Say Good-bye to Chub Rub!

When I find a product this great, this “revolutionary,” I just can’t keep it to myself! Ladies, say good-bye to chub rub and hello to Bandelettes!

Bandelettes are ingenious little bands of lace that you slip over your thighs, and are a perfect substitute for shapewear or creams/gels. Let’s not kid ourselves; shapewear is ugly and can be unbearably hot in the summer, and who wants to re-apply cream on their thighs all day long? Bandelettes solve those problems for good, and look sexy at the same time! (And for only $14.99, they’re completely affordable!)

I’ve been wearing a pair all day and I’ve not had to readjust them even once! They have thin silicone bands inside that run along the top and bottom of the band, which helps secure them in place. Normally I’m stuck in shapewear all spring/summer if I want to wear a dress, but with Bandelettes I think I might be able to have a Spanx-free summer!

(I was provided a pair of Bandelettes free of charge but was not asked to do a review.)


Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. P.S. It’s Fashion.

Honestly? I’ve wanted to wear an outfit like this for years.

The airy, flowy white skirt? The perfectly-fit denim button-down, tied exactly at my waist? The vibrant touch of a patterned bag & vividly-hued red hair? The framed-for-my face pair of unique sunglasses & the thematically apt silver and turquoise jewelry? All deliberately collected over a period of years, culminating in this moment.

Shirt: Target (Size XL)

Skirt: ASOS (Size 14)

Sandals: Nine West (Size 9.5)

Purse: Target

Sunglasses: H&M