full legs

@shacklefunk ‘s gem oc coffinite (left) inspired me to make my own morbid/dark gem character bc im out of fresh ideas at this point, so here she is meeting onyx (right)! after i designed onyx the other day i realized how similar their designs r to each other so i made a joke out of it lmao, but i in no way meant to rip off coffinites design, so blease dont sue me

dan is soft n has squishy cheeks with a cute lil rosy patch n dimples and gorgeous curly hair and his hands are bigger with bitten nails that he can put glitter on. his eyes are warm… really warm and soft and they remind me of coffee. he has a cute tum and thicker thighs (it just means they’re full of love !!) and legs that look awesome in ripped jeans and he’s an angel and I love him !!

phil is sharper and has high cheekbones with a defined jawline and a cute tongue that pokes out when he smiles n eye crinkles from laughing. his eyes are every blue eyed cliche ever but his dont make it sound cliche. his shoulders are broad and he has lanky arms and longlonglong skinny legs and he still has his fringe and guess what?? he’s very handsome I love him too !!

you can’t compare their physical appearance because they are both different! but they are also both so great !! and I don’t care if you don’t agree because body shaming is gross and you shouldn’t be doing it !