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How much does Yuuri know?

Here’s something I’ve been wondering for a while.

In Barcelona, Victor finds out that Yuuri doesn’t remember the banquet.

They’re in a public place, they’re with their friends, and the situation is hilarious for almost everyone else, except it’s annoying for Yuri P., awkward and embarrassing for Yuuri, and if I have to guess I’d say that it’s awkward, slightly painful and a bit frustrating for Victor (though he probably also finds it a bit funny).

It’s really not the right place and time for Victor and Yuuri to talk about it in depth, especially considering that the focus shifts right away to the rings they’re wearing and their meaning.

After JJ makes his entrance, they all leave and presumably go back to the hotel, where we can only assume Yuuri had more questions about the banquet. And this is exactly what I’ve been wondering about.

Does Yuuri ask Victor for banquet details? Does Victor talk about it of his own accord?

I like to think that Victor does in fact share some things about that evening:

My question is: does Victor share The Moment? You know, this one?

The Moment all our hearts collectively broke because Victor had been pining over Yuuri since before going to Hasetsu. The Moment Victor fell in love. 

Because we watch the rest of the show with the new knowledge that Victor was in love (or had a major crush at the very least) with Yuuri, I think we all kind of assumed that Yuuri must also know the full extend of it.

But does he? 

Does Victor really tell Yuuri all of it? The way I see it, there are two options:

  • Victor tells Yuuri everything. How smitten he was with Yuuri. How much it hurt when he didn’t call him, didn’t send any signals, didn’t show up at competitions. And finally, how he thought that video was a direct message for him to go to Hasetsu and make good on his promise to be Yuuri’s coach. And how it confused the hell out of him when Yuuri acted all shy around him.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of this option. Victor has known Yuuri for a while at this point, and he knows about his anxiety and his low self-esteem. He has a big competition ahead of him, and he doesn’t need Victor adding to his anxiety by telling him how he (unintentionally) hurt him by leading him on, seducing him and abandoning him just like in the Eros story he tells in his SP. 

  • Victor only shares the bare minimum. He tells Yuuri that coming to Hasetsu to be his coach wasn’t, in fact, a decision made on a whim, but it was something Yuuri (drunkenly) asked him. And because Victor was getting bored with his skating and his life, he was glad to do it, and glad that this made it possible for them fall in love with each other. What he doesn’t share is the pining and the hurt.

I personally think that this is what happened, because Victor has learned how sensitive Yuuri is (even though he still doesn’t fully know how Yuuri truly feels about Victor leaving ice skating - something he finds out at the end of episode 11). He doesn’t need Yuuri to know he unintentionally hurt him, because it doesn’t matter anymore, and telling him would only hurt Yuuri, and that’s the last thing Victor wants.

TL;DR: we know exactly when Victor fell in love with Yuuri but Yuuri probably doesn’t know.

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Congratulations on your milestone! That is so exciting 😊 If I'm not too late to this, could we possibly get a continuation of the Uliro crave one? *insert the most wobbliest begging eyes you can picture*

(send me a number and I’ll write a micro story using the word or phrase!)

Well I’m afraid I can picture some terribly persuasive wobbling eyes. You’re jumping the queue a little bit, as I have another “crave” request coming up and I wan’t to avoid confusion as much as possible.

A follow up to this.

Shiro wakes slowly, feeling hazy and heavy and a little too warm with Ulaz’s chest resting beneath his cheek and his heartbeat thrumming in his ear. It’s quicker, than a human’s, pumping in motions of three instead of two: ba-da-dum, ba-da-dum.

“What time is it?” Shiro asks, trying to swallow back the gummy feeling in his mouth.

“You have been asleep for three vargas,” Ulaz says. He draws a clawed finger down the back of Shiro’s neck, repeats the action with a curled knuckle when Shiro shivers in response. Shiro suspects Ulaz does these things because he likes to watch him react, likes to categorize the motions that make Shiro tremble or sigh or slump bonelessly against him.

Shiro opens his eyes, blinking at the blurred image of his own hand, curled close to his face and clutching loosely at the front of Ulaz’s shirt. “Did you sleep at all?”

“No,” Ulaz says.

It’s not surprising. Shiro knows that Ulaz doesn’t need nearly as much sleep as a human. But still–

Shiro sits up, ignoring Ulaz’s displeased grumble as he turns to look at him. His bangs are in his eyes, mussed up and curling a little from being slept on while wet, and Ulaz brushes them aside before Shiro can lift his arm to do so himself.

“You haven’t just been watching me sleep the entire time, have you?”

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get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite girl groups → F(x) (2009)

“Since their debut, f(x) has released four full-length albums, two extended plays, and one repackaged album. f(x) has been recognised for their experimental style and eclectic, electropop-based sound. They are one of the more recognized K-pop groups internationally, becoming the first K-pop act to perform at SXSW. Their acclaimed second album, Pink Tape, was the only K-pop album on US music channel Fuse’s ‘41 Best Albums of 2013’.”

Rules for Dating Tony (Bonus)

Tony woke slowly, alone in his bed, because last night hadn’t been a date night with anyone.
He kind of enjoyed it, the few nights he got to sleep alone, because with everyone home now it didn’t happen very often.
So he took a long minute to stretch and scratch his hair and sprawl his legs out–
–and kicked somebody.

“What the hell?” He sat up and stared sleepily at the curled up form of Natasha, just red hair peeking over a stack of blankets. “Widow, what are you doing in my bed?”

“Like you don’t know Stark.” She mumbled and scooted closer against him.

“And you’re cuddling? You’re not a cuddler. Come on, your date night isn’t until Thursday, everybody else will get mad if we break the rules.”

“I’m not breaking any rules.” She yawned and sat up. “I just wanted to say happy birthday.” She leaned into him for a long, slow kiss, then pulled away to squeeze his hand. “I bought us ice cream but figured you didn’t want that in bed with you. Happy Birthday Tony. I can’t wait for tonight.” Then she climbed out of bed and he had just a split second to admire her legs in those tiny shorts before she slipped out the door.

Maybe it was a little unsettling that she had been able to sneak into his room and lay there for who knows how long with out him knowing just to kiss him good morning, but he grinned anyway because he loved it.

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Easter drabble...

Just for fun here is a little MSR on what I would imagine is one of Dana Scully’s favorite holidays.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate and to everyone else have a fabulous Sunday!


April 23, 2000


“Are you sure you don’t want to join us today?” she said stretching her arms up toward the headboard with a long sigh.

“And intrude on sacred mother/daughter Easter traditions? Nah. A heathen like me would never.”

“Your family didn’t have any Easter traditions? Your mom was Christian right?”

“Episcopalian…non practicing. The bunny would bring us baskets full of treats when Samantha was with us… after she disappeared pretty much all traditions fell by the wayside.”

“I’m sorry, Mulder” Scully said burring her head into soft spot on his chest.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and gently began to stroke her hair. “What about you? Any childhood Easter traditions?”

Scully smiled at the pleasant memories that came to mind. “Dad… or I guess, the “Easter Bunny” would always hide eggs in the yard. Most of the families on base did the same thing. It sort of became a giant neighborhood hunt.”

“I bet you put your keen investigative skills to the test and always found the most eggs.”

She laughed. “Mulder, I was small, remember? Usually my brothers would run ahead of me and grab up all the eggs.”

He chuckled. “Bet you could kick their asses today.”


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Toxic Love

Part Ten (1,607 words)

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Pairings: ReaderxJensen, JensenxDanneel

Warnings: Jealously, cheating, pregnancy, lying, false pregnancy

Summary: The truth is revealed and Jensen has an important question for you.

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These were the first few words that popped into your head when you tried to explain the pain you’d felt over the last few months.

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Never Falter

Poe Dameron/ Reader

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Words: 1,161

Summary: There’s something about being proved wrong after the countless hours of meticulous research that makes you boil over with emotion. You will never forget the helping hand of a friend who rescues you from your tidal wave.

Prompt: “Can I maybe request a Poe Dameron x reader where the reader is frustrated or upset about something and Poe cheers her up?”

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: @winchesterandpie

Author’s notes: This is my second rewrite of this fic? I had an original idea but I felt like it went too fast and rushed a lot of what makes the prompt. Is this a better idea? Lmao idk there’s a ton of fluff so there’s that!

You bow your head out of respect, gripping the datapad tighter as you rush out of the command center. When you turn the corner, several feet away from the door, you press your back against the wall. That’s when your own walls began to fall down.

What went wrong? Where in your calculations did you mess up? You looked them over twice, thrice, so many times that you stayed up late until your eyes burned. Sleepless nights to get your presentation ready to present to important figures of the Resistance and you blew it. Someone found a fault, questioned your reliability, and how you could allowed this oversight to happen. All you could do at that time was to take it, keep your emotions inside, and respect the individual.

Now you’re breaking down in a hallway.

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I’ve been transcribing a lot of songs lately – not just the ones with lyrics either! Let me know if you want to see a particular chord sheet; I haven’t scanned most of these.

Things in Common - Part 1

A/N: As usual, I’ve got carried away lmao. Let the Reidvez fest begin!

The team shuffled back into the office, half exhausted, half defeated. Luke dropped his bag onto his desk before slumping into his seat to hold his head in his hands. Spencer leant against his desk, looking at his coworker.

“How are you doing?” asked the young doctor.

“I’m ok,” answered Alvez. “I just… I wish we could have gotten there sooner… Maybe if we’d gotten the profile right the first time…”

“You can’t think like that,” sighed Spencer. “Sometimes we get there in time, but there are always casualties before we can solve a case.”

“Maybe, but now there’s another cop without a partner, a family without a father…” Alvez paused as Emily moved past the pair toward her office.

“Is this about the partner you lost?” Spencer asked once Emily was out of earshot. Luke looked a little sheepishly toward his desk, the memory of his partner that had been taken by the Crimson King flooding his mind.

“You ever bond with someone on such a level that you couldn’t ever imagine them not being around you every day?” asked the ex-army ranger, causing Spencer to pause awkwardly. He did know, he knew very well what it was like. It still pained him that, even though he’d always be at the end of the phone, Derek was off living his own life and not in his.

“I er…” he started. “I guess, yeah. I mean, not under the same circumstances but I know what it’s like to have your best friend not be there anymore.”

“You miss him,” said Luke. “The guy I kinda replaced, you were close to him too?”

Spencer tensed a little at the thought of expressing his relationship with the absent Derek Morgan, knowing that it left his emotions a little exposed. Only the longest serving members of the BAU had seen closely how the pair were together but even they didn’t know the full extend. The memories caused the young doctor’s lips to purse for a moment as he thought of a response.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” he answered, hanging his head a little.

“Don’t worry, Reid, I know what it’s like,” assured Luke. “It’s like that one guy who was deepest in your heart is suddenly just… ripped out of it.” Spencer raised his eyebrows, realising that Alvez might actually know exactly how he felt.

“I know I never actually said it out loud to him but I like to think he knew, and that he felt the same,” said Spencer. The pair hushed again as Emily moved back toward them with her bags and coat in her arms.

“You guys alright?” asked the new head of the BAU, to which both men nodded sullenly. “See you both soon.”

“Take care, boss,” said Luke.

“Yeah, er… see you tomorrow,” replied Spencer.

With the moment broken, Spencer and Luke wordlessly smiled and moved back to their end of the day rituals. The rest of the team were doing the same, one by one shuffling out and waving their goodbyes. When JJ smiled and waved her goodbye to Spencer and Luke, she left them alone, the last two in the office. It was something of an awkward event, the two agents silently packing the final things into their bags; only becoming more awkward when the pair picked up their belongings to leave at the same time. Exchanging glances and forced smiles, the two moved towards the glass doors, pausing briefly as Luke opened the door to let his colleague through.

“Thanks,” Spencer said quietly, stepping across the threshold toward the elevator. As Luke stepped up next to him, they shared the same smile waiting for the doors to open in silence until the newer member of the team broke the silence.

“So, would you say you miss having that relationship or was it just with Derek?” he asked, glancing toward Spencer then back to the floor indicator.

“I er… I don’t know,” he replied. “I never really thought about it like that.”

“I’m not talking about forgetting about your friend, I just mean… have you ever thought of trying to find a friendship like that again,” Luke continued.

“I don’t know,” answered Spencer. “I think I’m a little too introverted to just find people to talk to.”

The door to the elevator split, sliding apart to reveal the internal space and allowing the two agents to step inside. As they turned to face the way they’d came, Luke pressed the button which would lead them to the basement car park.

“Why do you have to find someone?” asked Luke. “What about someone you know, getting to know them more closely?”

“I mean, I guess,” he replied. “I’m really close with Jennifer, but that wouldn’t be the same.”

“Nah, I don’t mean like that,” said Luke, turning toward Spencer.

“Then, I don’t get it,” Spencer said, turning toward Luke.

It was in that moment that Luke leant in, pressing his lips against Spencer’s. Instinctively, the younger agent, tilted his head, allowing the kiss to happen for much longer than he should have. When the rose tinted moment faded and Spencer came to his senses, he pulled away; shock all across his face.

“What the hell!?…” cried Spencer, leaving the pair standing there staring at each other.

Cassandra had an inkling that’s what this evening was leading into. It had been so romantic– a long, candlelit path to a hammock, where she laid against her lover as he read poetry in a quiet, soothing voice. Rose petals were scattered all over the ground, touched by the breeze of the twilight hour. Finally, he opened the page to her favorite poem, and hidden inside the pages was a drawing of a ring. She looked up to him as he pulled it out of his pocket, her cheeks flushing red. Tears slipped down her eyes as she could only squeak out “yes” repeatedly.

Iron Bull shrugged when the Inquisitor suggested marriage. Marriage wasn’t a thing under the Qun, but since he was no longer under it… The hopeful look in his Kadan’s eyes was enough for him to smile and consent, though he wasn’t particularly excited about it. However, come the actual day of the ceremony, he actually cries tears of joy. Bull cries the most out of anyone at the wedding. He hadn’t imagined he’d feel like this, but it was good.

Blackwall sputtered in utter disbelief– she would marry him? After all that he’s done, all that’s happened, and… after asking if they’re sure, it takes every ounce of willpower to not start crying as he accepts their proposal. The man begins imagining their future far more often after that– a log cabin house built by his own hands, a mabari or two, at least two, maybe three, children with scraped knees and happy smiles running about their yard. And he’d finally be happy.

Sera repeatedly calls her lover a loony, in greater and greater glee and excitement, squealing as she accepted. She actually tackles them to the ground with kisses, and as soon as they get back up, she and the Inquisitor giggle all the way up to the tower that the Herald lives in. Later, as Sera lays awake in the middle of the night while her fiancée slumbers, holding up the ring the Herald gave her for her proposal in her fingers, imagining their life together. She means it. She loves her, and Sera’s never been happier in her life.

Solas’s greatest fear is dying alone. His vhenan stood before him, promise ring extended, eyes full of hope, offering to take away that fear. He stares, open-mouthed, in disbelief. The Dalish had cursed their enemies with “May the Dread Wolf take you!” and here his vhenan stood– aware who he was. Never before had he thought anyone would take him. Laughter bubbles up in his chest, tears prickling at the corners of his eyes as he accepts, taking her into his arms, kissing her. May the Dread Wolf take and be taken, he thinks wryly.

Dorian doesn’t know how to respond immediately. So many considerations float in his head– would it put his lover in danger, would it be safe, would it be… He eventually shakes himself back into reality. After staring into his lover’s hopeful eyes, he decides. Fuck it all. Weeping, he says yes in a blustery mess, kissing his lover with no reservations any longer. No matter what happened, so long as they were at each other’s side, they would be okay. Easy? No. But Dorian knows it’s all worth it. It’s all okay.

Cullen chokes when he realizes he’s being proposed to, his cheeks turning red, so red. For a moment, the events of the last ten years spin in his head, how it all led up to now. There was a time when life seemed too much, but he survived, and now she was there, and she loved him enough to marry him. Looking back to the woman before him, who stares up at him, proffering the lucky coin he gave them, now set as a ring. “Yes, I’ll marry you.” he says breathlessly, pulling her in for the tightest hug of her life. When he takes the ring, instead of putting it on his finger, he takes her hand and slips it on her ring finger. The coin still belonged with her.

Josephine squealed in delight, covering her mouth, starting to weep. It had been a romantic date to Val Royeaux, and in a moonlit gondola right through the thoroughfare, they popped the question, catching her completely off-guard. After regaining her senses, she can only squeal yes, over and over again, the details of their wedding already forming in her mind. She kisses them in utter delight, holding them tight, now and forever.

Krem is at a complete loss for words. Never in his life did he ever imagine he’d get married, much less the one proposed to. He isn’t even aware of the fact the Chargers had taken notice, and were watching intensely, silently. The love of his life wanted to marry him. They loved him for him, and he suddenly can’t bear to imagine a life without them. He says yes, and the Chargers erupt into cheers, surrounding the lieutenant and the newest Charger-to-be by marriage. Bull pulls them both into his arms, nearly squeezing the life out of both of them in a hug. Later on, Bull sternly warns the Inquisitor to treat Krem right; he wouldn’t stand for anything less.

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How about a scenerio where some of the gang are royals and some are their peasent servants?~

Royal we, Sire Hanby V. and his brothers in law, Thompson and Cunningham are living their life to it’s full extend, sometimes being a little too risky with their activities. They love to abuse their power and make their personal serveants take humiliating bets and love to ring the bell for little things. Sire Hanby especially loves to call Max to tuck him into bed. It was a joke at first and it still is a punishment to Max but Brian can’t deny his excitement everyday when it’s bed time.
Go ahead and interpret that as however you want.
Craig and Marcel tend to switch their serveants, Evan and Brock, just to fuck with them.

Thank you for this wonderful idea Ano! I’m definitely going to do some more for this. - K