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Sam Worthington & Full Clip Productions Join ‘Tailchaser’s Song’ Team

Sam and his Full Clip partners have joined the team producing a new animated feature film adaptation of Tad Williams’ best-selling novel 'Tailchaser’s Song’. The stereoscopic 3D CG-animated family movie starts production later this year.

Here is the official press release (I’ve highlighted the Sam-relevant parts in bold):

Spearheaded by US indie outfit Animetropolis and Japan’s IDA (creators of the stellar Cat Shit One), the project has slowly been making its way through development and now we have word that Sam Worthington’s Australia based Full Clip Productions has joined the effort while Rise Of The Guardians director Peter Ramsay has signed up as an executive producer. Oh … and there’s also now the first official poster art for the film, which you can see above. Check the full press release below.

CANNES – FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013 – Animetropolis, IDA and EFG-Renascence Productions are pleased to unveil the producing team and teaser poster for their animated feature film adaptation of Tad Williams’ acclaimed best- selling novel TAILCHASER’S SONG. The stereoscopic 3D CG-animated family film starts production later this year.

“We couldn’t be more honored to have assembled such an esteemed group of filmmakers to bring this project to fruition,” said producers Paul Alvarado-Dykstra, Samantha Inoue-Harte, Junya Okabe, Solomon J. LeFlore, and Susan Gee in a joint statement. “Our team brings an extraordinary array of experience and expertise to the film, and a shared passion for the source material.”

Co-Executive Producer Tad Williams is an international best-selling author of fantasy and science fiction. Since 1985, he has written 18 novels and 2 story collections, and his work has been translated into more than 20 languages. Tad’s stories have earned critical acclaim and immense popularity worldwide.

TAILCHASER’S SONG was his first novel, while his OTHERLAND series has been optioned by Warner Brothers for a live-action feature adaptation, and is also the basis for the groundbreaking new MMORPG of the same name from RealU, dtp Entertainment and gamigo.

“If you’re going to collaborate, you want to collaborate with smart and creative people, and so far I have seen ample evidence that that’s the case,” said Williams in a statement. “They’re really interested in bringing the book to the screen in the spirit it was written, which is all I can ask for. I am really pleased and excited.”

Executive Producer Peter Ramsey made his feature film directing debut on DreamWorks Animation’s RISE OF THE GUARDIANS last year (worldwide box office $300 million) after working on the studio’s PUSS IN BOOTS, MONSTERS VS. ALIENS, SHREK THE THIRD and SHARK TALE. Previously, he was a top production illustrator and storyboard artist on such blockbusters as INDEPENDENCE DAY, MEN IN BLACK, and MINORITY REPORT.

“I think the story has lots of promise and it’s a world that feels pretty fresh,” said Ramsey. “I’m impressed with the artwork I’ve seen so far, and with the project overall.”

Producers Solomon J. LeFlore and Susan Gee have secured a number of U.S. studio production output arrangements and are currently producers on Isabel Rey and director Fernando Cortizo’s Spanish language stop- motion feature animation O'APOSTOLO that is making its way from the festival circuit to major distribution. O'APOSTOLO was recently nominated for Goya Awards for Best Animation in 14 categories, and an English language version is currently in progress. In addition to TAILCHASER’S SONG, the producers are entering pre- production on the Germany/New Zealand co-production JOHN’S REVELATIONS and UK/New Zealand co- production TRANSFERENCE with producer partner Tim Coddington (NARNIA; CIRQUE DU SOLEIL; CYBER).

Solomon J. LeFlore, EFG-Renascence’s co-founder, said,“We are looking forward to being in business with Paul and Samantha, IDA, Full Clip and the entire creative team on the U.S./Japan feature co-production of Tad Williams’ TAILCHASER’S SONG. We are excited to help bring this amazing project to the big screen in a big way.”

Full Clip Productions, founded by Sam Worthington, John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz, are currently attached to produce FOR THE DOGS, a feature film directed by Philip Noyce and starring Sam Worthington and Hailee Steinfeld based on the novel by Kevin Wignall; GALLIPOLI STORY, a six-hour mini-series for FOXTEL co-produced with NBCUniversal International’s Matchbox Pictures, written by Stuart Beattie and Jacquelin Perske;THE BROKEN, a 2012 Black List script, written by John Glosser and being directed by Robert Lorenz; and CLEANERS, a crime/action series from writer/director Paul Leyden for Sony’s Crackle digital platform.

“Full Clip has long been a fan of animated movies and have been looking for the right project to start our venture into animated feature films following our foray into the world of graphic novels,” said Full Clip VP Luca Scalisi. “We are big fans of the book and the creative forces behind the project. We are excited to work alongside such accomplished producers and look forward to bringing this beloved book to the screen.”

Animetropolis previously announced IDA (International Digital Artists, the first Japanese studio ever nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award for animation) as production partner and lead animation unit for TAILCHASER’S SONG. “IDA adds their unique sense of Japanese creativity to the universal appeal of the novel, which will result in an extraordinary animated film for a worldwide audience,” said Alvarado-Dykstra and Inoue-Harte.

Animetropolis partners Paul Alvarado-Dykstra and Samantha Inoue-Harte are producing with IDA’s Junya Okabe and EFG-Renascence Production’s partners Solomon J. LeFlore and Susan Gee, in association with Full Clip Productions and Fire Duck. Executive producers are Peter Ramsey and Full Clip’s Luca Scalisi. Co-executive producers are author Tad Williams and Full Clip’s Michael Schwarz. Co-producer is IDA’s Yasumasa Kutami, and associate producers are Fire Duck’s Chris Rydo and Bethany Rhoades, who co-wrote the screenplay adaptation.

And above is the first official poster art for the movie too! Looks great!

Sam Worthington In Adelaide To Announce Shooting For ‘Deadline Gallipoli’

Sam is to fly to Adelaide tomorrow to publicly accept South Australian State Government funding for his TV mini-series ‘Deadline Gallipoli’, a deal which has secured SA as the primary location for filming the series (originally titled ‘The Gallipoli Story’).

He will attend a press conference with SA Premier Jay Weatherill to confirm the project is to go into pre-production in Adelaide in April with filming taking place mid-year.

As we mentioned before, Sam is to star in the mini-series and is also an executive producer through his production company FullClip.

The Foxtel-commissioned series tells the story of a team of journalists who were embedded at Gallipoli during WWI. The group smuggled out information that helped to end the disastrous campaign.

Sam is to play Australian journo Phillip Schuler, but casting for the roles of fellow Australians Sir Keith Murdoch (father of Rupert Murdoch) and Charles Bean, along with Britain’s Ellis Ashmead Bartlett, has yet to be announced.

‘Deadline Gallipoli’ is the third major Gallipoli project in SA in less than a year, with ABC choosing the state for its six-part miniseries ‘Anzac Girls’ late last year. The series, based on the diaries of nurses from WWI, used various Adelaide city and hills locations, with some filming taking place at the Adelaide Studios.

Also, this month Russell Crowe began filming his $12 million Gallipoli movie ‘The Water Diviner’, the story of an Australian man who travels to Turkey to discover the fate of his three missing sons. His $12 million film has worked with the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) to source locations and crew but is based at Burra and has not asked for funding support. Crowe is also using locations in the Mid-North and the southern beaches.

All three projects have been commissioned to highlight the Anzac centenary year which begins in April, and today’s State Government announcement may be part of a Gallipoli commemorative program.

Sam’s project was drawn to SA by its locations, which have appealed to filmmakers since Peter Weir made the original ‘Gallipoli’ with Mel Gibson in 1981, using beaches near Port Lincoln for location shooting.

It is understood the South Australian Film Corporation SAFC is also involved in ‘Deadline Gallipoli’ with an investment package that includes use of the Adelaide Studios, with the project in return using SA crews.

Side-Note: Before flying to Adelaide, Sam is due to attend tonight’s AACTA awards in Sydney.

Sam Worthington Attends ‘Cleaners’ Premiere & Afterparty

Sam attended the premiere and after party for the web-series ‘Cleaners’, which is being produced by himself and his Full Clip Productions partners.

'Cleaners’ synopsis: 

   Roxie and Veronica are two gorgeous young women - who also happen to be highly trained contract killers. While on an errand for their boss, an unpleasant surprise in the trunk of their car turns this lethal pair into hunted targets.

The series will be available to watch via Crackle.com on October 3rd.

This pic comes to you via @TheVixenGamer (Clare Costigan) on Twitter (thanks babe! x) who is pictured here with Sam and ‘Cleaners’ cast members Chris Jai Alex and Robin Thomas.

Sam Worthington To Possibly Have Role In ‘The Gallipoli Story’

‘The Gallipoli Story’, the four-part mini-series for Foxtel that we told you about back in June 2012, is likely to start filming in mid-2014 and will be aired in 2015, marking the 100th anniversary of the WWI campaign which sought to secure a safe sea route to Russia through this strategically important region of the Ottoman Empire.

The series, which is being produced by Matchbox Pictures and Sam’s Full Clip Productions, follows the story of Australian journalists Keith Murdoch, Charles BeSamsan and Phillip Schuler and Brit Ellis Ashmead Bartlett, who accompanied the troops to Gallipoli in 1915 and reveals how their quest for the truth helped change the war’s course.

Sam is one of the Executive Producers (along with Penny Win, Michael McMahon, Michael Schwarz and Luca Scalisi) and may also play one of the lead roles.

“Sam has been very involved in the development of the project, spending time in the writers’ room, says Jacquelin Perske, one of the writers. She added adding, “It’s very much a passion project for him.”

Perske has said the mini-series will almost certainly be shot in South Australia on similar locations to those featured in Peter Weir’s 1981 film Gallipoli.

Joining Jacquelin Perske in writing the screenplay are Shaun Grant, Cate Shortland and Stuart Beattie. The producers are Penny Chapman, John Schwarz and Perske. The director has yet to been announced yet.

NBCUniversal will distribute internationally.