full body waxing

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when i was drawing this i was gonna give draven big bushy armpit hair but when i mentioned it to my friend she and i went through all of draven’s splash arts and noticed that he is in fact completely hairless except for is moustache and hair. in conclusion, draven gets a full body wax every 2 weeks and you can’t convince me otherwise.

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You were really liking this outfit. Sure it showed WAY more skin than what you usually wore, but you thought you were pulling it off.

Yesterday you and the other girls in the pack went on a little girls’ day out (since you all knew better than to be out in the middle of the night in Bacon Hills) and you guys had went all out on spoiling yourselves, Lydia’s treat.

So you went to the spa, Lydia somehow tricked you into getting a full body wax (so painful) and went shopping. As well as got many pedis and went to the salon.

So you were feeling awesome with a amazingly smooth body and black crop top and white short (and I mean short) shorts and black wedges. 

You were at your locker getting your books when you saw Liam, Stiles and Scott walking your way.’

‘Hey guys.’ you smiled at them before giving your boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek.

You realize that all three are looking you up and down, taking in your outfit no doubt. You smiled and did a quick spin for them.

‘You like? Lydia picked it out for me, I almost didn’t wear it, but I think I really like this look for me. What do you think guys?’ you asked hopefully.

‘I am totally agreeing with you, you should wear this type of stuff more often.’ Stiles said.

‘You have lovely legs.’ Liam blushed.

‘So…Scott, what do you think?’ you asked.

‘I-I love it, you look like really really hot, but um…’ Scott said awkwardly as he looked around.

You looked around as well and realize that there are a LOT of guys looking at you like you were a steak, then you looked back at Stiles and Liam and they were no different.

‘Oh my God!’ you gasped as you realized what was happening and tried to cover yourself with your hands.

‘I didn’t even think anyone would notice me! They never looked before.’ you said awkwardly.

‘Well they were dumb, luckily for me, but now you’re showing off and while I love this look on you, I’d rather no one else see it.’ Scott said as he took off his hoodie and put it on you.

‘Thanks.’ you said.

‘No problem.’ Scott smiled, but then began glaring when he saw someone was checking you out a bit too obviously for his liking.

‘She’s taken and wouldn’t be interested anyway.’ he growled.

The poor guy looked like he wet himself while running away.

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Summer Beauty Checklist

Now that it’s officially summer it’s time to shed those layers, grab some cocktails and have fun! But before you can do that you have to make sure you’re summer ready. I always have a full beauty checklist to maintain when going into any season, but summer is by far the most important … Hello skimpy bikinis! 

Here’s my summer beauty check list:

1. Hair removal. It’s important to be well groomed especially during a season where so little clothing is required. Make sure to get a full body wax or try my personal favorite, laser hair removal at Laser Away. They have so many locations and the laser actually blasts cool air on you during the treatment. Painless and convenient.

2. Get a tan! The traces of winter may still be written on your body so take some time to step in a spray tan booth, or better yet, book a custom spray session to really get your color just right. More of a do-it-yourself tanner? Grab some of these self tanning products to achieve a glow:

Jimmy Coco self tanner

External image

St. Tropez self tanner

External image

Scott Barnes body bling

External image

Jergens Natural Glow self tanner lotion

External image

3. Nails doll! Make sure your pinkies and toes are ready to go. Get a mani pedi and pick a color that pops against that new tan of yours. I like a creamy white or a red. Very Fourth of July.  

Shop my fave summer nail colors:

External image

External image

4. Lighten up! even if you still plan on rocking your darker tresses for the summer it helps to lighten your brows the slightest bit. Just taking the “edge” off can really brighten your face. This is a must if you plan of going lighter all over for the summer. In that case, feel free to take your brows down a full step.

5. Whiten those teeth! This may be the cheesiest tip, but it’s true! There’s nothing sexier than pearly white teeth against tan skin. So grab some Crest white strips or better yet, stop by your dentist for a Zoom treatment. You won’t be sorry!

6. Lip Plex Shot! Still feeling like you can’t shake those extra one or two pounds of winter weight? A lipo plex shot may be the answer! Different places call them different things but essentially you’re looking for a vitamin B12 B6 compound that helps boost energy and metabolism. Call around to your local med spa and ask if they offer it. Some vitamin and health food places even offer a vitamin drip cocktail with a metabolism booster mixed in. It might be just the little push you need to look your absolute best. Not to mention how glowing your skin will look after all those great vitamins get in you!