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I need you to talk to Ellie, and to Morgan and my friends, and-and-and – and tell ‘em… I don’t know, I– Look, if I’m supposed to be dead just say something… that will make it okay, that will make ‘em feel alright.

Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction.
The Amity Affliction’s ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ Australian Release Tour.
Brisbane, Australia.


Oxfordshire Autumn

Photograph #1 (Photographed and Edited on iPhone 7 Plus with Lightroom Mobile) 

First impressions are very good. Wasn’t expecting to get such dynamic results. Always takes a while to get my head around new cameras. Obvious limitations compared with a full frame are noticeable, but for a quick easy shooter, I’m impressed.

By Frederick Ardley Photography

More Cyberpunk Nomenclature

I dunno why, but my cyberpunk universe/setting has been itching me lately, so here’s some vocab for you diskheads. (Feel free to use or abuse these, or add your own, it’s all good)

“Industry Terms” (non slang)

Armature = Full-Body Prosthetic

Chassis = Basic frame of an Armature

Hard-Body = Hard, mechanical systems. Often considered more durable, but require more regular maintenance and are less efficient.

Soft-Body = Soft-robotics, inspired by biology. Often self-cleaning to a degree and require less maintenance, but tend to be more expensive, both to buy and to maintain. 

Wetware = Organic, carbon-based hardware (vat-grown/manufactured organic hardware is still wetware).

Implant = Any prosthetic that is (semi)permanently integrated into wetware.

SD (Ess-Dee) = Subdermal (refers to implants)

TD (Tee-Dee) = Transdermal (see above, also refers to hardpoint interfaces between body and prosthetic)

Hardpoint Interface (Often just called a TD or Hardpoint) = A TD implant that’s permanently affixed to a bone or joint. Used for connecting nerves and supporting prosthetics.


Gaffer = Someone who can’t afford new parts, often uses duct tape or other kludges to keep running.

Diskhead = Essentially rich/try-hards that buy the new shiny stuff and don’t know how to use it. Some wear it as a badge of pride (”Yeah I have money and can get cool shit, fite me lol.”)

Voider = Someone who tinkers so endlessly with their gear that you can’t tell which part came from what company. Often will purposely obfuscate logos or even fabricate new casings for parts just to maintain the “look.”

Borg = People who go full hard-body armature. 

Light and Dark

 This video shows one of my new favorite things about the solstice. The Japanese Meteorological Agency’s Himawari-8 weather satellite is in a geostationary position over the Pacific Ocean and eastern parts of Asia, sending down pictures to monitor weather over that part of the planet. In the process, it gets a full frame view of the orb of the Earth, and it automatically shares clips from its cameras online. Here’s the view taken as the sun set yesterday just before the official solstice time – take a look at the poles. The North pole never exits a shadow and the South Pole is a tiny sliver of light that never goes away – the best shot you’ll get of this arrangement for a year. This one also gives some nice sunglint on the sea just before the sun goes down – reflection of the sunlight off the smooth surface of the ocean.


Video Credit: Himawari-8 satellite