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Come Watson, the game is afoot (again)!! Here is my completed full color Sherlock illustration! I like to hide little easter eggs throughout my work–see if you can find all of the hidden references!

Unfortunately, I lost the post-it note that had the names of all the people who asked me to tag them when I posted the final piece–so I looked back through tumblr and tried to remember the names as best I could! @addignisherlock @anotherwellkeptsecret @junejuly15 @sherlockedwatson @hobbitbilbo @theheartandthebrain

And a special shoutout to @johnlocklives, because I knew I would miss someone.

I hope that’s everyone!



an updated version of this post appears in my book THINGS ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OF THEM! 13 full-color chapters of illustrated essays like this for creative people of all kinds. you can get it here for $10.


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Preview of the 2 short comics (10 pages total) I drew for this latin YoI anthology!  (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾⁾

40 full color illustrations by talented artists like @flanpu and @tatoujiji +12 comics (88 pages) in b/w
Ships worldwide♥

Please consider supporting the project!https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1378556267/gold-medal-yuri-on-ice-fanbook

Illustration from Pocket Full of Colors: The Magical World of Mary Blair, Disney Artist Extraordinaire - written by Amy Guglielmo and Jacqueline Tourville.  This is a sneak preview (it’s also the cover image!).  The book will be released on August 29th!

here’s a final preview of my balinese themed viktuuri (ft. phichit) wedding piece for @yoizineid!! 🌼✨

Wish I had more time to finish this piece. I might come back to it but I’m really behind on my other projects. *sigh* Hope you enjoy my version of Darling Charming, she is one of my favs from the show. Enjoy!

Hello, everyone! This has been a pretty rough year for everyone, but despite everything, the McElroy brothers and their antics have been bringing joy to us all! As a way of sharing the good feels they’ve given us, I’m putting together a fan-zine featuring full-color illustrations of the creations from their Abomination Conglomeration.

Here’s the rundown: around 24 artists will each draw an illustration of one of the Monster Factory cast. Each artist picks one of the monsters, just so we don’t end up having this turn into 23-PAMS-who-death-forgot-plus-1-Knife-Dad Zine. All the illustrations will be gathered into one zine, which will be sold digitally, and for those lovely people who chip in a little extra money as part of our preorder, physically as well! All the proceeds will then be donated to Planned Parenthood, so you get rad art while helping an awesome charity!

At the moment, we have 10 artists signed up, but have 14 spots still available! If you’re interested in contributing, please fill out the application form here VVV


…and submit it to me by Sunday February 26th, 2017. After that date, applications will officially close, the sheet will be taken offline, and I will begin to sort through those who applied. It should take no more than a day or two for me to sort through, after which I will send emails out to everyone who applied, saying whether or not you got in and how to proceed!

For those who are interested in the pre-orders, after I finish setting up the artists (and their deadlines) I will be opening up a sheet for pre-orders! Here, you will be able to order digital copies in advance, or even get one of the limited run physical copies of the zine! After pre-orders close, all orders from then on will be for the digital PDF ONLY.

I look forward to hearing from you! And if you know someone who might be interested, please do not hesitate to spread the word!

REIGEN 1000% is a global fanbook project dedicated to everyone’s favorite psychic of the century, Mob Psycho 100′s beloved Reigen Arataka! 

  • This project has 26 participating artists representing 11 different countries! 
  • The fanbook will be an A4 (~8x11.5″) size perfect bound book with approximately 30 pages of full color illustrations featuring Reigen.
  • The fanbook will be sold online for a limited time.
  • More information to come soon!

Please follow this blog for updates and @reigen1000p on twitter

CLICK HERE for the Artist List


Hello! I’m currently OPEN for commissions!

For more details and terms please check my actual commission page here!
I don’t think you can open it on mobile tho. And it’s also still a work in progress but hey, that’s better than nothing!

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