full droop

Oh, How We’ve Grown | Remus&Alice

Remus needed time to calm down before he went to bed. He ignored the clock or the way the light affected the common room. He knew it was late–well, early really–but he couldn’t sleep. He’d rather sit alone in the common room with a book then toss and turn in his bed. He was finally coming down from the high and he felt a little better after eating something for the first time that day. He flipped through a book, trying to get a head start on required reading so he didn’t feel like he was drowning after every full moon. 

His head drooped forward a bit–he was getting to the point where he was barely taking in anything he was reading. Maybe it was time to give in and go to bed. He charmed the book so the next time he opened it, it would flip to the page he was last on. He ran his hands through his hair and yawned.

The door from the girls dormitory opened and Remus craned his neck to see who it was. Alice would be up this early, he thought to himself as he saw the familiar smiling face. Between the feast, prefect duties, and his meetup with Emmeline he hadn’t had proper time to sit down and talk to his friend. “You’re up early,” he commented, placing his book next to him. “I didn’t get a chance to congratulate you, Head Girl.” He smiled, then added, “not that I’m surprised.”