever seen! It was so beautiful and I knew I wanted to jar it up and save it for a magickal purpose. If you get snow this winter, below are some ideas for using it in your practice!

  • Melt it and scry with it on the next full moon.
  • Charge it like you would regular full moon water and use it to cleanse your tools, your altar, or yourself!
  • Make a snow poppet.
  • Banishing! Take your snow and visualize all negativity, bad habits, problems, etc. into it and watch them melt away.
  • Use your melted snow in a ritual bath with herbs for your intent.
  • Draw symbols/sigils in the snow and they will activate as the snow melts.
  • Melt the snow in an Imbolc ritual to celebrate the ending of the winter months!

Do you have any more ideas about the magickal uses of snow? How do you use snow in your practice?


The full moon is good for:

🌕 charging/cleansing crystals and items
🌕 healing
🌕 love magic
🌕 banishing
🌕 clarity

because it’s in Virgo, it’s also good for:

♍ wisdom and logic
♍ healing
♍ acquiring knowledge
♍ tech witchcraft

☽ Witchy Hint ☾

Make charged water by bottling up spring water and placing it out under the: full moon, new moon, waxing moon, waning moon, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, etc to make charged water that you can then use during rituals

Usagi's Transformation Compact Mirror

This spell was inspired by the lovely @thecuriousviolet‘s Sailor Moon spells ;v; This is one of my very first spells so please bear with me 

Originally posted by sailormoonpedia

This is a spell to “transform” you into a magical girl (or magical person, I want this spell to be for everybody.) The intention of this spell is to make you feel strong, confident and magical! When you use it as a regular mirror to do your make up or even just to check up on yourself you also charge it!


⦁ 1 Compact Mirror (or even a locket! just something easy for you to carry around in your bags/pockets)
⦁ Plastic gems, stars, ribbons, glitter or whatever you want to decorate the outside of your mirror with!
⦁ Glue
⦁ 1 White candle
⦁ Full Moon Water


⦁ First, charge and cleanse your supplies, make your intentions clear that you want to “transform into a magical girl” when you use it.
⦁ Next, clean the mirror with your moon water.
⦁ Now, decorate your compact mirror! Use whatever you want on it. Make it yours! Make that thing as magical lookin’ as you want!
⦁ Hold your mirror and charge your intentions into it. For example, think: I want to transform when I use this mirror. Remember, transformation is only temporary.
⦁ Finally, place your compact mirror next to your white candle, and light the candle (be careful with fire!! Especially if your mirror is decorated with flammable things) and let the candle burn out naturally.

To use this mirror, simply open it up and say “make up!” and you’re transformed! Go be that strong magical person you are!

♌ FULL MOON IN LEO. FEB 10.2017 â™Œ

The full moon is good for:

🌕 charging/cleansing crystals and items
🌕 healing
🌕 love magic
🌕 banishing
🌕 clarity

because it’s in Leo, it’s also good for:

♌ soul-searching
♌ decisions
♌ work with the self
♌ ego