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Photographs of a Juvenile Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis (Deroplatys desiccata).  As I post this, this guy/gal here has molted once more since these shots, and is sitting in his/her habitat checking me out as it does every night when I work.  If I had to guess, I would say there is just one more molt before adulthood… he/she is getting quite big.  I’ve had it since it was a speck, the size of a small salticidae, and it has been a pleasure watching the progress.   


House on stilts, Krakor, Cambodia by Alex Saurel
Via Flickr:
This kind of house is typical from Cambodia. Some modern ones are in concret but still on stilts. The earth road going through the countryside around Krakor village was very nice to walk through since every 50 meters was animated by a life scene.

Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction.
The Amity Affliction’s ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ Australian Release Tour.
Brisbane, Australia.