full frames

So my english teacher is pretty chill ya know, lets us on our phones “as long as I can’t see it” type thing and we barely do any work and just watch movies etc. So anyway, the door to the middle room had been jammed shut for 2 weeks meaning we couldn’t get to the bag racks to put out bags away. Someone suggested we kick the door in so one small kid tried and failed but another taller hefty dude tried in two goes and when he kicked the door, the door frame full on shattered and made a massive crack sound lmao. So while my teacher is looking out the windows to see if anyone saw/heard what happened, we check to see the damage and the frame is split pretty bad but we managed to cover it. Basically our teacher made up a cover story to say that “we pushed it and it broke” and that we promised not to tell anyone or she’ll get in trouble. Anyway someone snitched and the kid got put in an isolation unit for a day and my teacher didn’t get in trouble at all lmao so basically shes more like our friend more than our teacher and shes sly asf

Someone sent me what is apparently a page of the TIME Magazine’s Harry Potter special and? 

Who am I now in this world without her? 
Petty and dull with the nerve to doubt her.
What does it matter, it’s already done. 
Now I’ve got to be there for her son.

One(?) gifset per episode || 7 The Throne Room

The party traveled to the city, delved deep within its caverns and ended up in the Underdark — a landscape of terror and darkness. They allied themselves with an illithid, Clarota, who is exiled from his society and wishes reentry by saving them from K'Varn. After a series of battles with the duergar and illithid, they found their way into the duergar fortress, Emberhold, where they saved Lady Kima from torture. A tenuous alliance between Kima and Clarota was forged and they all head back to the main floor of the fortress.


Hyungwon being cutely annoying