full circle dress

Brighter than a shooting star, shine no matter where you are~

I worked on this dress for ages last fall, and finally had a chance to shoot it! The skirt is a NASA accurate map of the northern hemisphere, complete with a rhinestone where every major star should be. It was super cool to shoot this at a real observatory too!

Photography by Daniel Chen


Here is how the finished dress looks worn! I think it turned out pretty cute.

It’s made from two and a quarter yards of jersey fabric. The bodice is a simple self drafted pattern with darts at the front and seams at the sides. And the skirt is a full circle skirt. The dress doesn’t have any closures, but it has waist ties to make it more flattering.

It’s really comfortable and I love the length of it. And of course, the print is pretty cute - woodland animals, flowers, and mushrooms, what’s not to love? 

If I used this pattern again I would shorten the straps and move the waist ties back further instead of sewing them into the side seams, since that caused some bunching to occur at the sides.  But other than that I really like it!

I made a video of the process which can be watched here


My Iron Man Inspired Pin Up Dress:

Sweet heart bodice with a low cut back, which is fully boned and lined, paired with a double full circle skirt! This particular dress is inspired by the Mark 4 suit, seen in Iron Man 2.

Will be the first of many Marvel / DC inspired dresses to be made this summer!