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vegan anon literally did the "im a vegan" meme. its even worse if its about defending pets being fed vegan diets. if you have the mental capacity to make urself reject your biology it is thanks to your ancestors eating other animals which helped us get more calories in less time which let us spend more time developing more complex brains (to put it obscenely simple lol). we ate ourselves into a full cycle lmao.



“I don’t swing either way,” Neil said.

 If you have to keep asking - I’ll answer it as many times as you ask. But this is always going to be yes.“ “Don’t ‘always’ me.

 Neil had been doing one stupid thing after another all year long and this has turned into one of the best years of his life.

All For The Game trilogy be Nora Sakavic 🏆

Talk about beatifully heartbreaking books where the main character can’t seem to catch a break. Nora’s All For The Game trilogy is a story of a broken kids given a fighting chance and the struggle to regain themselves