full hollow ichigo

ichiruki-black sun and white moon

hi there guys long no time see eh ( > u < )

just had an sudden urge to finish this*fangirling bout ichiruki+rolling on the floor*

i found that ichigo and rukia both have some common state so i did this in randomness~  (′ε`  ) hope ya don’t mind

((god i’ve been bearing few months long to draw ichiruki stuff…forgive meh & hope ya love this!!(> ω <)

Bleach Novel "Spirits Are Forever With You" Discussion? (Information included for the newly informed!) • r/bleach
I did a search for some discussion in the subreddit, but nothing came up. To give a little back story, "Spirits Are Forever With You" Vol. I and...

So did you know that back in 2012 there was a “canon” (Kubo-sanctioned!) novel where:

  • That lady Yammy killed for no reason (Roca) survived and was able to create a clone (Cien) of Szayelaporro that was more powerful than him (because Szayelaporro and Yylfordt were the original 0 Espada, and split like Starrk and Lilynette)
  • Cien is as powerful as Full Hollow Ichigo and tries to kill Kenpachi but fails!
  • Roca knows every move ever used during the battles in fake and real Karakura because technobabble so she uses Mugetsu on Kenpachi! It fails, because Kenpachi! Then she summarily disappears from the narrative!
  • The 8th Kenpachi (Azashiro) is also there just like “lol what scrubs” while soloing all the other Captains, before fighting our Kenpachi! Finally Kenpachi kills him too because of course he does!

… Is it any wonder that the rest of Bleach was trash? Who ordered this shitty DBZ reject?