full metal alchemist lust

Does anyone else ever feel like Lust from Full Metal Alchemist got the short end of the stick when it came to getting her homunculus super-power?

Envy: I can shape-shift into any man, woman, child or animal, and have used this power to start a massive civil war that killed thousands.

Greed: I’m the ultimate shield, I can change the carbon density of my body to make myself impervious to almost any attack.

Gluttony: If the fact that I eat people alive isn’t horrifying enough, I have a portal to a terrifying blood filled prison dimension in my stomach!

Pride: I control the very shadows. I can watch your every move, and then manipulate the darkness to strangle, stab, slash, or mutilate you at any time. Better yet, no one will suspect me because I look like an innocent child.

Sloth: I’m a juggernaut with incredible strength who can launch myself like a living canon to obliterate anything in my path with sudden bursts of speed.

Wrath: I can take out a tank with a sword.

Lust: …..