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(shy but also enormously excited) Just saw your post about Toshinori becoming a teenager again, and using this as an opportunity to keep teaching while also learning how to be a new sort of hero, and could we maybe hear more about it, because that sounds like just such an amazingly interesting AU that I am entirely for!


ummmmmmmmm okie dokie okay so this ask is referencing this here post about Toshinori becoming a teenager again on accident but decides to live all over again as a quirkless teenage teacher who connects to his fellow (sorta) youngins 

So basically, i’m just gonna give you the run down because honestly I’m fighting sleep right now and I’m not entirely coherent but also so yall can add any of your own:::

  • If there’s one thing that Toshinori never missed while being a teenager, it was the fact that no adult really took him seriously
  • Maybe it’s the energy, maybe it’s the internal light, maybe it’s the obnoxious blue and red and yellow All Might track suit but either way Toshinori still has all his adult memories and he’s getting ignored anyways
  • It’s a fucking pain in the ass
  • HOWEVER Toshinori starts realizing that maybe being ignored isn’t all bad when he gets to opt out of meetings with the school board over the littering problem in the Support Department Hallway
  • None of his clothes fit from either his Big form or his Small form so basically he’s forced to once again swim in his biggest clothes until he’s taken shopping again 
  • The ones who take him clothes shopping are Midoriya, Bakugou, and Aizawa
  • Toshinori asked Midoriya to take him because what do kids these days wear???? Help an old man out Midoriya boy?????
  • Bakugou went because Midoriya can’t dress himself for shit and like fuck is he letting fucking ALL MIGHT dress like a dumbass on his watch
  • Aizawa is their “adult supervisor” and he’s just there to make sure nothing catches on fire
  • It’s kind of a success when the only thing that catches on fire is Bakugou and that’s because All Might bought like 50% of his own merchandise
  • On the bright side, it was a great bonding day for all of them and Toshinori feels great without the pain and responsibility of constantly trying to be a perfect Pillar of Peace
  • On the down side, he’s still subconsciously trying to be perfect like he was before and Midoriya has to constantly (gently) remind him that he doesn’t have to be anymore
  • It’s an uphill battle but one that’s worth a lot to the both of them
  • All Might understands memes now but deliberately uses them badly just so Bakugou and Midoriya can bond over that small complaint 
  • Aizawa and Toshinori will grade papers in the teacher’s lounge and Aizawa has found himself scolding Toshinori over his shitty handwriting like he was one of his students and Toshinori laughed at him
  • Toshinori eats literally everything in sight with the happiest smile on his face because there were a lot of things he couldn’t have anymore because of his stomach wound that he can now have so he’s prone to overeating but no one wants to tell him to slow down because he’s the most adorable thing when he’s like that
  • Toshinori can’t cook for shit so he asks the kiddos to help him out with creating new stuff like that just so they can pig out a little bit
  • They make Lunch Rush sweat with nerves because they’re beasts in the kitchen and they might even rival him a little bit

So that;s what I got so far in one go but this certainly isn’t the end of what this au can do!!! there’s so much that one can do and see with this au!!! add some of your own it’ll be fantastic!!!! :DDDDD


  • Recovery Girl always has a sad twinkle in her eye whenever she sees him because she wants to remember what it’s like to be young again but also if anyone was going to have this happen to them she’s glad it was him
  • Gran Torino takes one look at him and turns right back into his house because fuck that shit he’s not training him a second time

Started watching Gran Hotel thinking it was a cute period drama, now I’m 15 episodes in and caught up in a net of blackmail, smuggling, and murder.


Hey guys, my name’s Kal and I’ve been making some awesome progress the past few weeks.
I’ve come out to some friends and family. I have gained the full support of my gran which is truly amazing.
I’ve got a place on the waiting list for the gender clinic.
I got my first proper binder.
I decided to keep my hair long because boys can have long hair too


Shoes - Part 2

The sun was hot in the clear sky and burned against Hisashi Midoriya’s shoulders, but the open air was welcome. After all, it was the first time in twelve years he had been truly free to enjoy it. Surreal was the only way to describe walking down the old streets. The neighborhood had changed so much. New stores, new parks, a parking lot where there had been an old grocery. No familiar faces. Not yet.

Those faces he did see, he caught their looks of alarm. Hisashi couldn’t blame them. It was the insignia on his bag. Jakku Penitentiary, a prison for criminals - “villains” they were called more frequently - imprisoned for violent crimes committed with the use of volatile quirks. Hisashi slung the bag a bit higher, avoiding the gaze of a young mother as she moved to the far side of the sidewalk and ushered her child to her other side as she passed.

Two more blocks.

Hisashi unconsciously slowed, his hand finding the lump in his pocket where he kept the photos Inko sent him over the years. The windows into his son’s life. Too few, he thought, always too few. Twelve years was a long time, too long. A lifetime.   

One more block.

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Yell at my mum about parking in a disabled parking space? Better get your facts straight, son.

My mum and I are both carers for my gran, me full time and mum part time. As a result, my mum has a laminated disabled parking permit in her car. It’s only used when we really need it for gran, the rest of the time it’s in the glove box.

The way we usually do it is mum and I will take gran to the doctor, mum will pull into the disabled spot, I get gran and her walking frame out of the car and start walking slowly with her to the waiting room while mum goes to park in a normal spot and meets us in the waiting room. Same basic plan when we’re leaving. We usually don’t even pull out the parking permit because we aren’t in the spot long enough to need it.

So today we’ve gone to see the doc, he gives gran her weekly shot and all is well. Mum goes on ahead to get the car and it’s just me and gran walking out of the doctor’s office together. A kid starts screaming while in with another doctor and scares the hell out of my gran, causing her to fall over. She’s flailing and panicking so tying to calm her down is pretty hard and it takes me, a nurse and her doctor to get her up again. That took maybe 10-15 mins.

In the mean time, mum has pulled into the disabled spot. She texted me asking if everything was Ok and I replied saying yep, we’ll be out soon. She’s gotten out of her car and is standing next to it waiting. Gran and I come out and I see some guy head over to mum’s car with mall security (the clinic is in a big shopping centre).

I see the guy standing next to the front passenger door and talking, getting really angry and gesturing wildly while she’s just stanting next to the front passenger side tire, smirking. He points at me and gran and yells “Spots like this are for people like her! You’re stealing this spot from them!” and it clicks what’s happened.

Gran and I get up to the car while he’s still ranting, demanding the security guy do something and I interrupt him saying “Sir, could you please move so I can get my gran in the car?”. He stops dead and goes pale. He’s fucked up and he knows it. He moves and mum then opens the passenger side door and pulls out the parking permit. She holds it up to him then quietly says “If you’d stopped being a self righteous douchebag for 2 seconds, I would have shown you this and not let you make a complete ass out of yourself” then she turns to the security guy and says “Sorry he wasted your time, Paul.”

Turns out Paul used to help mum with gran. He would walk her to the office while mum parked before I moved back home to help mum, but let this guy just go on cos he knew mum could handle herself. The self righteous douche scurried away very quickly after that without so much as an apology.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 - Episode 15 - Review

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 - Episode 15

Midoriya decides to instead of focusing One For All to one spot on his body, he’ll have it cover his entire body - the first appearance of ‘Full Cowl’…!

Gran Torino sets him the task of laying a hit on him with Full Cowl within 3 minutes, but he’s too fast to catch. Midoriya tricks im and nearly gets a hit in before failing miserably.

It turns out, after the match finished, that he did manage to scratch him slightly…!

Check out the link to read the rest of my reaction/commentary/review!

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Gran: hides dishes and cutlery so we can’t use them because she doesn’t want to “have to” clean it / put it away.
Gran: “Wash your dishes our dishwasher is old it can’t handle the dirt!”
Me: Washes her dishes and cutlery and puts them on the drying rack.
Gran: Puts everything from the drying rack into the dishwasher full of dirty dishes.
Gran: “Don’t put things on the drying rack it will get dirty and moldy”
Gran: “Oh you need a for and a plate to eat, you’ll have to wash one from in dishwasher!”
Me: *starts crying*