full leak

im still super salty the lobster lost to manc by the sea bc i didnt think manc was that great but the lobster was my fave film of 2016 and tbh if the academy aren’t going to make decisions based on my personal thoughts then whats the goddamn point

Heavy breathing holding
I wanted to channel Tam Tam South from her video "NewHotelDesperationCarpetJetPee". Please be warned that there is nudity and I'm not shaved. It's a short video because I spent like 20 minutes looking for my camera (and doing the pee dance) all over my house, so the desperation part was largely off-camera.

[Female] Not my video! She’s super desperate while sitting at her desk. She dancing around trying to hold it, and eventually bursts! Some great sounds in this one!

Password: omovid