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summer nettle update

If you recall my nettle child from about a month ago, you might be interested to see that it’s doing very well & there should be ample seed for me to strew about the place.

bottom two pictures taken this afternoon

I’m trying to do more straight-to-page painting and pen drawing, without pencil sketching. Here’s a little watercolour Cho and Cedric to test a brush - his jumper was way better in my head! Maybe I’ll try it again another time.

Dean and Lucah: [chanting] Team New Kids! Team New Kids!

ProtonJon: Team New Kids, huh? More like Team… uh… Losers!

McJones: Ugh, Jonathan, who let you in here?

ProtonJon: Not much.

McJones: …What?

ProtonJon: …I thought you were gonna say, ‘What are you looking at?’ and I was gonna say, ‘Not much.’ … Well, are you gonna say it?

McJones: No, Jonathan.

ProtonJon: Hey! The name’s not Jonathan!

Lucahjin: Oh my God are you gonna try to nickname yourself again?

ProtonJon: The name… is 'Than’.

Dean: The fuck kinda name is Than?

ProtonJon: It’s like 'Jonathan’, only shorter.

McJones: …Why wouldn’t you just go by Jon?

ProtonJon: 'Cause I don’t play by your rules, man!

Lucahjin: That’s dumber than the time you tried to get everyone to call you Uncle Jesse.

ProtonJon: Hey, that would’ve worked if you, Tim and Emile would’ve agreed to call yourselves 'The Rippers’.

Lucahjin: Stop trying to force your Full House references on us. You’re the only one who gets those!

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NaruSasu Fic: A Pair of Strays

The animal shelter!AU that no-one asked for. Your classic tale of crazy-cat-boy meets illegal-rescue-centre-owner and they fall in love. Enjoy!

Dedicated to @solochely just because. *blows kisses*

 “A Pair of Strays”

{When Sasuke met Naruto}

By the time he met Naruto for the first time, Sasuke already had four rescue cats living in his apartment and half a dozen neighbourhood strays who he fed regularly. So really, who was he to judge someone who spent all his time in an animal shelter obsessing over his charges…?

Sasuke had visited the ramshackle, run-down shelter as a last resort, when all the other vets on his list were too busy to help. There he found Naruto covered in a litter of baby foxes (“Kits, Sasuke, kits!!” he’d later insist) and blessedly, he agreed to treat Sasuke’s latest rescue. And so Elizabeth had survived, and Sasuke had fallen in love (even if it would be a long time before he admitted it).

It was only a few days later, when the two of them had stumbled into Naruto’s apartment blindingly drunk after celebrating Elizabeth’s recovery, that Sasuke realised what he’d actually gotten himself into. They were already half-naked, clothes strewn from the elevator to the front door, tearing at each other’s skin; Naruto was giggling against Sasuke’s mouth and gripping his hair tight through his fingers. Naruto tripped and Sasuke fell right down on top of him, drawing even more laughter from the blonde. Sasuke pushed himself up to sit more comfortably on Naruto’s hips, and that’s when he saw it.

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my mom and I were reminding our dad why we need to make sure the shed door closed and starting talking about our old cat mittens

her: you know you have the close the shed door.

me: yeah, the animals could get in there. There are spiders in there. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a black widow in there.

her: Lucy was right next to a bag of poison

me: see? so many things that could kill them in there. And remember that time mittens got trapped in there when there was that storm? I also remember finding her in the drier once. Went in there to get something out and there was Mittens.

My mom: I knew about the shed, but I didn’t know about the drier. I’ve found her in a lot of places, but that one takes the cake. I remember finding her in a bag in your brother’s closet, thought she was a rat or something and almost killed her until your dad made me check.

Ah, the directions, our conversations go sometimes.

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u say "all the way to coventry" but that's not that far from London really. When I saw all the way I was expecting like, Liverpool, or Newcastle, or Plymouth or something.

listen here dr pedantico i don’t know where anything is or how to gauge distances; the other day I thought I could make it downstairs to the kitchen but I got tired and ended up having to have a sit down in the hall for 10 minutes to gather enough strength so that I could inch towards the kettle and make tea

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the writers are subtly telling us through regina that emma is too good for hook. but they're showing us a whole nother thing.. i swear they're messing with us.

Hey Anon,

I think it’s a very real depiction of denial in a way that it usually isn’t done. We’re used to this format where you are shown a moral dilemma and the resolution at the end of the episode is the moral lesson. The final conclusion is the answer, it tells us through the characters what we are supposed to do in a similar situation. I’m thinking specifically about shows like 7th Heaven or Full House. I used to hate it, because it was generally condescending and the teen girls usually came out looking like idiots who were taught life lessons by father figures, which… what do they even know? Plus, issues were always resolved in a day.

Once Upon a Time seems to be turning that on its head. It dishes out the harsh truths Emma is running away from in the beginning and then gives her a break by allowing her to run away from them and patch things up with Hook. It allows people to slowly come to terms with was is wrong with their relationship instead of rushing it. Every episode another crack. It’s interesting because we’re so used to this particular story structure of the lesson being at the end that we feel we’re being told that it is the right thing. Yet it is a story trope that they are turning on its head.

Look at how specific the dialogue is when they are calling things out. It’s very aware of the ambiguities. It’s detailed and to the point. The dialogue when they make up again is cliched and doesn’t deal with their specific situation. It’s a slow burn realization and while I feel some sort of inner conflict because I’m so used to the moral lesson being at the end, I also feel like it’s so realistic to run back to what you know after being hit with so many messages I don’t want to deal with.

So yes, they are messing with us, because they’re making us feel angry, confused and conflicted by turning the storytelling on its head.

Also, if Emma were supposed to end up with Hook, they would have never let Regina say a line like that. They know Regina is well-loved and they’re showing her as a person who is using the lessons from her past to help others this arc. She didn’t even tell Emma what to do and she’s still giving her advice to get him back anyway, because it is Emma’s choice. Which she isn’t even questioning or making Emma feel bad about. She said that line to make Emma feel better. They painted Regina is a very positive light in that scene, but they let one very popular character mark the other main character’s love interest as not good enough for her.

If you want the biggest part of the audience to be happy with the people your main characters end up with, then you don’t put in lines like that.