full metal alchemist x

Try to find as many references to anime TV series as you can! Almost every item in this room is a reference.


Art by Lare. Artist permits reposts and modifications under Creative Commons BY-2.5. I translated the second image.

Translation of artist’s caption: Angels angels angels!!! With FMA, get careless once and you’ll be in so deep you’ll never get out _(:з」∠)__(:з」∠)_

I am glad to be part of a fandom making me smile every morning
—  A Joyful Potato being part of his fandom

Me with my friend, she also went as erza.

Who wouldn’t want him XD

I did sum fighting

we were all being fabulous

I caught a magicarp!!!

You know what grinds my gears….??

About to kill sum japeneze

I now have proof that she shattered blue XD

Being a real star at the convention XD