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My devil Homura nendoroid came in the mail yesterday and!! I love her so much!!!! She was super cheap too!

lowkey pumped for camp half-blood confidential coming out in august

because i’m the biggest sucker for cliché soulmate aus. i was actually going to write this, but i’m consumed by writing the tfc hellbeast au (all @hopingforcoordinates fault) and it’s fallen by the wayside. so here’s the bulletpoint outline version!  

  • neil has encountered thirteen andrews before meeting andrew minyard
  • the first three had been back when he lived in baltimore. none of them had nathaniel on their wrist to match his andrew
  • after they started running, his mother orders him to never tell anyone his real name. he is not nathaniel anymore, he is alex, he is stefan, he is chris
  • and in the back of his mind, the only part not consumed by fear of his father and his mother’s orders and the urge to run and never look back, he wonders how his andrew will know him
  • he doesn’t meet an andrew during their time in england, his first time being someone other than nathaniel. he isn’t sure whether or not he’s grateful for that.
  • in fact, he doesn’t meet another andrew until his time in germany. this andrew is an american exchange student, a friendly, nice boy who spends most of his time playing soccer and trying to convince older students to buy him beer
  • after five weeks in the same class as this andrew, he can’t take it anymore and asks to speak to him after class. quietly says that he goes by his middle name, but his first is nathaniel, and there is an andrew on his wrist.
  • this andrew nods in understanding, but pulls the band up his wrist to show emma written there in gently looping handwriting
  • he smiles understandingly at not-his-andrew, who claps him on the back and assures him that he’ll find his andrew soon.
  • (he does not tell not-andrew to keep his true first name a secret. he’s only been running a few years, but he knows secrets attract attention more than anything else.)
  • (this is a mistake.)
  • because this andrew is a friendly, nice boy, and goes out of his way to include him in his activities from then on, calling his name – not his current one, but nathaniel, loud and so, so friendly across the classroom. soon enough it catches on with their classmates, and nathaniel, terrified of admitting his mistake, does not tell his mother
  • (he asks this andrew to stop calling him nathaniel – he really does prefer his middle name, and nathaniel is such a mouthful, i hate it – but andrew points out, laughing, that he can’t find his andrew if he’s always going by his middle name. ‘i’m not supposed to’ is not an acceptable answer he can give, is not a normal answer, is an answer that would attract too much attention, and so he’s forced to drop the matter)
  • his mother finds out anyways, at a parent-teacher conference two and a half weeks after his talk with not-his-andrew
  • when she gets home, she grabs him by the hair and beats him more badly than she ever has before
  • they’re gone that evening
  • there are nine more andrews after that, all but one in the states, but he’s learned his lesson by then. none of them know he might be theirs.
  • (he doesn’t dare write it down, doesn’t speak a word of it out loud, but he remembers every single one of their last names and where they’re from. andrew carson in colorado, with eyes so blue they almost matched the ones hidden behind his contacts. andrew derouen in louisiana, who had expressive hands and an easy laugh. andrew martinez in texas, who was at the top of all of his classes. he knows he will never know if any of them are his andrew, so he remembers them all, hoards his memories of them jealously. maybe, a tiny voice inside his head whispers, maybe someday. but he doesn’t let it get any further than that. he can’t afford hope.)
  • and then someone slams a racquet into his gut so hard he falls to the ground, and he doesn’t need an introduction to recognize andrew minyard
  • and neil has nine andrews who could be his in his scattered past, but there’s no way this psychotic midget, whose wide grin isn’t nearly enough to hide the violence ingrained in him, is his andrew.
  • and most of canon proceeds the same, down to neil whispering nathaniel to andrew in an airport
  • and andrew, andrew who views his feelings for neil with nothing but dread, andrew who is scrabbling for a handhold at the edge of a cliff, andrew who hasn’t even begun to grasp how to feel again, andrew who doesn’t believe in fate
  • andrew keeps his face blank and says nothing
  • and if his pulse ticks up even more, well, it’s just because he’s about to get on a plane
  • and neil watches andrew carefully, waiting (and perhaps hoping) for a reaction, a flicker of eyes to the wrist, a glimmer of interest. but he sees nothing, and takes it as confirmation that andrew is not his andrew (and when had he started believing that he could be?)
  • so their lives continue on
  • cue the binghamton game
  • and after it’s over, after lola’s threat, neil stands before andrew and lets go of the other nine andrews in his memory. lets himself forget the names and places. he wants to tell andrew that it doesn’t matter that they’re not matched, that he is the only andrew who ever mattered, that whatever other andrew with nathaniel on their wrist could come up to him right now and he wouldn’t care, because the andrew on neil’s wrist will always be for the man in front of him
  • but he can’t say that, can’t say anything unusual when andrew can already tell there’s something wrong just by the set of neil’s shoulders and the look in his eyes
  • so he settles for “thank you. you were amazing.”
  • “leave nathaniel buried in baltimore with his father,” andrew says after it’s all over, his shoulders brushing neil’s in the backseat of browning’s SUV
  • “neil abram josten” neil murmurs in return
  • and though no one will see it for hours, underneath a black armband, a name changes


original broadway cast - broadway cast - touring cast

all of these manuscriptorium aesthetics are just so clean and minimalistic and bright when i’m pretty sure in canon it looks like someone overturned a library in the front window

Bad boy!Jimin being there everyday to pick you up from school/work, leaning up against the wall with his hands in his pockets and smirking at you “wanna go have fun with me, beautiful?” 

Hearing others say that Keith and Lance are always flirting makes my heart go !!! inside cause like…. they are nothing, they have this frienemy/bromance and they have so much chemistry, hearing others say it makes me realize that voltron staff are putting more romantic tropes with them than with shallura, and you know what?? it`s fucking true, the “Like that?” “We make a good team” “Hey Lance, i got your lion back” And their interactions is just!!! freacking beautiful and got me thinking that maybe there`s a possibility that Klance will happen in the future

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If I wore that shirt anywhere near my church I would immolate from the concentrated sin.

i live like 2 minutes near my church and at a point u tend to forget jesus is nearby and get used to sinning

altho i did spend roughly 50% of my child/early teen years in that church and am currently living with my EXTREMELY religious family so maybe i’m just good at keeping my vore-related sins secret as heck


no. that isn’t right.


still no good.


the world does not end.
it is still saved.

the world rebuilds its defences,
with fragile hands that shake against the ocean tide,
the world mends its broken bones and kisses its own bruises.
the world does not burn or freeze, crumble or flood.
there is time. there is time.
there is still time.


  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun, I am...
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kuroko: THIS close to smacking you.
  • Akashi: Your fingers are touching.
  • Kuroko: Exactly.
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kuroko: ...
  • Akashi: *runs away*
  • Kuroko: *holding fist up while running after*

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I am wondering how long she will be killer frost for, I want to hope that it will be for the rest of the season but this show will never allow that, so I have a feeling she will be bad for an episode or two and then she will be back to Caitlin somehow. Barry is also time-traveling in the next episode and that usually has some consequences so maybe that will be the loophole.

Rationally, I think this time it will make sense for her to stay Killer Frost. Barry is traveling to the future only in the next episoe (I think so at least), so unless he causes a timequake by himself, I don’t think it will alter the present.

One of the clues as to why I don’t think this Killer Frost is for one episode is because the vibe they gave was that she had reached her full-growth inside Caitlin and she had been trapped for so long (bracelets first, then necklace), once she is released, there will be less Caitlin in control that we’ve seen before. I don’t think talking her out of it is going to work as well as it did. Her full-blown white hair, blue lips, the ice bomb … I think this is Killer Frost and it’s going to stay that way, for once.