full circle tattoos

A walk in came to the shop today. She wanted an enso as her first tattoo and had shown me an example of something she had found online. Half jokingly I suggested she should get our shops logo, something that Bill Canales drew over and over till he found the right one six years ago when we started our adventure together. 

She agreed admitting she loved our shop’s logo. It was an honor and a privilege to make this tattoo and I told her she now has special perks now that she has our logo tattooed, like head of the line privilege for our bathroom, and unlimited song skips off the ipod playing music.


Easily one of the strongest and most talented person I know, and thats saying a lot cause I know a lot of people. 

My thoughts are with you Gems, I love you. 

I took these photos a few years back as reference for a painting after I gave up all hope and desire to be a photographer. Always one to encourage and push me in all my creative endeavors, I promised to do another painting of her, I should revisit some of these. 

My traditional clipper ship with the Mark Twain quote “Sail away from safe harbors” underneath.

Artist: Michelle Rubano

Location: Full Circle Tattoo, San Diego, CA