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Boy Meets World, 1993-2000.
Full House, 1987-1995.
Married With Children, 1987-1997.
Saved By The Bell, 1989-1993.
Roseanne, 1988-1997.
Home Improvement, 1991-1999.
That ‘70s Show, 1998-2006.

Loki comes home looking like the usual ‘raccoon just out of the dumpster’ and Verity has already ambushed him outside with a fucking hose on full pressure

You are NOT coming in here until you wash your goddamn clothes! Take a shower! What’s wrong with you! Did you lose your sense of hygiene in the explosion too?!

Loki cry-laughing on the ground

bad packaging ideas for leftovers
  • a baggie for spaghetti
  • 37 thimbles of gravy
  • a baseball cap filled with orange juice
  • a latex glove full of eggs
  • a coin purse stuffed with hash browns
  • a mailing tube chock-full of sausages
  • panty hose loaded with mashed potatoes
  • an actual fishing net full of fried fish
  • a basket of fries but not like a regular restaurant basket for fries but more of a large wicker laundry basket of fries
Partners in Crime

Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU.
Members: Chanyeol x Reader (Babydoll)
Type: Action, Fluff, Angst
Length: 1,705 words

I referenced a T.V. Show in this post haha but I hope you guys enjoy this :) It was fun to write, should i make it a series?

- Admin Mocha

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It all started out as a regular Sunday.

  You were working at the flower shop across from your university, trimming all different kinds of plants and watering them so that they stayed hydrated. Your friend was supposed to work with you, however due to the fact she had been feeling under the weather, she left you to work by yourself. She initially came into the shop and began to put her apron on, but one look at her bright red nose and her exhausted eyes caused you to send her home at once. The store had been quiet for the first half of the day, every now and then a couple walking by would stop in or a old woman would wander in and buy something. Sundays were usually quiet so the absence of your co-worker honestly didn’t affect much, other than the fact it left you bored and a bit lonely. However, You were instantly entertained when he entered the shop around the beginning of the afternoon.

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Vet School is Like:

Over the two years I have been in vet school, I have accumulated a few analogies to what vet school is really like. Some are funny, some are commonly used, and some are just painfully accurate. So, without further ado, vet school is like:

Vet school is like trying to drink information from a fire-hose on full blast, while it’s raining and a tsunami is headed your way.

Vet school is like eating 20 pancakes, every single day, for 4 years. Even if you LOVE pancakes, after awhile your appetite for pancakes disappears. 

Vet school is like sprinting a marathon. 

Vet school is like seeing a really yummy plate of food that you have been craving for YEARS, but when you eat a mouthful, you realize it isn’t nearly as yummy as it looked a few minutes ago.

Vet school is like trying to satisfy a greedy, hungry, monster. Everyday you will have to sacrifice a little piece of yourself in order to appease it. 

So my local swimming pool has this big castle structure thing. It’s full of water guns, hoses, and buckets that can tip over on you any second so the place looks flooded. So the natural Redwaller reaction…


@xuhwheredidkylogox Dean Ambrose. You two are both honest, happy, supportive people and your friends are lucky to know you both. Meaning when you two are together you’re this unstoppable team of sunlight and sass where NO ONE crosses either of you. Mostly because they’re too busy cooing over how cute you two are together.

Meanwhile Dean thinks you hung the sun, moon, and stars in the night sky and is constantly going out of his way to make sure you know you are loved and his everything. Don’t be surprised if this includes a hose full of wild flowers, spontaneous road trips, and him giving you cute nicknames like, “Angel,” “Babydoll,” and “My Queen”.


Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Summary: There wasn’t much to sunrises that you liked. Nothing gave you a reason to wake up every morning. That was, until you met Jensen, the love of your life.  

Warnings: fluffly fluff, pregnant reader

Words: 1,612

A/N: This popped into my head because my four year old nephew asked where the sun came from. I replied that it came from a leprechauns ass-hole to which he replied “Wow, I wish the sun can come out from where my caca does.” I think I’d be a great mother, tbh. 

No hate to Danneel! I love her so damn much, but just pretend she’s happy with someone else. Also, pretend you played Sarah Palmer in My Bloody Valentine. This was meant to be a drabble but I ended up writing more than I was supposed to. Oops? I hope you enjoy x


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There had once been a day when you awoke to the sun coming up from the horizon and you’d dread the day that was coming along with it. You’d often believe that there was no reason to wake up in the morning, everything would still seem as blue as it were to you the day before. The feeling of the dawning sun hitting your skin wasn’t something you had enjoyed, though; you suppose it was like that for most non-morning people. But the feeling of the sun on your skin made you wish you could cower away and hide away from the world for as long as possible.

The constant feeling of sadness remained until the day you met Jensen. You’d met him on the set of the movie My Bloody Valentine and although the first scene was being shot at night, you felt as if he were the dawn of a new morning. When he introduced himself to you with a grin on his face and a sparkle in his eyes, sunrises was something you were going to grow quite fond of.

Eight years since that day you first met and you were now a happily married couple expecting another two children – that’s right, twins. Your daughter, Justice Jay, had been excited to hear that she was going to be an older sister to not only one sibling, but two. Though her excitement couldn’t beat Jensen’s when he found out the news.

He was away filming when you found out you were just under three months pregnant. You hadn’t want to tell him over the phone that he was going to be a father to three, so you waited until he came back home. By the time he did, you were four months pregnant and already had a bump that made you look more pregnant than you were. You wore a loose tee to hide the belly when he arrived and begun cooking dinner.

You had already heard him come through the door; if you hadn’t heard him, J.J. would have given it away by screaming the house down and running towards her father. It made your heart warm when the sound of her giggles filled the air and Jensen’s laughter followed close behind. Your daughter had already known about you being pregnant and you rolled your eyes when you heard her say, “Mummy has a secret.”

Of course, you couldn’t rely on a three year old to keep a secret. By the time Jensen had entered the kitchen, your fingernails were nearly all chewed down to the skin and you were breaking a sweat. But you kept your back to him and continued to make your homemade lasagna. The butterflies you felt in your stomach was making you nervous, or maybe that feeling of butterflies in your stomach were the two infants in your womb.

You’d sucked in a breath when you felt him right behind you and as if it were an instinct, you leaned back into him as his hands rubbed your arms. He placed a kiss to the back of your bare neck and his hands tortuously played with your fingers before making their way to your hips. You heard him suck in a breath when his hands slid across your stomach, feeling the solid bump that had formed. He had quickly spun you around with a grin on his face and lifted up your shirt to reveal the bump that held the precious two babies.

“We’re having another kid?”

“Two, to be exact,” you told him as his smile widened further. He had let out a not-so-manly scream and pulled you into a tight embrace and placed kisses to every inch of visible skin. The rest of that day was spent with him and J.J. telling your belly exactly what they’ll do when the twins arrive.

Right now though, you were lying in bed with a large belly separating you from your husband. You had been awake since dawn and were contentedly watching Jensen sleep peacefully. The sun seeped through the curtain shades and slowly rose up his body and it made your heart flutter. The man who gave you a reason to wake up everyone morning was lighting up as if he were the sunrise.

In your world, he was the whole universe. He was the sun who lit up your day and he was the moon who protected you from your demons at night. He was the rain who poured every motion he had and he was the snow that fell gracefully in love with you. He was the comet who flew into your life without a warning. He was the shooting star that you wished upon and you were granted your wish almost immediately.

Jensen had begun to stir which had pulled you out of your trance. He was facing you with an arm tucked under his head and the other resting on your stomach. His hand absentmindedly rubbed your belly as he tried to move in closer to you. You couldn’t help but giggle at his attempt to curl around your very pregnant stomach. His eyes fluttered open at the sound as he looked over at you. The smile on your face made a smile appear on his before he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

“Morning, handsome,” you mumbled lovingly to your husband as you grabbed his hand off from your stomach and placed a gentle kiss to his knuckles. His hand fell out of your own and traced your jaw instead before cupping your cheek.

“Morning, beautiful,” he replied with a husky tone in his voice, his thumb rubbing gently across your cheekbone. He leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss to your lips before sitting up and rubbing your belly. You rolled onto your back and allowed him to roam his hands over the massive bump before placing multiple kisses over it, “I love you baby, and I love Justice and these two just as much.”

You stared fondly at the man looking back at you with his hands placed on your belly. Your own hands were now placed beside his as the two rascals begun to move around, making you wince slightly but smile as Jensen grew excited at the movement. In less than a week, you were due to have them and you couldn’t be more prepared to have them. You’d only wish they’d come sooner so you could finally meet the two twins you and Jensen had created.

It’s funny how much Jensen had changed your life; he appeared to you and now the sun rises for a completely different reason. You don’t see the sunrise as another day to be sad, you see the sunrise as another day to tell him you love him more than anything. He changed you completely. You went from battling depression on your own to battling it with someone who reminded you constantly that you were loved.

Jensen placed another kiss to your stomach and caressed the swollen bump with his hands. He rested his forehead gently against it as the two begun to continuously quick and it caused a pain to course through your abdomen. You sucked in a breath and tried to hide the fact that you were in current pain, but it had continued for another minute before it settled. You were breathing heavily by that point and Jensen had noticed this. As soon as he looked up and over at you, you felt something pop before a gush a warm fluid ran down your thighs.

Jensen’s gaze fell between your legs and noticed the wet patch that was now soaking into the bed sheets. His eyes widened as he frantically looked between the wet patch and your belly before looking back up at your face and noticed the mirroring look you had that matched his.

“Oh, fuck,” you both voiced out simultaneously.

Jensen was the first to get up to go wake Justice up before rushing back into the bedroom to you. He grabbed your packed bag out of the closet before walking over to you as clutched your stomach tightly. You were breathing heavily again and he thought you must’ve been going through another contraction, and boy, was he correct. But soon enough, it had passed again and you were able to breathe properly.

“It’s like someone put a hose on full blast in my vagina,” you whined out as you attempted to sit up, feeling more of the warm liquid drip out. Jensen held back his laugh as he quickly helped you sit up on the bed. You grimaced at the feeling between your legs as he helped you put on the same you had worn when you were in labor with Justice.

By the time the three of you were in the car and off on your way to the hospital, you couldn’t help but noticed that the sun was still in the midst of rising. Despite the chaos that was happening at that moment, you smiled and reached over to grip Jensen’s hand. You looked over your shoulder to see Justice sleepily grinning at the situation, quietly chanting to herself, “I get to see my brother and sister.”

There had once been a time when you hated sunrises. But in this moment, you were more than thankful. Jensen Ackles had been a reason to wake up every day with a smile on your face. He helped add another three reasons to wake up at dawn with a feeling of contentment. You no longer despised sunrises; instead, you loved them just as much as you loved your three children and your husband.

Eyes ::: part three

AN:// Wow guys, sorry this took so long! Thanks for all the lovely feedback on the previous chapters. Feel free to tell me what you think of this part :)

Word count: 2431

Warnings: cursing

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Cody’s POV

I fucked up. I don’t know how, but I fucked up. And now I’m struggling to keep up with Jane’s vigorous speed walking. Though she obviously doesn’t want me to keep up. This is so incredibly awkward. Things were going so great… and now…. Ugh what did I do?

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Daniel Crane sighed tiredly. In the last month, he had grown very sick of magic, mysteries, demons, and Craig… especially Craig.

“Please,” he said, bowing his head rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Please, Craig, take a human form. You know I hate doing business with you when you’re like this.”

The cloud of gnats giggled softly - a tinny, buzzing noise not unlike radio static - and then shifted. The air seemed to blur and distort like a heat shimmer for a moment, before condensing into a peculiar depthless opacity. Daniel looked away, knowing what came next. The hair on his arms and the back of his neck stood up in the presence of the uncanny. He didn’t want to imagine the way the demon became a momentary gap in existence, but imagining was better than actually seeing it again. Although he had never had the opportunity to stare into a black hole, he thought it might feel more or less the same.

“Well! There we go… what do you think?”

When Daniel looked up again, Craig was standing before him, wearing two arms, two legs, and a single grinning head. He was undoubtedly human. Daniel was horrified.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“What’s wrong, Danny-boy? Aren’t you happy to see me again?” The body of one Rosemary Jennifer Crane held out its arms and winked. “Give your dear old auntie a hug!”

Daniel Crane recoiled despite himself. He didn’t like the idea of showing weakness in front of the demon, but the woman reaching towards him was someone whose death had come as a welcome, sheepish relief to the entirety of the Crane family. He had thought he was finally free from the cruel, calculating gaze of those beady little eyes.

Craig threw Rosemary’s head back in a bark of harsh laughter, clearly delighted by his idea of a joke. “I’m so sorry, detective!” he said, without a hint of apology in his voice.

“Pick something else,” Daniel muttered. He entertained the thought of blasting Craig away with a fire hose full of holy water. It was an immensely satisfying mental image.

“Very well.” The demon shifted again, more quickly this time.

Daniel cocked an eyebrow. “Seriously?”

“Well, why not?” Craig tossed David Bowie’s scarlet mullet impatiently and waved a glittering hand. “You got something against Ziggy Stardust?”

“I’m more of a Dylan fan, personally. Can you stop fucking around? I can still find some other shitty two-bit demon to help me out, it’s not too late.”

Craig bristled, glaring with two-tone eyes and pursing thin silver lips. In that moment, he looked more like a supernatural creature than when he’d manifested as a satyr. “Fine. Be boring, I don’t care.” He flickered, and suddenly Daniel was face to face with the reedy, balding man in a worn grey suit who he had first met that night at the train station. 

“To business, then.”

“To business,” Daniel agreed. 

Soulmates 7

Whaaaaat? Soulmatess? Hecks yeah that’s right. I want to try and get chapter 8 out as well since this one is sort of short

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Written by: @dean1winchester1dreams1of1pie

Words: 1,082

Summary:…….Fuck it

Warnings: Mentions of suicide 


And away we go….


You awoke the next morning to soft kisses being placed all over your face. You giggled

“Cas stopppp”

He pecked your lips and you opened your eyes. He gave you giant puppy dog eyes

“Bath time?” he asked, rubbing your hips and kissing your chest.

“Okay!” you squeaked getting up. “I’ve gotta get ready first” you blushed and went to get dressed.

You chose a white tank top and tiny red shorts. Why not show your body off to the angel?

You lead Cas to a supplies closet, he followed behind you, practically drooling over your tiny outfit, it was a bit out of character, but you let him go ahead. You two were soulmates and there was absolutely no shortage of need between the two of you. It wasn’t always a sexual need, most of the time it was just a need to be close.

You grabbed a bucket and tilted your head. “Cloth or sponge?”

He took them both and felt them. “I like the sponge better”

You took a couple bars of dawn soap and the two of you went to the back yard.

“Alright, the water might be cold” you warned, turning on the hose, Castiel snapped and the water heated up to the perfect temperature. You let it run in your hand a bit and moaned quietly

“It’s nice” You blushed when he looked at you, you filled the bucket with the soap in it and threw the sponge in.

“Alright, here goes nothing” You put on the garden attachment, so it was more of a giant shower and started to wet his wings slowly.

He shuddered and rolled his shoulders

“Is that okay?” You asked, walking along and wetting them. He nodded as you put the hose down and took the sponge from the bucket. You started scrubbing his wings, just hard enough to get the dirt off, but soft enough it didn’t hurt. A few more feathers fell out as you walked along, scrubbing. You could see a bit of dirt starting to glide down his wings. You smiled. It was nice seeing them become clean and shiny.

You’d gotten done with one wing after an hour, you sat down on a rock and sighed

“You’ve sure got a lot of wing” You threw the sponge in the bucket.

“I think you’re about to want revenge and I don’t know if I’m prepared for it” He walked closer to you and you stood up

“What are you talking about?”

After having washed Castiel’s wing, you made sure to drench it in water, to get all the soap and loose feathers off. It looked like it needed to be wrung out by the time you were done with it.

“Castiel come on, what do you-”

Before you could even finish your sentence, Castiel shook his wings and the water came splashing all over you, soaking you from head to toe. He smirked when you grabbed the hose.

“Are you serious?! You’re not a dog!!” You turned the hose on full blast and started chasing him around the yard area

“It was an accident!! He said, flying up into the air, getting you even wet.

“REALLY” You sprayed the water up at him and managed to hit his face. He flapped his wings spraying the water back at you.

He laughed and you stomped your feet “You’re such a cheater!!!” You crossed your arms and started pouting. If only you could get him down here.

“Ow!!” You slipped on some mud and laid your ankle to the side, pretending you twisted it.

“Y/N?? Are you okay?” He landed by your side and pulled you into his arms. You whimpered and he kissed your head.

“I’m sorry” You whispered.

“For what?” He asked, looking you over for anymore wounds

You smirked and grabbed the hose again, spraying him in the face


After a water fight and more wing washing the two of you went in to get lunch.

“Can I ask a personal question” Cas asked, watching you put salad dressing on your sandwich

“Go ahead” You smiled

“What was it like? When you found out about Bobby?”

You put your knife down and sighed.

“I’m not over it, I don’t think I ever will be. I still wake up thinking I can run downstairs and see him. I still wake up in the middle of the night after a nightmare and wish I could creep down to his room and crawl into bed. If I didn’t have you and the boys I don’t know what I’d do. I know that I wouldn’t be here. God I’d do anything not to be here”

“You would have left me?” He asked

“I would have. If it meant going to heaven and seeing Bobby again? I would have been gone in a heartbeat. I would have made sure I was found right away so no one worried”. You felt a tear drop and you sniffled.

“Do you know what the worst part about all of this is?”

Castiel shook his head and you threw your knife in the sink

“Never got to say goodbye”

He tilted his head as you slammed your fists on the counter


By the time you finished your rant, you were a sobbing mess on the floor and Castiel was holding you.

“You’re going to be okay Y/N, I promise you. I’ll do everything in my power to make you happy again. I’ll do whatever it takes, when you’re feeling better we can go see him, you’d like that wouldn’t you?” He kissed your head and rubbed your hair

“I can go see him?” You whispered.

He nodded and smiled “I can bring him here, or if you want we can go there”

“Let’s go there, I want to see what his heaven is”

If the 2016 election is a grease-soaked dumpster fire, Donald Trump might be about to spray it with a hose full of cooking oil. Last month his campaign raised an astonishing $82 million, leaving him with $74 million on hand at the start of this month. We can safely assume a lot of that’s going toward red hats and Trump Steaks … but so far, none of it’s being spent on television ads. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, aka “Who?” have both spent, uh, infinity times more money on TV ads than Donald Trump has.

Trump’s spent $0 on TV since the start of the general election campaign, compared to $52 million spent by the Clinton campaign. While Hillary’s people have already booked a full range of ads in battleground states through November, Trump still seems to be relying on all the “free” publicity he’s getting from media (like us!) since the start of the campaign. The only problem is, since the end of the primary, that coverage has taken a distinct turn from “Donald Trump might be a genius”, to “Holy shit, did that guy just threaten to assassinate the former secretary of state?” And as Donald’s amped up the crazy, his poll numbers have – fucking finally – responded in a way that almost makes you think American voters might be rational people.

So what in the Devil’s blond hairpiece is Donald Trump planning to do with all his tens of millions of dollars? I can see two realistic possibilities.

Trump May Be Saving His Biggest (Worst) Surprise For Last

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((Best friend turns to more AU?)) Cat squealed as Jeremy chased her with a hose. "Don't you dare!" she yelled. ((I'm not even sorry :3))

((Always and Forever)

Jeremy turned the hose full blast, hitting her in the middle of her back giving a lightly evil laugh.