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college gothic, pt. 2
  • there is a Starbucks on campus. you go there enough to have the employees’ names memorized, but there seems to be new people each time you go. this is your third venti latte of the day. you hand the cashier your punch card. they rip a new star-shaped hole with their nails. when you look at their name tag to thank them, all you see are chalk paint scribbles. it doesn’t matter. there’ll be someone new by the time you return in an hour.
  • you spend every night on the fourth floor of the library. there is only one room on that floor, full of windows. the rest of the floor is kept behind locked doors that claim to be “SPECIAL COLLECTIONS.” it is always just on the cusp of the sunset when you arrive to the fourth floor, and the sky darkens to pitch-black within minutes. you check your watch. it’s 3pm. the lights of the campus twinkle back at you. you drink your venti latte.
  • did you know you have an essay due tomorrow? you sit down to work on it. as you open your word document, a web browser video suddenly opens instead. you click it closed. it opens again. this time, it’s playing a new episode of House of Cards on Netflix. you’ve never seen this episode. you click it closed an hour later. did you know you have an essay due in an hour? you open your word document. 
  • “The student center will be under renovation for a while,” the chancellor announced with a close-lipped smile. how long? you asked. “Oh, you know.” they offered a vague hand waggle. “Probably a few months. Maybe a year? We’ll just have to wait and see.” they direct you to the architectural firm that will be handling the project. when you hunt down the building, a trio of dogs growl at you from behind a 6 foot fence. barbed wire sparkles like frost. all of the lights in the building are off, and grass grows between the cracks in the parking lot. you make a u-turn and head back to campus.
  • your bio lecture has 143 students in it, your teacher announced on the first day of class. when she uses the iClickers to take roll, you always choose B. there are 70 students in the class, your teacher announced a week later. only 35 by midterms. now it’s finals week. you can only see one other student out of the corner of your eye. there is something hungry about him. you don’t know if you’ll be able to press B again, next week.

Senate Republicans ignore Democratic boycott and change rules to push Trump nominees

  • When Senate Democrats refused to show up to vote on two Trump’s cabinet nominees Wednesday, Republicans didn’t let that stop them: They just changed the rules.
  • The Senate Finance Committee, faced with the second day of a Democratic boycott, took the rare step of suspending the rules to advance the nominations for the proposed Department of Treasury secretary and Department of Health and Human Services secretary, Steve Mnuchin and Tom Price.
  • With no Democrats in the room for the second day in a row, the GOP members voted 14-0 to allow the nominations to proceed to the full Senate floor.
  • The rules typically require at least one Democrat to be present for a vote to take place. Read more

Hallie Mossett’s floor to Beyonce’s Formation/Partition/Single Ladies. The head stand choreo during Partition was excellent! And she’s one of the only people in NCAA who actually does a full turn on floor, haha.

so yamaguchi is the hardest to wake up in the mornings and noya is the horrible morning person. Now let’s talk about the fact that tsukishima fell asleep sitting up on the floor, in full uniform, with his entire (loud) team all around him, right before a match? Give me tsukishima kei falling asleep in the most inopportune places completely at random. You’ll just randomly find him curled up on the floor. In the bath. On a table. Under a table. Tucked in a corner. On the gym floor during practice while on break. One time hinata found him dozing away inside the ball cart. Also imagine that its the worst during finals week or whenever there’s something big due. He’ll fall asleep standing. He once curled up on the floor in the middle of a practice match and just. Slept. Like a baby. I mean, he’s usually bad but he at least will typically do this while nothing else is happening. But on finals week he just doesn’t give two shits. And the worst part is that yachi joins in during those times so now they have two people to watch out for. The two of them give yamaguchi, takeda, daichi, and kiyoko anxiety. They legit need to be walked home because they WILL sleep in the middle of traffic if left alone.


Final weekend! It’s your last chance to see the full two-floor exhibition Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection, which mines the Museum’s holdings to offer new perspectives on one of art’s oldest genres. See works by Glenn Ligon, Alice Neel, and Andy Warhol, among others. Floor 7 will remain on view through April 2. 


Gideon + the way he looks at Jude

Experts: Ryan’s livestream crackdown may be unconstitutional
The GOP response to Democrats’ gun-control ‘sit-in’ triggers concerns about the power to punish elected officials. By RACHAEL BADE

Paul Ryan’s new crackdown against protests on the House floor — a direct response to the Democrats’ gun-control “sit-in” last summer — is prompting questions from experts in both parties about its constitutionality.

As part of a House rules package members will vote to approve in early January, House GOP leaders want to empower the sergeant-at-arms to fine lawmakers up to $2,500 for shooting video or taking photos on the chamber floor.

But experts say Ryan’s proposal may run afoul of Article 1 of the Constitution, which says “each House may … punish its Members for disorderly behavior.” For more than 200 years that has been interpreted to mean any contested sanctions against lawmakers must be approved by the full House with a floor vote, attorneys steeped in congressional legal matters say.

“The Constitution gives the House the authority to discipline members; I have never heard of anything where an officer of the House was given that authority,” said Mike Stern, a former lawyer for the nonpartisan House counsel’s office and the Senate Homeland Security Committee’s GOP staff.

Stern, who called the proposed rule a “plausible Constitutional issue to raise,” said Democrats could take the matter to court. “Their strongest argument would be: The House doesn’t have the authority to give these officers the power to punish us; only the power of the House can do that, and [Republicans] have short-circuited our rights by the way they’ve done it.’”

House rules prohibit taking video or photos of the floor. But Democrats defied those restrictions in June, using their cellphones to live-stream a 25-hour protest triggered by Ryan’s refusal to allow a gun-control vote.

After Democrats seized the floor and refused to yield, Republicans shut down the chamber. C-SPAN had been airing the demonstration, but its cameras, which are controlled by the House majority, were turned off when the House shut down. The network then picked up a cellphone live-stream from one of the lawmakers protesting.

Read more here

sharp dressed man lady

The librarian leans in close. “Books… unavailable to the average citizen, warlock? I believe I can help you.” She leads you through winding halls until you come to a tiny doorway. Surreptitiously, she slips a small key into the lock and motions you in. Torches flicker, and as your eyes adjust to the light, you see that the room is full floor-to-cieling with… gnome erotica.