full metal alchemist lust

“At the end, I heard Lust say: “Did I want to die?”. The reason we sought to be human, even though we had eternal life, is because we wanted to die? What a cute punch line. Don’t kid me.  I don’t want to die. I will live… I will live and watch it all happen… The sight of the foolish humans that created us writhing and suffering, tortured by guilt! You guys, you, and you, and you! You’ll eventually die, and only we homunculi will survive. That’s when I’ll finally be able to forget it. I will… forget the reason I was born!

-Envy, Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) OVA, Reflections.

Does anyone else ever feel like Lust from Full Metal Alchemist got the short end of the stick when it came to getting her homunculus super-power?

Envy: I can shape-shift into any man, woman, child or animal, and have used this power to start a massive civil war that killed thousands.

Greed: I’m the ultimate shield, I can change the carbon density of my body to make myself impervious to almost any attack.

Gluttony: If the fact that I eat people alive isn’t horrifying enough, I have a portal to a terrifying blood filled prison dimension in my stomach!

Pride: I control the very shadows. I can watch your every move, and then manipulate the darkness to strangle, stab, slash, or mutilate you at any time. Better yet, no one will suspect me because I look like an innocent child.

Sloth: I’m a juggernaut with incredible strength who can launch myself like a living canon to obliterate anything in my path with sudden bursts of speed.

Wrath: I can take out a tank with a sword.

Lust: …..

Too Human ||| Slight NSFWish(but not really NSFW? Just proceed with caution, I guess?

A Three Page LustxEnvy Comic I roughly translated.  Nothing really happens.) But anyway, it’s for anybody that was curious on what it says. But it’s one that @afgunst posted here: http://afgunst.tumblr.com/post/63744754925/sakio-k

Please note that the last line could also be: [Because it seems so human], and on the second page, Lust could have also been saying, ”We’re neither human nor women.” I didn’t think Envy was speaking there at all, so I doubted it said, “I am neither a human nor a woman” lol. Though I’m a bit confused on whether this is Brotherhood or FMA 2003, because Envy’s technically a guy in FMA 2003, but genderless in Brotherhood, even though people call them a ‘he’. Since the Japanese language often drops pronouns, it was kind of hard to tell who was the topic of conversation at points. 

kaedesan721 helped quite a bit with the translations. (I’m so sorry for asking so much of you! T-T;;;

@sawyer-is-unisex was wanting the translations, so here ya are. :3

Also, I did improvise a tiny bit, but overall, I’m pretty sure that translations are correct.



If I could only change Envy’s line to “I don’t like working.”…