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'Westworld' nominee Evan Rachel Wood: 'It’s been an amazing year for women in television'

As Dolores Abernathy, the oldest robot host in “Westworld,” Evan Rachel Wood had to turn on a dime emotionally while cycling through her character’s various functions and moods. She was recognized for that nimbleness with a nomination for actress in a drama, one of HBO’s leading 110 nods.

Where are we catching you right now?

I was folding laundry. Seriously, I was folding laundry when I found out. I’m at home in L.A. I’m doing interviews while doing household chores because it’s the only time I can do them.

When you’ve reached a certain level of success and fame, do you still get nervous before award nominations?

You know, when you really care about something and you’ve worked really hard on something, it’s hard not to get emotional about it. But when you’ve been in the industry this long, you know how it works, and you know it’s incredible and incredible for the show. But if it doesn’t happen, you have to be OK with knowing you gave it everything you had, and that people are responding to it. And that’s what’s important. I feel very lucky.

Speaking of people responding: There are some pretty strong female TV performances this year. What is it about yours, as Dolores, that so resonates with viewers do you think?

It’s been an amazing year for women in television. I watched and binged “Big Little Lies” — it was so revolutionary and a real honest portrayal of women and relationships and abusive relationships. It’s one of the most honest pieces of film I’ve seen in a while. And all the performances were stellar.

As for Dolores, it’s a role that really breaks all stereotypes and all the rules. She starts off in one way, the way we’re used to seeing — this damsel in distress — and then we break the mold, we allow these characters to reach their full potential and figure out who they really are. We’re showing these female characters functioning in a way we don’t normally get the pleasure of seeing — they’re the ones in control. And we don’t really know if they’re the heroes or the villains. And that strength, and fierce intelligence, you don’t see that often.