full moon birth


I’m offering $1 astrology readings for a limited time! The following readings are available:

🌙 New/Full Moon Reading:
The energy from the moon has a significant impact on the patterns we experience over the course of our lives. This reading briefly details how the next upcoming major moon phase (new or full) will manifest in your personal chart and how you can make the most of this energy.

💫 Single Planet Reading:
You choose from one of ten planetary bodies for me to briefly analyze in your chart! Each planet symbolizes a different aspect of your personality and exercises a different manifestation in your life. See below for a brief overview of what each planet represents.

⭐️ Single House Reading:
There are twelve houses in the natal chart that set the stage for our life experiences. Each house is governed by a specific sign and some houses have planets located in them that further define how that house manifests in your life. See below for a brief overview of what each house represents.

To order a reading:

- Send me an ask/message with your date, time, and place of birth. Let me know what reading(s) you’d like to order. There’s no limit! For example, if you want all twelve houses of your natal chart read, it would only be $12 for this brief period of time! Please keep in mind that these are relatively short readings and more in-depth readings are offered here: https://rootsfromstars.tumblr.com/post/160199887615/astrology-readings

- I’ll send you a message with my PayPal upon receiving and agreeing to your request. When I respond, I’ll have your reading finished within 24 hours of receiving payment. If I’m backed up with requests, you may not receive an immediate response from me, so please be patient!

- Please specify if you want your reading shared on a private basis. I like to post them publicly to advertise my readings as much as possible!

*Here is a general list of planet rulership, if you’re choosing a single planet readings:

✨sun: ego, self, energy
✨ moon: emotions, personal needs, reactions
✨mercury: mind, communication, learning style
✨venus: love, money, comfort
✨mars: passion, energy, ambition
✨jupiter: luck, expansion, beliefs
✨saturn: responsibility, cautiousness, authority
✨uranus: independence, impulsivity, intellectual creativity
✨neptune: soft spots, aimlessness, art
✨pluto: transformation, intense emotions, control

*Here is a list of general house rulership, if you’re choosing a single house reading:

✨1st: personality, appearance, self-expression
✨2nd: money, self-confidence, security
✨3rd: communication, learning style, environment
✨4th: home, your inner space, where you’re comfortable
✨5th: romance, fun, children
✨6th: work, habits, pets
✨7th: relationships (romantic or not), marriage, enemies
✨8th: taboo topics (death, sex, magic, etc.), loans/debt, other people’s money
✨9th: higher education, travel, philosophy
✨10th: career, calling in life, social standing
✨11th: friend groups, social activities and causes, dreams
✨12th: unconscious mind, secrets, psychic powers 

ayyyyee… my sister is pregnant as fuck and there’s a Sagittarius full moon on Friday.. Birth rate goes up on full moons so if my sista pops that lil baby gon be a Gemini Sun Sag Moon like MWAH💋✌🏽

New moon, beginnings and planting of new seeds.  Waxing moon, growing, nurturing, ripening. Full moon, abundance and celebration, the fullness of birth.  Waning moon, letting go. Dark moon, release, turning inward to solitude and shadow.  The truest face of the moon. 

I tune myself to the waxing and the waning, feeling the pull of the moon within, the dance of the water in my body with the graceful arc of the moon.  I step under the sky and my eyes are pulled upward, like the face of a flower following the passing of the sun, I am drawn. 

I will meet you under the light of the moon, to dance and cavort, to howl and laugh, to run wild through the fields leaving behind all that does not serve us. Let us grasp our freedom and let no walls contain us while the night sky awaits.

Phases of the Moon rosary available at FeralPriestess.com