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a love so beautiful || 致我们单纯的小美好 ep 5 → huan zhu ge ge references

“This week, the school is organising a drama competition. The competition is on Friday, but let’s have an internal selection within our class on Thursday.”

“What drama are we doing?”

“Ours… ours is the popular summertime rerun, Huan Zhu Ge Ge!”

Hwang Minhyun Fuckboi!

•Hwang Minhyun would practically be the pure definition of a flower boy if he didn’t have rep with messing around with girls

•He’s also the type of Fuckboi that looks soft but he really is a fuckboi

•Minhyun picks girls based off looks more than half of the time and would swoon them with his gentlemanliness, singing a sweet song to them or something along those lines

•You on the other hand had no idea who in the world Hwang Minhyun was

•Like honestly the school was huge but it was still kinda hard not to notice Minhyun and his fuckboi squad

•Anyways what happened that day was that you were working at your part time job at a cafe when his squad came rolling in

•You took their order not really noticing or caring who they were, there was so many different face coming in that day you didn’t bother to recognize the unfamiliar faces coming in

•after you took their order and made their drinks you headed to their table and one of the guys had his legs kinda sticking out from the side of the table lol thanks Daniel

•You weren’t really looking where you were going because you were more concerned in trying to remember who ordered what

•And surprise,surprise  you tripped over his leg and ended up spilling the drinks not just on yourself and the floor but almost on thee emperor Hwang Minhyun

•”omg I’m so s-sorry. O-Omg I-I didn’t mea- Here let me get you-“

•Minhyun stopped your blabbing and grabbed your arm before you could walk and get him a dry shirt from the back

•”Don’t worry about it. If anything I should apologize since my friend had his leg sticking out, right Daniel?”

•”Are you sure I can get you a dry shirt from the bac- wait no here you guys can have free drinks too since it was my mistake I should have looked where I was going.”

•”No need, really here let me help you clean up the mess. My friend can order new drinks anyways it’s on me.”

•”Are you sure.” You hesitated a bit, cause sure he was nice but maybe a little too nice

•But never the less you helped him clean the mess and remade their drinks for free and that was the end of the interactions from there

•Well at least that’s what you thought

•It was just a normal day with you walking the halls with your friends when your eyes caught someone familiar

•Your heart literally sunk when you saw him at school and you quickly put your head down to avoid his gaze

•But honey there’s no running from Minhyun’s sharp eye

•He noticed you instantly and a small smile grazed his lips. He thought you were a cute the moment he laid eyes on you and was hoping he’d get a chance to mess around with a girl like you

•You wanted to die when he started heading in your direction so you ushered your friends to hurry up so you could avoid the awkward confrontation

•Minhyun was quicker though and once again grabbed your wrist to stop you from walking away

•”Hey (y/n) right?”

•You were kinda shocked that he remembered your name but you went with it and nodded slowly

•”I’m sorry, but what was your name again?”

•”Minhyun.” He shot you his best smile and you swear your heart melted a little. “Sorry about yesterday mind if I treat you to some coffee after to school at the same place?”

•Your friends were all giggly because they knew who Hwang Minhyun and they had never seen a boy interested in you

•You were honestly too nice for your own good and agreed to his offer off impulse because you didn’t wanna make things awkward

•”O-Okay sure.”

•”Great see you after school then~”

•He winked before walking away and your friends started to nudge and tease you making you roll your eyes and cross your arms in annoyance

•Throughout the day, at some point you remembered that you had a shift after school

•Instantly a wave of guilt ran through your body and you literally would have whined and thrown yourself towards the lockers if the halls weren’t filled with people

•But since you figured it was the weekdays and the cafe wouldn’t be that busy and maybe you could take some time off your shift so  you could have a short hangout session with Minhyun

•Luckily you were right and not a lot of customers had stopped by to get a drink

•So you sat by the window of the cafe and tracing the rim of your hot chocolate cup watching as the minutes passed by

•You waited long enough that you actually started staring off in the distance, your cup of hot chocolate barely warm anymore

•Minhyun on the other hand had forgotten about the offer he had made, it wasn’t the first time he stood a girl up

•He did it a lot even if he was the one interested in the girl, relationships and commitment just wasn’t his thing

•While he was walking with his group of friends he had passed the cafe only remembering about his promise when he had seen you in the cafe window

•You looked pitiful in all honesty. You legs were crossed with your hand still tracing the cup of drink, staring off

•He would have just ignored it if it hadn’t been for one of your co-workers coming up to you, to see if you were okay

•”You guys go without me I just remembered something.”

•His friends didn’t think too much about it and  let him be not caring as he entered in the cafe

•You looked up after hearing the small jingle of the bells when the front door opened and your once dull from boredom eyes lit up

•”Hey sorry I was late I got held up by some friends.”

•”It’s alright I had to work my shift anyways.” You brushed it off set your cup on the table “Want a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.”


•You nodded and walked behind the counter and asked him what he wanted before making him his desired drink

•He watched with amusement because he thought you looked cute while making his cup of coffee

•Like he never thought a barista could look so happy

•Afterwards y’all just talked about random stuff like school, hobbies, friends and if you were being honest Minhyun was pretty funny when he talked about his friends especially when it came Jaehwan and Seonho

•Both of you were having such a great time talking that both of both of you had forgotten the time till you took out phone to check it

•”Shoot I gotta go home, my mom’s gonna kill me.” You replied sheepishly before getting up “It was nice getting to know you.”

•You shot Minhyun a smile and he smiled back before taking a glance out the store window

•”Hey it’s getting dark, I’ll walk you home.”He stood up abruptly and held out his hand towards you

•It was one of his charms and he was fully planning on swooning you, not a trace of guilt about doing it either. Even if it meant breaking your heart

•”No no it’s okay. I live close by anyways.”

•”No come on, I left you waiting for a while let me walk you home .” In reality Minhyun was lowkey surprised his offer was rejected

•but you gave in because you couldn’t afford the time to argue but Minhyun took is as you giving up to his charms because he full of himself lolz

•Anyways while ya’ll were walking both of you continued your conversations and  Minhyun decided it’d be okay to hold your hand

•You were kinda shy about it because it was abrupt but that was all

•when you reached your house you thanked him and walked in quickly before you parents could bombarded you with a bunch of questions

•The next day you didn’t really think too much about yesterday because you thought it was gonna be a one time thing, considering you thought he was trying to be nice

•But the next thing you know Minhyun had asked for you to sit at his table once again and of course you agree because you were too nice

•While you were looking for his table, once you found it you rushed over not looking where you were going You really need to fix that mate But anyways you fall into your princes Minhyun’s arms

•”Fancy seeing you again like this.” You face heated up not because of his adorable ass laugh but because you had managed to trip over Daniel’s damn leg again

•And before either Daniel or Minhyun could say a word you turn to apologize to Daniel because like you thought it would hurt to have someone accidentally trip of your leg

•Daniel just kinda laughs and brushes it off telling you it’s alright and when you smile at him something just kinda goes off in Minhyun but he doesn’t bother to say or do anything

•but during lunch the guys obviously knew that minhyun was “into you” (i say into you because he was never looking for true love)

•Course your reactions didn’t go unnoticed by Minhyun and he kinda felt like you were honestly too innocent and naive and low key he didn’t like it how his friends were flirting

•Oh and honey his  behavior didn’t go unnoticed by Super observant Mama Jisung

•Because usually Minhyun didn’t really care because usually it was a game too see if you could steal another guy’s “love” interest but it was so obvious he did care because his face looked pissed

•And at the end of lunch Jisung didn’t hesitate to point out his different behavior to him

•”I recon you try keeping her away from the guys unless she’s just another girl to mess around with.” Honestly Jisung wasn’t trying to mean he was just being honest cause he knew how the guys where

•Minhyun was slightly annoyed and brushed it off at first

•”Mind your own business you’re not better than me or the other guys.” Was all he said before walking away

•Though as the week progressed he realized he didn’t like how the guys would casually put their arm around you or playfully pull you onto their laps

•he grew protective and would often have his hand around your waist or shoulder during lunch, whether you were sitting beside him or on his lap

•only then did he start taking Jisung’s words seriously

•before he wanted to mess around with you but now he didn’t want anyone to play with you he wanted to protect you and keep you from getting hurt

•So Minhyun started to pick up the habit of following you to the library to do homework

•or just follow you around the bookstore because he liked how you’d get excited when you found an interesting book

•One of his favorite ways to tease you is when you’d try reaching for a book that’s too high, he would press his chest against your back and get you the book and hold it up high forcing you to go on your tippy toes and try to reach for it and he just thought it was the cutest thing ever

•He was a man of skinship when it came to you

•if he had extra time after school/practice he would drop by the cafe to talk and have snacks with you

•at this point it became very clear to the boys you were very much off limits…I mean unless they were asking for a death wish

•aHeM that’s not the point

•they were like why aren’t y’all dating already

•Minhyun was Lowkey wonder the same thing but then remember most of his love life as via phone and texting


•he had no idea how to tell you he liked you because once again he was a fuckboi and most of his dating experience was on the phone for about a week max

•So he kinda just basically google searched a bunch of way to ask a girl out

•he decided they were all too cheesy and decided to do things the way he knew best

•he texted you…

•to met up at his apartment

•when you went you were Lowkey a nervous reck cause

•one you never been to a friends apartment (?)

•and because two you Lowkey had caught feelings for Minhyun

•part of you wanted him to confess but the other part of you though it was too surreal for that to happen

•anyways you make it to his apartment and was just expecting a casual “hey what’s up?”


•the door had a note saying it was unlocked and so you opened it and when you looked inside all you saw was darkness

•well not complete darkness because there were candles and flower petals leading to a room

•and you were like wowowwo what’s going on here is this the right apartment?

•after you checked the address like 50 times to confirm you were at the right place you followed the petals to the room and open the door

•what you saw behind it left you shook

•there was Hwang Minhyun with a bouquet of your favorite flowers

•he looked almost too perfect for this to be real

•and you would have been normal and be like “What is this all for?” but who said you were normal

•”What is this a happy anniversary?” You joked

•even though the room was dim you could tell Minhyun’s ears were getting red and how his face contorted into shyness

•”Wait no hey I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-“

•”stop saying sorry stupid,  you’re making it difficult for me to profess my love for you”

•You start laughing because who says “profess my love for you” anymore and because your Lowkey so happy

•Minhyun couldn’t help smile and pull you close making sure not to ruin the flowers

•”So are you gonna take my confession or continue to laugh at me?”

•”only if you promise not to say ‘profess my love for you.’”


•”great cause I’d love to profess my love to you too .” You said playfully


•Minhyun still managed to crack a smile cuz he found you absolutely adorable before pulling you into a kiss

but y’all can thank daniel for your relationship cause without him you wouldn’t have never spilled the drinks on Minhyun just saying

Allurance Love~

Because I don’t give this ship enough attention.

- Imagine Lance picking several types of Earth and (safe!) alien flowers and giving Allura a bouquet of them. She blushes.

- Imagine Lance getting Allura SO. MANY. sparkly things for Christmas.

- Imagine Allura giving Lance a thank you kiss on the cheek and Lance. Just. DIES.

- Imagine Allura trying on the Blue Paladin armor full lolz at Lance’s request and ohmygod thiswasamistake Lanceisdyingguys bestthinghe'severseen.

- Imagine Lance being carried by Allura bridal-style.

- Imagine them going to Cuba to meet Lance’s family and they’re like, who cares if you’re not married yet, HELLO, new daughter/sister-in-law!

- Imagine Lance and Allura having twins in the future, and the one who looks more like Lance has Altean ears while the one who looks like Allura has human ears. (Allura was kind of hoping they would both have her ears.)

- Imagine them celebrity their fiftieth wedding anniversary surrounded by friends, family, and their alien pets. Imagine the matching sparkling wedding rings on their fingers. Imagine Lance finally being the romantic charmer he already thinks he is. Allura just dies.


Kim Oh my god.

Kim: we’ve come full circle……


“I don’t swing either way,” Neil said.

 If you have to keep asking - I’ll answer it as many times as you ask. But this is always going to be yes.“ “Don’t ‘always’ me.

 Neil had been doing one stupid thing after another all year long and this has turned into one of the best years of his life.

All For The Game trilogy be Nora Sakavic 🏆

Talk about beatifully heartbreaking books where the main character can’t seem to catch a break. Nora’s All For The Game trilogy is a story of a broken kids given a fighting chance and the struggle to regain themselves