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mythical ask meme
  • fairy wings: what do you believe in?
  • centaur hooves: choose a place to run away to.
  • siren call: what song makes you feel soft?
  • mermaid scales: freshwater pond or saltwater sea?
  • dragon breath: princess, witch, or rogue?
  • werewolf howl: what do you do under a full moon?
  • pegasus mane: how do you take care of yourself?
  • unicorn horn: what do you wear to feel brave?
  • pixie dust: what colors do you dream in?

A thing I want to say that I’ve probably said before:

if galra have a full head of hair/”mane”- their ears will blend in with that and make them look like they sorta have a horned hairdo. Look at Haxus, Prorok, or Thace.

So if you’re drawing Keith all purple, remember:

lanelacy  asked:

How would the companions react if mod Sarah became inquisitor?

This was originally sent as a post for all mods, so lanelacy was asked to send in asks for each mod. Kat and Sarah are the ones who are currently done.

Cassandra: She’s a bit annoyed with her at first, because she has no combat skills. At all. And she keeps crying; in fact, her first attempted conversation was her trying to accuse her of causing destruction while Sarah wailed helplessly. She grows to appreciate her more soon, though, because she’s otherwise quiet, non-aggressive, and good at tending to wounds. She’s also good at getting the horses to settle down when startled, and animals are less likely to attack the party. She finds out the girl likes to read, and they exchange books and can talk about stories.

Blackwall: He doesn’t like the way she side-eyes him every time he says he’s a warden and worries she knows something. He gets to know her, though, because she spends a lot of time in the stables helping Dennet tend to the horses, and sometimes helps her in the garden, where she grows all sorts of plants. They get along just fine.

Iron Bull: He’s suspicious because of her complete lack of surprise upon hearing what he does for the Qun. Who is this girl, and where is she from? She won’t say, and will deflect the question as unimportant. She bills herself as a biologist, which he can’t deny, with all the papers and books she starts publishing as soon as she realizes Thedas is way behind on the study, but he questions where she learned all of this. Still, she doesn’t seem intimidated by him, so he settles for acting casual; he’s a bit disappointed, though, when she refuses to kill dragons if they’re not directly endangering people.

Sera: There’s some joking on both ends about the names sounding so similar, and when both are in the party, sometimes the others have to specify “Sera with an ‘e’ or Sarah with an ‘a.’” She’s shy and nervous, which Sera tries to rectify, though the first attempt (putting lizards or spiders or other insects, what have you) in her drawers is a failure, because Sarah likes all of those things, especially lizards. “How… what the frig?” she asks as Sarah holds all the critters in her hands with a big smile. “Spiders are friends, and so are bugs and lizards.” Sarah just says. She then realizes that she’d be good for help in pranks, and a sly grin slides onto her face.

Cole: She cares perhaps too much, but she wants to help, and she smiles whenever anyone smiles when they see her working or writing. He likes her. “You want to help, but you’re not sure how. The words make them happy, even for a minute, and you feel better, too. The animals stop being so angry or afraid when you care for them. People sometimes do, too. I like you.” This makes Sarah’s heart explode from sheer wonder. He also, however, detects sensory problems in her and confusion, as well as massive anxiety problems. He tries to help.

Varric: His first sight is of a big mane full of blonde hair, and thus the nickname Dandelion is bestowed. He has to gently push to get information out of her, especially when he sees her write. He sometimes asks smart-ass questions about nature, and it surprises him when she usually knows the answer. She doesn’t care much for talking, but she likes listening, so it’s a good set-up between the two: he tells stories, and she listens as a rapt audience.

Solas: He doesn’t understand why she avoids him and seems afraid of him. Is it because I’m an apostate? Or an elf? he wonders, and finds the answer is no when he sees her readily talking to apostates and elves with no concern. He tries to chat her up when she’s working in the stables, and it works… a little. She’s still very leery of him, so he tries to get her to open up by asking her about her studies. It works pretty well, though it makes him a little nervous that she’ll occasionally interject a pointed comment about being accepting of all people on the merit of the fact they’re people, Solas. Genocide and racism is bad, mmkay? Also: stuff changes. That’s the world. That’s how we survive.

Dorian: She doesn’t seem to give two tin shits that he’s 1. a mage, and 2. a mage from Tevinter. It surprises him how unfazed she is by him, so he decides that her quirks and sometimes odd behavior is fine by him, considering how much she accepts him. He also offers to help with her experiments, and enjoys working with her and learning from her– he asks perhaps the most questions about her studies along with Solas and Vivienne. “You would love the menageries some of the magisters have up in Tevinter,” he remarks as she holds various critters in her arms, “and then you’d properly scold them for their lack of proper care. It would be beautiful.”

Vivienne: She fears for her safety as she recoils in terror from the marquis and starts crying. Quickly she realizes the girl doesn’t know how to play The Game, and realizes she’s going to die without help. Vivienne makes her a little nervous, but she’s trying to help, and Sarah recognizes it. She enjoys talking to her and learning about biology and chemistry from the girl, as well as assisting and observing experiments performed to prove her points. “Does magical fire burn in absence of oxygen?” she questions, and Vivienne offers to help her find out.

Josephine: She’s polite and quiet, sure, but like Vivienne, she detects apprehension when talking to strangers, but also soon realizes she’ll perk right up if asked about animals or plants. She hires tutors to try to remedy her social problems. Much work is ahead, but she’s capable of learning.

Leliana: Like all strangers, she’s leery of her, but her opinion suddenly softens as she sees the girl happily hanging out with the nugs outside, and petting her ravens, who seem to like the attention. She also offers to help tend to them, citing a knowledge of avian care and a disregard for getting dirty. Leliana decides she’s probably okay.

Cullen: He likes her because the dogs and other domesticated animals of the Inquisition like her, and she doesn’t ask too many questions about his past. He sometimes consults her for help for his headaches when he trusts her enough, so she gives him willow bark to chew on and a cold compress. It seems silly, but it works okay, at least while she’s trying to figure out how to synthesize a racemic mixture of ibuprofen or plain aspirin with Thedosian technology.

(NOTE: do not go chewing on willow bark for headaches. It was an archaic method of treating pain because the bark contains a precusor chemical (salicin) to aspirin. We have medicine for that now. Do not chew the willow bark).

Sixth Time is a Charm

Pairing(s): Jay/Carlos, Some Ben/Carlos, Mal/Ben, Evie/Doug

This is cute Jaylos, if you don’t like, don’t read :)

A/N: So you might need this song at some point near the end, because this was all I could hear during the whole scene. Other than that, this is my first published full fic (and not a drabble or a ficlet) on here so be gentle? :) Also, no Smut because I don’t do descendants smut, so enjoy?


“So, the guys on the team were talking about asking people to the Year End Ball,” Jay said as he helped Carlos lift his tuba. Why he had to pick the tuba out of all the instruments in band, Jay would never understand, the damned thing was almost as big as he was.

“Oh yea, Evie and Mal were telling me about that, the whole school gets decorated or something right?” Carlos replied, distracted by trying to balance the huge instrument, and Dude.

“Yea, it’s a pretty big deal, the whole Tourney team gets to kick it off in a dance with their dates,” Jay said, a little sheepishly, while running his hand through his hair, “Um, do you think you’re going?”

Carlos smiled, “Well yea, I’ll be there with Mal and Evie, we’ll be there to see you dance with your date, don’t worry!” He teased.

Jay opened his mouth to ask the question but they were interrupted by Carlos’ tuba crashing to the ground. Dude jumped from his arms, startled into barking at the crash of metal on concrete.

“That’s it! I’m switching to the flute!” Carlos pouted adorably as he tried to pack the thing up again. The moment to ask was gone but Jay decided that he had months left, he’d do it soon.


“See, you can change things up a bit and still wear the colours you like Carlos,” Evie said as she straightened his lapel in the mirror.

“Wow, I love it Eve, how long did this take to make?” Carlos asked, turning to admire the way the fabric fell on his figure.

“Oh not long at all, besides, it’s fun to do this for you all. Somebody has to keep our group fashionable!” She smirked as she started cleaning up her sewing kit, “I think Ben’s going to love it too,” she teased.

“Ben’s going to love what?” Came Jay’s voice from the doorway as he walked in, dropping his Tourney equipment onto his bed. Evie smiled and moved to pick off an errant thread from Carlos’ new outfit, “Why this of course!”

She spun Carlos around making Dude jump around and bark at their playfulness. Carlos grinned as he came to a stop and turned to Jay, “What do you think? Is it too different?”

Jay looked him up and down as Evie left the room smiling. She wondered if Jay would ever get the courage to ask Carlos out.

Oh well, in the meantime I can just be happy turning DeVil into DiVine she giggled at her own joke as she closed the door behind her.

The snick of the door shutting brought Jay out of his musings and he looked at Carlos’ hopeful face.

“Yea ‘los, it looks great!” He grinned, “Um and I’ve been meaning to ask you some–”

Carlos grinned and turned around, “I’m so glad you like it too Jay, I can’t wait to see Ben’s face when he gets here!”

“Ben?” Jay asked haltingly, remember what Evie had said when he walked in.

“Yea, he’s taking me out on a date tonight!” Carlos smoothed out the material of his shirt and turned to face Jay, “What did you need to ask me?”

Jay stumbled to regain his composure, “Uh, just, um could you help me with that computer assignment we had last week? I, uh, I just don’t know if I got it…completely.”

“Oh, yea you bet I can, is it OK if I help you later tonight though?” Carlos replied, smiling that sweet little smile at him.

“Yea, that’s fine. No rush man,” Jay responded, tapping Carlos lightly on the shoulder with his fist and smiling.

Maybe I can still ask, if Ben hasn’t beat me to it yet…


“Mal, its fine! You’re blowing this way out of proportion,” Carlos almost whined as he followed her angry march through the school.

“Out of proportion? No one dumps us Carlos, we do the dumping. Ben doesn’t know what he’s missing out on with you!” Carlos had the idea that some of this rage towards Ben was on her own behalf, but he couldn’t understand why because Mal had been the one to leave Ben in the first place.

“Ohh just wait til I see him, he’s going to regret dumping you!”

“Mal, I told you it was a mutual thing, we just decided we would be better off as friends,” Carlos tried again, seeing Jay and waving him over to help contain the storm that was Maleficent’s daughter.

“What’s going on?” Jay asked as he jogged over.

“Mal’s on the hunt for Ben,” Carlos replied.

“He’s on the Tourney field with Chad right now, we just finished practice,” Jay said before he could stop him, Carlos groaned and rubbed his face as Mal switched directions and headed off with renewed anger.

“Playing Tourney after he’s gone and broken your heart, that’s just like him,” she muttered as she stalked towards the field.

“Broke your heart? What happened with Ben, Carlos?” Jay asked, the beginnings of anger in his voice too.

Why do they all get so protective? It was a mutual thing… Carlos thought to himself as he began explaining, “Ben and I decided to be friends, we’re better off that way. All Mal heard was ‘we’re not together anymore’ and now she’s all worked up and HUNTING him!” His voice cracked slightly at the end.  

Jay nodded and, without saying anything, took off towards their rooms.

Maybe he’s getting Evie, she’s probably the only person who can get Mal to calm down… Carlos thought well, besides Ben… As the pair of ex-villains approached the Tourney field, Carlos caught sight of Jay running back to them. Alone.

“Did you–” Jay ignored Carlos in favour of rushing up to Mal and handing her something small.

“Thought you might need this,” he said, falling back into step with Carlos.

“HER SPELLBOOK JAY?!” Carlos shrieked, earning him a glare from Mal at the volume and vicinity of his shout, “S-sorry Mal, but you don’t need that right now!”

“We’ll see,” was her only reply.

They spotted Ben across the field, amidst the kill zone, talking to Chad. Mal flipped open her book and thumbed through to her favourite spell.

“Beware, forswear, replace the old, with beastly hair.”

Across the field Ben’s hair began growing until he had a full, shaggy mane. Chad’s eyes grew rounder and rounder with each inch of hair until he was just staring at Ben, wide-eyed.

Ben sighed, “Mal, he said we were better off as friends,” he called out to the ex-villains. Chad found that he wanted to be somewhere else, Mal was one scary chick when she was angry.

“Sorry Ben, you’re on your own,” he mumbled and booked it out of her general vicinity. Ben let out another exasperated sigh, this one slightly more amused by his friend’s antics, and turned to face them.

“How long does this last?” He asked, smiling at Mal through his mane of hair, “I can’t say my dad would be too surprised to see that I take after him though.”

Mal fought a smile and turned to Carlos, “I wasn’t only mad at him for you, you told me you made your decision together,” Carlos looked at her, bewildered, “I’m mad at him because he said he would try to date, not try to replace me with another ex-villain, and almost hurt my friend in the process,” she crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently towards Ben.

“I didn’t do that Mal, I genuinely liked Carlos. Carlos, tell her would you? I was really interested in going out with you, until it actually happened and it was more like hanging out than dating!”

“He’s right Mal, we tried and I never felt like I was being used or anything. Ben’s a really great guy, but we’re better off friends,” Carlos piped up, hoping Mal had started calming down. Mal heaved a sigh and looked at Ben, something sparking in her gaze. Ben grinned, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. Mal actually giggled as his mane tickled her and muttered the counter curse, adding the hand motions in quickly. Before his mane receded, Ben leaned down and pecked her on the lips.

When he was himself again he smiled at her, “looks like your kiss changed me back, it’s not every day you get to live a fairy tale.” Mal smiled, blush dusting her pale cheeks lightly. Getting down on one knee, Ben spread his arms and called out, “Mal, daughter of Maleficent, will you go to the Year End Ball with me?” Mal laughed at him and smacked him on the arm, she turned to Carlos.

“You don’t mind do you?” She asked, almost pleading.

“No! No! Go ahead Mal, I told you, better off friends!” Carlos smiled and fluttered his hands towards her, “I’ve got Evie to go with too, don’t forget!”

Mal smiled again and turned back towards Ben, with the beast in her sated the two boys decided to leave the couple alone.

“This Year End Ball thing again huh?” Jay asked, it was almost a loaded question but Carlos couldn’t see why, “I mean, even Mal got all worked up over it…”

“Yea,” was Carlos’ distracted reply.

He looked around and then whistled, Dude came charging out from under the bleachers. Hn, even Dude wanted to avoid Mal’s wrath, Jay chuckled as Dude lathered Carlos in kisses.

“Have you asked anyone yet?” Carlos asked, still on the receiving end of grateful puppy kisses, “to the Ball I mean.”

“Uh, actually, no but–”

“THERE YOU TWO ARE!” Came a shout, as a familiar blue and black figure rounded the corner bleachers, “I had to hear from CHAD that Mal’s on some kind of rampage, casting spells everywhere?”

“Uh, it’s all handled?” Came Jay’s reply as he pointed towards Mal and a completely spell-free Ben, talking closely on the bleachers.

“Aw, finally!” Was all Evie said in response to the cute scene, “well let’s give them some space” she draped her arms across their waists and led them back towards the dorms.

Well, at least now I know he’s not with Ben…


‘Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl’ Evie read the note attached to the red rose on her desk. She looked around, hoping to find a clue as to who left it, if it was for her, or if it was a joke. She wouldn’t put it past Audrey to prank her on Valentine’s Day. That girl still had it out for them, even though they had come from the Isle almost a year ago.

Oh well, at least it’s a beautiful colour she thought as she smelled the flower and tucked it into her desk, actually, I think I have some fabric in that colour, maybe I could make something nice for Carlos, and Dude of course she chuckled quietly.

She forgot all about the rose and the note until next period, where a second flower waited on her desk.

She wanted to be considered the fairest in the land,’ read the second note.

Ok, so it’s definitely for me… She thought, tucking this flower away in her bag, where she had stored the other one after her last class. Throughout the day she found other flowers in her favourite hangouts and eventually she sat at the ex-villains table for lunch with a pile of notes in her hands.

“What you got there?” Carlos asked, mouth full of chocolate and peanut butter, someday they would get him to have an actual lunch, but that wouldn’t be any time soon. Jay sat down across from them, reaching across to snatch a peanut butter cup from Carlos’ pile.

“I’ve been getting them all day, it’s a story, or part of one at least. I don’t think it’s finished yet,” she muttered, reading through the notes again. Suddenly they were gone and she was looking up at a grinning Jay.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl. She wanted to be considered the fairest in the land. In her hand she held a mirror. Everyday she would speak to it. Mirror mirror in my hand. Who’s the fairest in the land. Everyday the mirror remained dark. What she didn’t realize though. Was that every day someone would reply. She just couldn’t hear him. Every day, he would whisper…” Jay turned the last note over, looking for the rest of the story, “Yea, it just ends.”

Jay passed the notes off to Carlos, who had thankfully cleaned the chocolate off of his fingers, “There’s 11 notes,” he said without looking at them, “Did they come with anything else?”

Evie blushed and showed them her bag, full of roses. Carlos grinned, they had figured out that he was a romantic within the first few months of being at Auradon Prep. Jay smiled as he watched Carlos’ face light up.

“So there’s one more to come!” Carlos exclaimed, asking Evie with his eyes if he could take the roses out. Evie gave him a small smile and he pulled the 11 roses out of her bag.

“Why do you say that ‘los?” Jay asked, a little confused by the flowers, yeah roses are pretty and all, but why was Evie blushing like that?

“Well it’s customary to give a full dozen roses right?” Carlos said as he played with the soft petals of one flower, “I mean, it’s always a dozen in all those movies we watch.”

The Dining Hall speakers crackled to life and a voice she recognized began to speak

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl,” Evie looked up, startled.  

“She wanted to be considered the fairest in the land,” they heard a string quartet start up.

“In her hand she held a mirror,” The marching band appeared to accompany the strings, playing a sweet classical song, “Carlos, do you know what’s happening?”

Sorry Eve, I don’t have a clue,” he said as he moved away from her slightly, not knowing what was going on, but expecting something great.

“Everyday she would speak to it; Mirror mirror in my hand, who’s the fairest in the land.” Evie gasped as the choir started up and she spotted Mal across the room, entering the Hall at the back, with Ben by her side. Mal looked at her questioningly but Evie had no answer.

“Everyday the mirror remained dark,” Evie heard whispering from the front of the Dining Hall, the direction of the front entrance, and was that the sound of hooves?

“What she didn’t realize though was that every day someone would reply, she just couldn’t hear him,” There was Chad, on a white horse. Half of the girls in the Hall swooned, the other half glared at her as Chad headed towards her. Evie’s breath caught in her throat as her prince made his way towards her.

“Every day, he would whisper…” Everything was perfect, but it didn’t feel right. The whole scene was so romantic, but she knew that Chad didn’t have a romantic bone in his princely body. Chad approached her, on his white stallion and she didn’t even give him a chance. Evie ran out of the Dining Hall.

Gasps echoed through the Hall as the music came to a discordant halt. The silence deafening, compared to the romantic air moments before. Chad looked dumbstruck and, now, a little ridiculous atop his stallion in the middle of the Hall.

“Uh, sorry, looks like we gotta go,” Jay said as he grabbed Carlos by the back of his jacket and hauled him out of the room, stumbling. Mal joined them out in the hallway and headed off towards the dorm, thinking that it was where Evie would go. As they walked past the Administration’s Office they heard her voice.

“I was sitting there, and I couldn’t help but think that it was the wrong guy up on that horse,” she sounded a little breathless, “and then I realized that I didn’t want to hear how my story ended from him. I wanted it straight from the writer.”

They peeked around the corner and saw Evie sitting on the floor, wrapped around Doug.

“So, what did he whisper?” Evie smiled at Doug and batted her eyelashes. Doug swallowed and stuttered slightly in his reply.

Y-you’ll always be the fairest to me,” Evie smiled and pressed a kiss to his cheek, causing the boy to flush bright red. Mal smiled from their spying position and pulled the other two boys away.

“Alright, I’m sure she’ll find us when she’s done there,” she turned to head back to the Dining Hall and saw Ben heading towards them, “Hey Benny-Boo!” she called out teasingly, not one to give up a moment to make the boy blush.

Ben flushed slightly but smiled as she took his hand and intertwined their fingers.

“You have to admit that Doug has a handle on this whole romance thing though!” They heard Carlos’ voice squeak as he and Jay walked by.

“What, because he wrote a few words and gave her some flowers?”

“Well yeah, it just shows how much he cares you know?” Carlos replied bashfully. Jay smiled and pulled a stolen rose out from behind his back. Carlos raised an eyebrow, but accepted the flower, smiling.

“Uh, Carlos,” Jay began, running his hand through his hair, messing it up, “Would you–” Chad’s horse chose that moment to make a break for it from the Dining Hall. Jay grabbed Carlos and pushed him against the far wall, to keep him from being trampled.

“Woah boy!!” Chad shouted from atop the horse, barreling down the hall and out the front doors. Ben shook his head and rubbed at his temples. He kissed Mal on the forehead and ran out after his friend.

Another moment passed as Jay held Carlos in his arms, heart pounding, looking out at Ben running out the door, “Uh, Jay, you’re kind of crushing me…”

“Oh sorry,” Jay let him go as the crowd in the Dining Hall rushed into the hallway, chasing after Chad and his horse.

I only have a couple months left… Jay thought as he watched Mal fuss over Carlos.


“You know, this is one thing we never get on the Island,” Carlos said as the four friends lounged on a blanket on the school grounds.

“We have Spring too Carlos,” Mal replied lightly.

“I know, but it’s nothing like this,” he answered after a moment, “Here you can see new things. There’s a fresh and clean smell in the air you know?” He leaned back on his elbows, looking up at the white clouds in the sky.

“Evie!” They looked over to see Doug making his way towards them.

“Sorry guys, it’s 3, I have a study date to get to!” She stood up and smoothed out her skirt before heading off towards her boyfriend.

“Oh no, it’s 3 already?” Mal asked, looking to the boys for confirmation. Jay looked at the three watches on his wrist and nodded. Carlos shook his head, hiding a small smile, they just couldn’t get Jay to quit with the kleptomania yet. They were all happy to lose the occasional item to him, to help him when he had the urge though. Case and point being that two of the three watches were entirely too feminine for Jay’s masculine image.

“I have to go, I told Jane I’d help her get ready for a date tonight,” she stood up and grabbed her bag, they could see her spellbook peeking out of it.

“Just, just don’t go overboard please?” Carlos grimaced, thinking about the last time Mal tried to help the girl, “Did she at least get her skin back to the right colour now?”

Mal chuckled “More or less, but that’s what she gets for demanding I help, rather than asking,” she smirked, eyes shining green, and left a dumbstruck Carlos behind as she walked away.

“She’s not saying she did that on purpose is she?” Carlos whimpered

“Well, if she did, would you really be that surprised?” Jay had laid down on the blanket, fingers laced behind his head, eyes closed. Carlos decided that he’d rather not think about it right now and went back to cloud gazing.

“You’re right you know,” Jay said softly, “about the Spring thing. It’s different here.”

Carlos smiled and reached over to scratch at Dude’s ears, causing the dog to whine when he stopped. Jay peeked over at them through the corner of his eye, they didn’t get many moments alone these days and he appreciated what he could get.

“Listen Carlos,” he said as he turned onto his side to face the shorter boy, “I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”

Carlos pushed himself up on his elbows and looked directly into his eyes, causing Jay’s breath to catch just a little bit, “Yea?”

“Well, it’s just, um,” why do I only get like this around him? He thought, losing himself in the way the sunlight highlighted the dusting of freckles across Carlos’ nose.

“Jay?” Carlos asked, his cheeks colouring lightly at the way Jay stared at him.

“Oh, sorry ‘los, was just thinking of how to say it,” He messed his hair up nervously and smiled, “Ok, um. Would you–”

A resounding boom sounded across the yard, followed by a somewhat inhuman screech. Audrey shot out of the front hall with Jane and Mal on her heels.

“What did you do to me?!” Audrey shouted at the girls following her.

“Audrey, wai-wait please, we can fix it!” Jane stuttered as she chased the princess. Mal’s eyes shone green as she laughed, keeping up with the girls easily. She waved at the boys from across the lawn as she and Jane chased Audrey to the bathrooms.

“Was that–”

“Audrey, yea.”

“Was she–”

“Orange, yea.”

Carlos looked at Jay and grinned. He’d get the full story from Mal later, but for now he thoroughly enjoyed seeing an enraged, orange Audrey stalking the halls of Auradon Prep. He burst into infectious laughter and soon he and Jay were rolling around on the blanket gasping for breath between laughs.            

Oh well, there were still a few weeks left.


Two weeks before the Ball and Auradon Prep was in a flurry of activity. Carlos had band practice every day after school. Jay’s team had practice every day as well, since the final game against Sherwood was to be held the day of the Ball.

Mal and Evie had both been asked to join the dance committee as well. Mal was teamed up with some of the children of other Fae who used supervised magic to enchant the decorations around the school. Evie had costume duty for the school band. She had been working hard and splitting as much of her spare time between Doug and her friends as she could.

Carlos walked into their dorm after practice, not too surprised that he was the only one there. He walked over to his bed and dropped his flute case onto the soft mattress. He was so happy that Jay had managed to convince him to try it after he joked about it all those months ago. There was something more satisfying in hitting a proper trill with his flute, than anything he’d perfected with his tuba. He sat down on the bed, reaching towards the dog bed for Dude. His hand found nothing but air and he panicked as he spotted the note on Dude’s bed.

Carlos, had to borrow Dude to help with something, I’m taking good care of him. Don’t worry. Don’t panic. He’s safe, meet me in the auditorium at 8 to pick him up please? - Jay

Carlos scrubbed his face with his hand and sighed, as much as he was annoyed at Jay for taking Dude without asking, he knew that Dude was in good hands. Besides, now he could just have a nap, no need to walk Dude since Jay was probably doing it right now. He smiled at the image of Jay walking Dude and closed his eyes.

Carlos woke up to the sound of cloth being dropped onto the bed next to him.

“Oh, I’m sorry Carlos, I thought I was being quiet enough not to wake you,” Evie said as she continued folding the garments on her bed, “Finally got the costumes finished for the Ball! Do you want to see how yours fits?”

He tried to rub the sleep from his eyes and smiled at her, then he caught sight of the clock on the wall. 7:30, he needed to meet Jay in the auditorium in a half hour, “Sorry Eve, I gotta go meet someone,” he said as he rushed into the shared bathroom with his towel.

Evie made a face as he shut the door.

He almost missed the meeting, thank goodness he woke up that last time! She thought as she refolded the same shirt for the second time. Jay had made sure someone would be here to send Carlos on his way. Evie was more than happy to be involved.

Carlos dashed out of the shower, drops of water flying off of the edges of his hair as he found a fresh shirt and threw it on. He pecked Evie on the cheek as he ran by and headed out the door. Evie raised her hand to the spot he had kissed and smiled at how much they had changed over the last year.

7:54 and Carlos stood outside the door to the auditorium. No one else was around and he wondered if he had the right place, but on reading the note again, he saw that Jay had said the auditorium. He pushed the door open and entered the darkened room. The spotlight was centered on the large stage and there sat Dude. In a tux. Tail wagging happily. With a rose in his mouth. Carlos laughed at the sight and walked slowly over to his over excited pup.

“What you got there buddy?” He asked as he took the flower from the little dog and fed him one of the treats he kept in his vest pocket. Dude barked in response and walked off toward the edge of the spotlight. Carlos walked after him only to stop when he heard the beginnings of a, rather familiar, song.

Someone stepped from the shadows and began to sing;

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, prince, now when did
You last let your heart decide?

He handed Carlos a second rose as another voice took over the melody.

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride

Another rose and a third voice joining in for the chorus. Carlos was beaming at this point wondering if he was right as to who had planned all of this for him.

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no or where to go
Or say we’re only dreaming…

More voices now as one by one the men’s choir brought him more flowers, until he had counted eleven. As the choir continued he saw Jay step into the light, holding the last rose.

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I’m way up here, it’s crystal clear
That now I’m in a whole new world with you…

Someone once told me that it’s customary to give a dozen roses when you’re trying to be romantic,” Jay said as he walked towards him.

“Jay,” he managed to whisper, feeling a little overwhelmed, but happy. The choir continued the song quietly behind them.

“No, no, no. No interruptions, I’ve been trying to get this question out for months,” Jay laughed and ran his fingers through his hair, causing a curl to fall forward. Carlos reached up to tuck it back and his fingers lingered on Jay’s cheek. Jay flushed slightly and smiled, holding the last rose out to the shorter boy, “Carlos, will you be my date to the Ball?”

Carlos smiled a crooked, happy smile and took the rose. Instead of answering, he reached up on his tip toes and pressed a chaste kiss to Jay’s lips. Jay froze momentarily, not expecting it, but soon melted and kissed back. Carlos pulled back, admiring the blissful look on Jay’s face.

“Took you long enough,” was all he said as he gathered Dude up in his arms and laced his fingers with Jay’s, “any longer and I would have asked you myself.”

They heard a loud laugh from the curtains and turned to see Mal, Ben, Evie and Doug standing at the stage exit left. Evie looked like she was about to burst with excitement and Mal was covering up her laughter, trying to look inconspicuous, “He’s got a point though Jay, why did it take this long?”

“Look, it’s not like I didn’t try!” The choir members exited the stage, shaking hands with Jay as they all passed, some patting his shoulder and smiling. It seemed that him liking Carlos was no secret at Auradon, “every time I tried something happened! Remember the Tuba? Turning Ben into a beast?”

Mal blushed hotly at that memory as Jay continued, “The horse?!” Evie smiled at Doug and grabbed his hand, linking her other hand with Carlos. They all walked out of the auditorium laughing. Carlos leaned into Jay as their group talked about the five times Jay tried to ask him out while he enjoyed the happiness of the time he finally succeeded.


Pairing: Fraxus (Freed x Laxus)

Universe: Cop/Criminal AU

Rating: T

a/n: Until now I always thought of police chief!Freed and criminal!Laxus and I love it but a ramble of one particular amazeballs nerd (this>> @damasath-art nerd’s rambling on >this< art piece to be precise) inspired me to write something for them in the reversed roles sooo I whipped this up real quick :3 I love them both as a cop and I love them both as criminal so whatever it is it’s a win-win situation anyway.

When Laxus grabbed his coffee and took a sip he ended up grimacing. Cold. Again. He promptly set the cup back down and brushed his mouth with the back of his hand. In the end cold coffee had the same effect as hot one but the latter had a far better taste.

Orange eyes drifted back to all the sprawled out papers on his desk. Information and more information about one single damn man. For how long had they been trying to get him now? A few years. They had managed to throw him in jail one time though that was a while back after his last kill. Nowadays his business had changed a little and that wasn’t only a relief for society but also for Laxus himself. For more reasons than one.

“Don’t overwork yourself, Laxus,” came the familiar voice of Makarov. He was the wise head of the company and they all could consider themselves lucky to still have him around.

“Oh shut up, old man.” Sometimes the blond was just bad at expressing his gratitude, or different emotions in general. “I can take care of myself.”

“I know that.” The short old man retorted after he had slipped into his jacket. “But you should get some sleep soon. See you tomorrow.”

“See ya.” The blond merely waved as he was absent-mindedly scanning a picture. How often had he been staring at this? Sometimes it had driven him angry as fuck and at other times it had exasperated him because he felt something different than anger. Lots of exasperation, yep. The company had appointed Laxus to be the main man for this particular case long ago and by now it felt like he had a shadow besides his own that followed his every step. “You’re mine.”

“Oh how flattering.”

The voice almost startled him and immediately his head shot up. Talking about shadow. Freed  was like one and Laxus truly hated it sometimes. No, who was he kidding – he always hated it. “Fuck, how often have I told you not to come here?!”

“The one or other time.” Freed’s mouth curved upwards on one side and it made Laxus growl. This damn smug smirk. The greenet’s fingers trailed along an object on one of the shelves and the cop narrowed his eyes. “How did you get in here this time?”

But Freed just chuckled at this question and turned back around to face the other man. “Just because I’m technically your captive doesn’t mean that I will reveal every single one of my tricks.”

Laxus growled. “It means that exactly.” In truth he was kind of happy to see him though he wouldn’t admit it just like that. Something very weird had begun to blossom between them, something Laxus was not opposed to and he could feel that Freed was not either. After all this had been going on since… quite some time now and the fact that he had not just imprisoned this man was enough to tell that something was not how it was supposed to be.

“So I’m assuming our make out sessions are part of me being your ‘captive’ as well?”

The blond hadn’t expected such a bold response but then again he should be perfectly aware of the male’s incalculability. Ignoring it he watched how Freed walked up to the desk he was sitting at. “Why didn’t you wait where I told you to wait for me?”

But Freed gave him the same treatment, not granting this question with an answer. His glinting eyes were enough for Laxus anway and he leaned back in his chair with his broad arms crossed before his chest.

“I see that you’re still doing your homework,” the green-haired man noted as he regarded all the papers and then the picture that showed himself, his green hair a little messier than usual and an almost challenging expression settled on his face. “Did you miss me?”

“Tchz, as if.” Unbelievable.

“You know that you did.”


“Such denial,” Freed teased.

“You should be lucky that I didn’t hand you over.”

“If I had been certain that you are seriously planning to do so then I would have escaped already. But you trust me, and I trust you.”

Trusting a criminal… How ironic. What was he even doing? It sounded ridiculous again. He was a damn cop! Averting his orange eyes he heaved a groan in frustration. This man should be toxic and yet he liked his company. He was addictive and Freed thought the same about him. Oh screw it, they were in too deep already anyway.

Without giving himself the chance to curse further Laxus suddenly raised from his seat and pulled Freed in by his hips. Now that he was standing he was almost one head taller than the man of average height and looked down, meeting his turquoise gaze with his own orange one before he growled almost possessively and leaned down to capture the other man’s lips for a kiss. He heard how Freed emitted a deep purr just as if he’d already known that he was going to kiss him and felt how the greenet’s fingers reached up to tug at the collar of his attire.

“I knew that you missed me…,” Freed stated triumphantly, an airy groan following. They saw each other frequently and yet the need for each other seemed to grow further with every hour they were apart. It was risky business, it was dangerous but they wanted to be with each other so obviously that none of Laxus’ complaints could cover up this fact.

“Maybe a little…” The blond grabbed a hand full of Freed’s long mane to keep his head where it was.

“The understatement of the year…”

This time Laxus gave a gruff chuckle before his tongue traced along the shorter man’s bottom lip. Freed gave in to this tiny sensual gesture immediately as he parted his lips to deepen the kiss and a moan crawled up his throat, a sound that just encouraged the cop further.

They kept kissing for a few long moments, hands roaming mindlessly needing to touch and feel, and by the time they pulled apart they were both trembling and out of breath.

Freed briefly leaned his head against the taller man’s shoulder, his arms wrapped around Laxus’ broad form. Something about this made him feel so strangely comfortable that he wanted to avoid thinking about it. All he did was to slip his fingers beneath the greenet’s shirt so he could trail his fingers along his back and when Freed withdrew just far enough so they could look at each other this strange feeling of comfort increased immensely. Almost as if this was right while it should be so very wrong…

Before that anew hint of a smirk that promised another remark made Laxus want to punch him again.

With his mouth, mainly. Maybe.

Ive been on-and-off thinking of reviving an older character I made ages ago. She initially only existed as a love interest for Chuck, but I dont think he could even sustain(or want) a relationship at this point…

Her name is Nacre, and is one of the last in a long family line of sea dwelling dragons. She’s polydactyl, a trait usually considered a freakish mutation in Western dragons, is actually highly desirable where she’s from. The more toes you have the more powerful you are presumed to be and the higher you rank in society. Originally limited to 3-5 digits per foot, feet with up to 9 toes are beginning to occur among the highest ranking dragons through the years through their increasingly limited gene pool.

What is a not so desirable feature for her to have is her  “rare skin condition”. She should have a full beard and mane at her age, but (as she claims) it flakes and falls out, along with much of her scales, and seems to “flare up” more when she’s stressed and isnt big on talking about it.

(it's dermatillomania)

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(1/2) You completely nailed why I love the idea of Keith and Pidge friendship! I thought it was interesting that hologram Shiro called Keith selfish just as Keith implied to Pidge in S1. His dynamics with everyone are still developing but it's clear Voltron has given him a feeling of direction that he doesn’t want to lose, but now he's lost Shiro again. It’s probable he was kicked out of the Garrison after the first time, but this time he'll have friends who won't let him feel or fight alone.

(2/2) So “Voltron is my family!” would definitely win out if Lotor pressed Keith’s vulnerabilities (Shiro gone, shifting team dynamics, and being Galra + not knowing his Galra mom). So while I do still wonder if they’d play Keith as cautiously or gradually empathetic if Lotor presented himself with similar vulnerabilities (and the WG betrayal as “I’m sorry, I feel torn between two sides of me, give me time to prove myself”), there’s no doubt loyalty to his Voltron family would prevail.

Right. I feel like Lotor trying to appeal to Keith on “hey, we’re both half-galra” is actually pretty unlikely to happen- mostly because I feel like Lotor is too smart to gamble that. It’s giving up a lot of personal information- information that may seriously risk Lotor’s standing considering how common half-galra are and what’s the cultural response to them- for potentially very little gain. If anything, with WG’s experience, it was mostly revealed that Keith is especially agitated around unfamiliar other galra.

As incomplete as my read on Lotor is, I really feel like he’d try to pry at Keith/get more information without giving up insight on himself.

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Some1 with a pencil width pony tail: you are only supposed to use a quarter size dollop of shampoo and conditioner!!!
Me, with a full mane of dense Mexican hair: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ohsamtumbles  asked:

What's your favorite season for Sam's hair? Season 1? Season 8? Summer? Fall? :D

Hmmm, so many to choose from, because any Sam hair is good hair. My top three are:

1) Season 12 - I love his soft waves this year and it’s perfectly cut to fall around his face. All the awards to the new hairdresser 🎉

2) Season 8 - That full mane of lion sex hair. Gold standard, people 🏅

3) Season 1 - Those sweet college boy bangs and sweaty puppy curls in the back. Awwww. 🐶

I have to know your favorites!!

My toy . Joker x Reader

Plot : The reader was with Joker before Harley and he left you . You join the suicide squad and in the end you ask Waller to work with Flagg. You were happy till Joker finds his way in to your life again .

Warning : spoilers !!!! And swearing

Pairing : Jared Leto Joker x Reader

My toy .

He ruined your life.

You love the Joker with all your heart.

You left everything behind you to be by his side .

And he just left you .

You were on a mission to retrieve weapons from Jokers business partner when Batman showed up in the middle of the deal . To escape Joker basically pushed you in to batmans arms and while he was busy with you he escaped.

You were put in to an asylum after that but soon the Suicide squad thing arranged and you were part of it .

Seeing Harley, Jokers new toy , made you angry and sad at the same time . Sad because he replaced you and angry because he tricked another poor girl . You then went on a helicopter to go on a mission.

This will be interesting.

A few hours passes.

After meeting Amanda Waller on the roof top of one of the skyscrapers you herd they were waiting for a helicopter. But when it arrived it’s crew started shooting all of you . You looked out of your hiding spot and your eyes widen . It was him . A rope falling down from the helicopter and Harley started running to in .

You heard Deadshot yelling at her to stop . You didn’t know why but you just ran after her , kicking her off her feet “LET ME GO !!! I WANT MY PUDDIN! !!” She screamed as she tried to claw your eyes out .

“SHUT UP YOU STUPID BITCH I’M DOING YOU A FAVOUR! !! DEADSHOT SHOOT THEM NOW !!! ” you yelled and with the corner of your eye you saw him staring at you with that damn smirk of his . He yelled something to the pilot and within seconds the helicopter was out of sight .

You stood up and right at that moment Harley punched you in the nose . “WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL (Y/N) ?! ” she yelled at you . You simply whipped the blood from your nose and walked away .

You had enough.

You heard Deadshot talking to her , trying to calm her down .

This is going to be a long day .

You met up with everyone soon at a bar stand where Harley was serving drinks. She glared at you when you sat next to Diablo and getting a shot of vodka. The guy soon just started talking till Rick Flagg returned to the squad. Time for the final battle .

You did it .

The squad defeated enchantress .

Holy shit .

That was a lot more fun than you imagined .

Walker was asking what the squad wanted as a reward for saving the world. “And what about you miss (Y/n) ? What do you want ?” She looked at you . You thought for a moment. You didn’t want to be in the asylum anymore and you enjoyed sawing the world. “I want to work with Flagg ” you say with shocked every one , even Katana and Croc. Waller slightly smirked

“I’ll see what I can do .”

It was about a year ago.

Waller kept her promise and now you were working for her alongside Flagg . You like your new life . No more asylums . No more pain . No more Joker . You were happy . Though you do miss the team sometimes.

You were in your new apartment cooking up some dinner after a hard day . You heard a knock on the front door. You already knew it was bed news. It was 2 am . Obviously all sain people were asleep.

Taking your gun you quickly and quietly walked to the door . You looked in to the peephole if the door and your gripp on the gun tighten . It was him . Joker .

“What the fuck do you want ” you say knowing he heard you .

“It’s very nice seeing you too doll , mind letting me it ? It’s not how treat guests you know ” he smirked.

You growled and opened the door , pulling your gun on him .

“What. Do . You . Want. ” you say again as he raises his arms

“easy there tiger I just came her to talk, no tricks ” he said with that smirk still on his face.

You believed him for now , letting him in , your gun still in your hand. You glare at him as he casually sat on your couch.

“Nice place you have here . Waller kept her promise I suppose ” this is getting ridiculous

“What do you want Joker ”

“Aww going full manes now ? And if though you liked to call me Mister J ”

“fuck you, why are you here ”

“now that was rude , can’t i come visit my favourite doll ? ”

“I’m not your doll anymore and don’t you have Harley for that ?”

“Harley is just a sad excuse for a copy . You on the other hand…” he stood up and walked to you “you are the original ”

You stepped beck “I’m not falling for it again J , I’m not that girl anymore ” he just kept getting closer to you till your back hit the wall

“Aww that’s a shame. I really missed you ” he was trying to sweet talk you

“shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! "you yelled and he puts both of his hands on the sides of you face

” I’m sorry i left you doll “

” NO YOUR NOT !! YOU JUST USED ME ! YOU NEVER LOVED ME !! I WAS JUST A TOY TO-“you didn’t get to finish when he forcefully kissed you , the kiss was rough just like always, it drove you insane. You melted in to the kiss . Fucking hell you were making the same mistake again.

But damn , it was so worth it .


Soviet Animation

Как львенок и черепаха пели песню | How the Lion Cub and Tortoise Sang a Song (1974)

okay imo this is one of the cutest russian cartoons and one of the best known, don’t ask why a lion cub has a full mane but hey it’s a cute design. it’s literally just about the tortoise teaching him a song about looking at the sun and sunbathing.

The Mane Insane Six

So I felt like depicting the mane six at their low points ( in smooshy form, I might do a full picture of the Mane Insane Six later ) as if they never left them, though RD and AJ I had to play a little bit with since they didn’t really have a canon low point like the others ( if I’m wrong, totally let me know ).  

Fluttershy chose to live a simpler life as a Vampire Bat, Midnight Sparkle crossed over and got rid of the original Twilight, Rarity turned Spike into a solid gold statue before he could speak the words to free her, RD gave into her desires to be the best as a shadowbolt, and Pinkie lost her mind and never recovered as the reality of her friends turning evil was too much to bear, so she throws a constant party in her own mind.  

And lastly, Applejack.  Out of the mane six, AJ seems the least likely to actually turn evil, and so - I have that she didn’t.  While the others are depicted in their darker forms, AJ is just lost.  She gave up on her apple farm and disappeared from Equastria.  No pony really knows where AJ is now.

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Could you point out some breed characteristics? Choose whatever breeds you like but could you include quarter horse? I suck at looking a horse and being able to tell what breed it is

 I’ll do modern day characteristics, since the breeds have changed so much

Quarter horse- small straight refined head, Strong well muscled body, broad chest, powerful hindquarters, and height ranges between 14-17hh

This to me is a good example of a modern QH he looks a bit posty in the hind legs, downhill, and too thick in the neck (but I assume he’s a stallion, so the neck isn’t a big issue) 

But with Quarter horses it can be hard cause they can come in all different kinds of builds. 

Hunter built QH

Race built QH

Halter built QH

Percheron- More agile looking draft horse. Straight profile with a broad forehead, large eyes, long level croup, deep and wide chest, clean and well muscled legs. Fun fact:Only black or grey Percherons can be registered

External image

Tennessee Walking Horse-  small well places ears, long neck, well defined head, long sloping shoulders and hips, short back, well muscled, hind legs are often over-angulated/cow hocked/sickle hocked

Arabian- large eyes, dished face, small muzzle, broad forehead, arched neck with a large wide-set windpipe, clean throat latch, long level croup, naturally high tail carriage.

There are several different kinds of Arabians so I’ll include picture of a few of them. 


Straight Egyptian- they are the ones with the crazy dished faces that you see in halter a lot

Polish Arabian-

Early American Foundation- (this is what Oakley is, and this is actually a picture of his sire)

Morgans- Compact and refined

External image

body, straight or convex heads, broad forehead, strong legs, laid back shoulders, upright well-arched neck, short back, long croup. 

Foundation Morgan

Haflinger- deep chest, pronounced withers, refined

External image

head, medium length neck, sloping shoulders, medium long back, flaxen/white mane and tail, chestnut in color (some would consider it a palomino as well)

Missouri Fox Trotter- short back, strong legs, sloping shoulder, muscular, straight face, pronounced withers, medium neck, known for their “fox trot” gait. 

Welsh Pony- large eyes, small heads, sloping shoulders, strong hindquarters, short back, high set tail. 

There’s different sections A,B,C and D but I’m only going to post one picture. You can google the rest

Thoroughbred- well defined head, short back, long neck, deep chest, high withers, lean body, long legs

Saddlebred- long arched necks, straight faces, sloping shoulders, pronounced withers, long backs, high tail carriage, high natural head carriage and step. (went on wikipedia for a picture and it says saddlebreds have “strong level backs” and I laughed cause that’s bullshit with these modern day wrecks)

Mustang- wide spaced eyes, muscular, well-defined and narrow chest, short backs and rounded hindquarters,  sturdy and strong legs and hooves

Fell pony- Hardy, intelligent, level headed temperament, agile. Mini Friesians but much cuter. 

Fjord- very agile, smaller looking draft, strong neck, good feet, strong legs, muscular body, 5 recognized shades of color

Icelandic Horse- Known for their tolt (pictured) proportionate heads, wide forehead, short muscular neck, long back, long cannons, short pasterns, very full mane and tail.

Dutch Harness Horse-high set neck, long powerful shoulders, high set tail, long back, flat croup, natural high step

Paso Fino- can be small and refined or large and powerful. Strong necks, full manes and tails, sloping shoulder, short backs, mainly known for their natural gait

Clydesdale- Heavy draft, very strong necks, extensive feathering, mainly bay with white markings, straight or convex face, broad forehead, sloping shoulder, arched neck, high wither. Budweiser. 

Exmoor Pony- powerful stocky build, deep chest, broad back, level croup, short legs, good hooves

OKAY, I think I included every breed that was requested.