full figured model


OOTD: Another Polka Dot

My mothers gave me this blazers hehehe. She knows how much i love polka dot :) 

Blazers: Leona Bangkok

Tops: Forever 21

Shorts: Ratchaburi Market, Thailand

Shoes: Converse


OOTD : Cat Woman I got this cute dress from fitfat. The cat head is another fabric attach to the dress. The fringes are made of something like leather.The chain may be bit weak for using washing machine. You can wear it like dress or long tops with shorts or skinny/leggings. Dress: Fitfat Shoes: Converse Sunglasses: Polaroid


The face you make when your brows are on 1000% fleek. Thank God for eyebrow pencils…🙏🙏🙏 Because I have like ZERO! Aye, who else in the IG world aint got no real brows! Stand up, proud. Lol.


Dear Diary,

Finally the weather has started to break in my area! It’s still very gloomy some days just patiently waiting on the sun to shine permanently LOL. So with that being said yesterday I wanted to wear Black but not make it look so depressing. I wanted to wear something girly but with an edge to it. so I paired a Wine colored midi scuba skirt from Asos with a black and white polka dot basic tee that I purchased from forever 21 a while ago. To give it an edgy look I paired the skirt and shirt with a black leather bomber that I purchased from Forevr21 as well. To give it some sort of “glam” I decided to go with a gold crystal necklace and bracelet , a gold plate belt and a gold clutch. Let me tell you everything came together PERFECTLY!!! I loved it some would say it’s dark for the spring but every now and then you just have to wear something dark. Yesterday was that day for me.

As always embrace and flaunt your curves

Love a Curvy Girl