full moon birth

anonymous asked:

What do full moons mean ? Why are they so important

It’s when the moon is most potent, vulnerable, exposed & powerful. It’s crackling with psychic energy and healing powers, offering potential for renewal. Wherever the full moon happens in your birth chart is where there is a new chance for recognition and awareness. That part of your life is being illuminated and called to attention to set forth new intentions, usually new experiences and chances arise very abruptly in that area of life as well. Full moons are important spiritually, they emit certain frequencies that impact us on earth internally. It’s a time for rituals & cleansing crystals and setting new intentions

New moon, beginnings and planting of new seeds.  Waxing moon, growing, nurturing, ripening. Full moon, abundance and celebration, the fullness of birth.  Waning moon, letting go. Dark moon, release, turning inward to solitude and shadow.  The truest face of the moon. 

I tune myself to the waxing and the waning, feeling the pull of the moon within, the dance of the water in my body with the graceful arc of the moon.  I step under the sky and my eyes are pulled upward, like the face of a flower following the passing of the sun, I am drawn. 

I will meet you under the light of the moon, to dance and cavort, to howl and laugh, to run wild through the fields leaving behind all that does not serve us. Let us grasp our freedom and let no walls contain us while the night sky awaits.

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