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Teddy called me Thursday night and said  he got hubby tickets to some basketball tournament in the city for Friday night so the dinner party would be Friday night instead of Saturday.  Friday morning after the boys went to school Teddy stopped by.  I made him coffee and we sat at the kitchen table. Told me that he would pick me up about 6:00 and then told me to enjoy my day.  He then gave me a full day at the spa, full message, facial and body wax.  He told me to enjoy the day and relax for tonight. Then he said me to stand up and take off my clothes.  He just looked me over and told me how hot I look and what a great fuck i am.  He then opened his pants and i got down on my knees and unzipped him.  I sucked his cock until he got nice and hard he then told me to stand up and asked where hubby sits, he then moved me over and sat my bare ass right where hubby eats.  He then gave me a great fuck that i came on his cock twice before he filled me with his cum.  After he pulled about he laughed has his cum ran out of my pussy onto the table.  He kissed me and said he will see me tonight.  After he left i took and shower and got ready for the spa.  The spa was fantastic, Full body wax,  facial,  hot stone  and body message.  I went home so relaxed and got ready for dinner.  Teddy showed up with a limo.  When I got in the limo, teddy told me to take off my coat he wanted to see the dress. It was a dark blue and could be any tighter of shorter..  He said the will all love it.  As we drove to pick up his friends the started kiss me and fingering my pussy.  He pushed my head into his lap and said let see if you can make me cum before be pick them up.  As we pulled up to his friend house he told the me to hurry he came in my mouth just as his 2 friend were getting into the limo. As they got into the limo teddy zipped up and moved to the said sit and told his freinds to sit in he back with me in the middle.  as soon as we started going their hands were all over me.  I upzipped both of them and hand a hard cock in each hand and they both were sucking on my tits.  I leaned over and started sucking one while the other was fingering my pussy.  After he came i started sucking the other as we got to his others friends  house.  Before we got to the restaurant i sucked each one.  we got to the restaurant an had a great dinner but my pussy was so wet i didn’t know why no one fucked me.  when we got back into the limo teddy said we were going to stop at his house for one more drink. When we got to his house he told us all to go into the den.  He then told me to get everyone a drink.   When i went to serve the drink teddy told me that is not a dress to serve drinking in and took it off me so i was completely naked except for my pumps.  He them told Anthony to go get the table in the back room.  Anthony came back with this big message table.  Teddy came over to me and told me to get up on the table and get on my back.  When I got on my back teddy came between my legs and dropped his pants and started rubbing his cock up and down my pussy.  The other all just watched.  Teddy started telling them how wet i was and ready to fuck at that point he pushed his cook all the way in and started fucking me.  I Was so hot i came 2 times so fast, Teddy just kept fucking my and pulling on my nipples until he came inside me.  He pulled and came up to me and gave me the biggest kiss then told his freinds who is next. When Anthony came up and started fucking me the other 2 came over Matt put his cock in my mouth and Mario started sucking on my tits. After Matt came they switched.  After each one fucked me i don’t even know how many times i cam on that table.  After the last one i just laid there getting my self back together.  when teddy came over to me one last time with a nice hard cock in his hand.  He sad one more time but told me to turn over.  He pushed his hard cock in my pussy a few times  then took out his wet cock and held my ass checks open and slowly push his cock head in my ass once he got in my ass he started going good until he filled my ass with cum.  I laid there a while so happy and satisfied.  When I got up it was like a river running down my legs. I put my dress on and teddy told me the limo was still outside I kissed all his freinds goodbye and he told me to thank them for fucking me.  I sat in the back as i was on the way home I just laid in the back of the limo and I couldnt stop thinking all the cum i jsut had and how many time i came. .. So today im just relaxing around the house nothing getting done today

i can’t stop laughing at the thought of victor nikiforov, five-time consecutive men’s singles figure skating world champion, frantically booking a full-body waxing session the day before he’s set to fly to hasetsu for the first time

Things to never say to a Hirsute girl:

Or in general, to anyone who is suffering from excess hair, whether that be trans/PCOS/or any other type of medical condition. (I understand some are more directed towards females.)

1. “Is that hair on your _________ ?”
2. “What is that rash on your _____/______ ?”
3. “Do you not get scared when it comes to being intimate with your partner?”
4. “Does your partner mind that you’re hairy?”
5. “You’re so brave, I would of killed myself if this was happening to me.”
6. “Even though you’re hairy, you still look like a girl.”
7. “You may think being hairy is the end of the world, but someone out there is worse off than you.”
8. “My Mother’s friend’s daughter has hirsutism and her’s is worse than yours.”
9. “Have you thought of lazer hair removal/ electrolysis/ shaving with a razor/ waxing/ threading/ plucking/ bleaching?
10. “So, can you get pregnant?”
11. “If you had a baby, would you be scared that it would also have abnormal hair growth, you should know better than anyone that it would be cruel to have a baby under those circumstances!”
12. “Why is your makeup so heavy - you would look so much better if it was natural!!”
13. “My friend takes _____ to control her hirsutism, why don’t you try that?”
14. “Ha ha ha, you could always join the circus as a bearded lady!!!”
15. “It’s just a little hair, it could be SO much worse, you are overreacting!”
16. “You wear such baggy clothes that cover up everything, it’s so depressing, stop being lazy, shave your body and wear something more revealing!
17. “Does your partner see you when you’re hairy?”
18. “Does it not scare you to wake up next to your partner every morning with a full face of stubble!?!?!?”
19. “Asking for laser hair removal on the NHS/Insurance would be selfish, it’s a cosmetic thing, not for actually bettering your life!”
20. “You’re such a spoil sport, you’re hairy, so what, stop making everything about you!”
21. “You know I can still see your hair through your makeup?”
22. “Maybe if you lost some weight like the doctors say, the hair would stop.”
23. “You always have to make everything about you, no one cares that you’re hairy, you’re being OTT.”
24. “Have you thought about buying a NoNo? I hear great things about them!”
25. “Maybe if you stopped buying yourself things, you could afford laser hair removal. 
26. “Ugh, I just felt your stubble brush up against my face!!!”
27. “You know, in old middle eastern history, hairy women were a sign of femininity and extreme beauty.”
28. “You should be greatful the hair is only on _____ and ______ it could be so much worse.”
29. “Did you see that bearded woman on the news the other day? That will be you in 5 years!!! Ha ha ha.”
30. “Aw no, don’t be upset, you know I’m only joking, my hairy friend!!”
31. “Your hair is getting kinda long…. Do you not thing it’s time to shave/wax/whatever it yet?”
32. “I can shave your hair for you if you want…”
33. “You would look so much better and prettier if you weren’t hairy.”
34. “Have you tried drinking _____ and eating ______ …. I read on Google it can stop excess hair growth!”
35. “It annoys me that you waste GP time going to see your doc about your hair, It is only hair.”
36. “You’re hairy because you have more male hormones, than female ones? Does that mean you are going to grow a penis lol?”
37. “Happy Birthday!!!! We bought you a gift voucher to the local spa for a full body wax! Hope you like it.”
38. “A lot of girls have this issue, you’re not the only one, relax.”
39. “I read that hirsutism means that you aren’t as developed as other humans, and are more like monkeys, is that right?”
40. “You’re a great friend, I love you and everything, but I find your hair so gross, I wish you would just control it better and take some pride in yourself!”

After having severe hirsutism for the best part of 10 years, these are just a handful of the extremely hurtful things that have been said/happened to me. Some of them were clearly meant in good taste, but a safe thing is that, unless the hirsute person brings up their hair, don’t bring it up yourself. 

- A Hirsutim sufferer

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Hey these are just thoughts but I believe Yousef might be the one who punched Even. In the trailer, we see Even getting hit by a selfie stick, and we've understood that the trailer is reversed as it's Isak who got hit instead. But watch the Briskeby videos, most of the time it's Yousef holding the selfie stick, not Adam, Mikael or Muta (even more obvious in the police fails video). God that hiatus is gonna kill me !

ooooh omg nice observation! Oh god though, I’m already considering cancelling Yousef if he hit my angel and then ran inside, sent Sana in the middle of the violence and then kissed Noora?

omg I’ll have to send that boy away to get a full body wax or something. 

I wish it will be revealed that no one hit Isak and he just fell over (I mean he is a clumsy awkward mess) 

I just can’t understand why anyone would hurt him unless they were one of those awful yakuza guys who like hurting angels :( 

One of my bosses has gone and got completely hooked on Outlander because it’s “so Scottish”. Hm. As I recall, Jamie Fraser is the living embodiment of Objectified Scotsman. (Also oddly hairless for a man with no access to full body waxes. I have the same issue with Thor and Captain America. Do the muscles just burn the body hair away?)

I may also have gone on something of a rant about Claire’s wedding dress, because oh holy crap, no Scots Presbysterian church would let any woman in with her shoulders bare and her tits out like that. Looks expensive and pretty, yes, but good lord. One might even venture to say they would consider it a bit harloty in the day - or with some of the more old-school reformed Churches, even to this day (Hi, Grandad!)

It also still amuses/annoys me that Gabaldon bitches so hard about fanfiction when she admits that her leading man was inspired by Jamie McCrimmon of Doctor Who fame, who was played by a man called Fraser.

(fullview? tumblr always screws up my art for some reason)

when i was drawing this i was gonna give draven big bushy armpit hair but when i mentioned it to my friend she and i went through all of draven’s splash arts and noticed that he is in fact completely hairless except for is moustache and hair. in conclusion, draven gets a full body wax every 2 weeks and you can’t convince me otherwise.

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Summer Beauty Checklist

Now that it’s officially summer it’s time to shed those layers, grab some cocktails and have fun! But before you can do that you have to make sure you’re summer ready. I always have a full beauty checklist to maintain when going into any season, but summer is by far the most important … Hello skimpy bikinis! 

Here’s my summer beauty check list:

1. Hair removal. It’s important to be well groomed especially during a season where so little clothing is required. Make sure to get a full body wax or try my personal favorite, laser hair removal at Laser Away. They have so many locations and the laser actually blasts cool air on you during the treatment. Painless and convenient.

2. Get a tan! The traces of winter may still be written on your body so take some time to step in a spray tan booth, or better yet, book a custom spray session to really get your color just right. More of a do-it-yourself tanner? Grab some of these self tanning products to achieve a glow:

Jimmy Coco self tanner

External image

St. Tropez self tanner

External image

Scott Barnes body bling

External image

Jergens Natural Glow self tanner lotion

External image

3. Nails doll! Make sure your pinkies and toes are ready to go. Get a mani pedi and pick a color that pops against that new tan of yours. I like a creamy white or a red. Very Fourth of July.  

Shop my fave summer nail colors:

External image

External image

4. Lighten up! even if you still plan on rocking your darker tresses for the summer it helps to lighten your brows the slightest bit. Just taking the “edge” off can really brighten your face. This is a must if you plan of going lighter all over for the summer. In that case, feel free to take your brows down a full step.

5. Whiten those teeth! This may be the cheesiest tip, but it’s true! There’s nothing sexier than pearly white teeth against tan skin. So grab some Crest white strips or better yet, stop by your dentist for a Zoom treatment. You won’t be sorry!

6. Lip Plex Shot! Still feeling like you can’t shake those extra one or two pounds of winter weight? A lipo plex shot may be the answer! Different places call them different things but essentially you’re looking for a vitamin B12 B6 compound that helps boost energy and metabolism. Call around to your local med spa and ask if they offer it. Some vitamin and health food places even offer a vitamin drip cocktail with a metabolism booster mixed in. It might be just the little push you need to look your absolute best. Not to mention how glowing your skin will look after all those great vitamins get in you!


You were really liking this outfit. Sure it showed WAY more skin than what you usually wore, but you thought you were pulling it off.

Yesterday you and the other girls in the pack went on a little girls’ day out (since you all knew better than to be out in the middle of the night in Bacon Hills) and you guys had went all out on spoiling yourselves, Lydia’s treat.

So you went to the spa, Lydia somehow tricked you into getting a full body wax (so painful) and went shopping. As well as got many pedis and went to the salon.

So you were feeling awesome with a amazingly smooth body and black crop top and white short (and I mean short) shorts and black wedges. 

You were at your locker getting your books when you saw Liam, Stiles and Scott walking your way.’

‘Hey guys.’ you smiled at them before giving your boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek.

You realize that all three are looking you up and down, taking in your outfit no doubt. You smiled and did a quick spin for them.

‘You like? Lydia picked it out for me, I almost didn’t wear it, but I think I really like this look for me. What do you think guys?’ you asked hopefully.

‘I am totally agreeing with you, you should wear this type of stuff more often.’ Stiles said.

‘You have lovely legs.’ Liam blushed.

‘So…Scott, what do you think?’ you asked.

‘I-I love it, you look like really really hot, but um…’ Scott said awkwardly as he looked around.

You looked around as well and realize that there are a LOT of guys looking at you like you were a steak, then you looked back at Stiles and Liam and they were no different.

‘Oh my God!’ you gasped as you realized what was happening and tried to cover yourself with your hands.

‘I didn’t even think anyone would notice me! They never looked before.’ you said awkwardly.

‘Well they were dumb, luckily for me, but now you’re showing off and while I love this look on you, I’d rather no one else see it.’ Scott said as he took off his hoodie and put it on you.

‘Thanks.’ you said.

‘No problem.’ Scott smiled, but then began glaring when he saw someone was checking you out a bit too obviously for his liking.

‘She’s taken and wouldn’t be interested anyway.’ he growled.

The poor guy looked like he wet himself while running away.

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what do you think of the whole Nash Grier thing? I'll love you any way

When I watched the video (It was on Nash’s page on FaceBook) I knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to end well. Like I just knew, I called that shit okay. So they started, and they said “we’re gonna talk about what we find attractive in girls” and I was like ok but then they kept saying “you have to be ___” and I was like wait hold on there. If you’re going to talk about what you find attractive in a girl, you don’t say “you have to be” before saying that attribute. You just say what you find attractive, so that’s where they went wrong to start off with. Jc & Cameron were the only ones that kept saying “I like girls that ___” and that’s the legit proper way of saying what you like in a girl without offending your audience. But, even though Cameron and Jc approached this properly, I still got offended. When they said “I like a girl who has a talent” and then Nash went on to say that “so many girls these days don’t do anything and they’re just like, glorified. Like, i’m just gonna marry a rich guy and pass through”  I got upset because I was like “well shit, I don’t have a talent”

But then I realised, I don’t fucking need one. If I want to stay at home and do nothing, or if my goal in life is to marry a successful person, no one and I mean no one can tell me otherwise. My choices are my choices. If you don’t like them, then that’s your issue not mine. But what I love most is after they said this, Nash then says “If a girl has her own ambitions and goals then that’s cool” but if you don’t have a talent and you want to marry a successful person, it’s not an ambition or goal. Like smh who are you even to say that omg. 

But the part that offended me the most was when Nash was explaining “The Chase" 

He said that if a girl plays too hard to "get” the guy then feels like she doesn’t want him, but if she plays too easy to “get” then she’s a whore. 

1. I am not going to “chase” for no god damn guy. If you want to speak to me or if you want to hang out with me, you make the fucking effort. I don’t have time to sit around and wait for you or to waste my time on you.

2. The fact that these boys are calling this “the chase” as if girls are running after guys is fucking appalling. Even if you do end up with the girl you like, it does not mean you “got” her. She’s not a fucking prize at a fucking fair. 

3. They go on to say that they like a “challenge.” THIS IS NOT A GAME OF FUCKING MORTAL COMBAT. 

4. Then Jc says “Drop us hints.” Tbh, boys don’t get hints at times and usually it gets confused between translation so what if the hints that your girl is dropping gets mistaken for her being too “easy” and even if she was, why the fuck does it matter? They should be lucky that girls like them so I don’t know why they’re being so picky like for fucks sake.




WAS WHEN NASH SAYS “Everyone’s trying to be one image, like be this like be yourself.”



But I don’t think they actually get how much we have to spend to remove body hair. Like I shave my legs and my underarms and my little fem-stash (when i’m gonna go out) and I swear to God that takes for-fucking-ever. Mainly because I want every single hair gone, so I end up spending like an hour + in the bathroom. And when I go to wax my eyebrows, it’s literally 20 minutes (or more, depending on how bad my eyebrows are.) And can I just say something, full body waxes fucking kill. And you’re smooth for about a week/two weeks but then after that it gets all red and bumpy and you become all prickly because the hair’s growing out again and oh my lord. The same applys to shaving. The only difference being that if you shave, you’ll be smooth for like a day/two days tops, then everything grows back again but even thicker and ugh it’s just, no. 

Then Cameron says that he likes a girl that likes video games but not a girl that’s obsessed with video games. He says “you can’t be better than me, or else. I mean, I don’t even play video games.”




What I want to make clear is that in a way, they were just stating what they did/didn’t like in a girl. Even though they approached it horribly, that was the intention of the video. However, the title just was like the icing on the cake. They couldn’t even get that right. The title was “What guys look for in girls” when really, it should’ve been “What we like in a girl” (we being Nash, Jc and Cameron.) Honestly though, they could’ve come about this video a bit better than they did. You really can’t expect much from these boys because they don’t know how to handle a YouTube audience. They’re viners. The only YouTuber there, that’s been doing it for a while is Jc. And he did handle it well on his part. None of this bull shit that “oh they’re boys” no, that doesn’t make it acceptable. But because they don’t know how to handle a YouTube audience, that’s why the video was a failure and obviously you’re gonna get some shitty videos from people that are just starting out. With all that being said, these boys should still make an apology video, because they did hurt a lot of people’s feelings with this, and I don’t think they realise that. And no, an unpublished tweet from Nash does not suffice as an apology. 

Nash is 16

Cameron is 18

and JC is 21.

The fact that they don’t realise that they’ve hurt people blows my fkn mind, honestly. 

But hey, that’s just my view point on it so yeah

Motivation- Every time you workout, put $1 in your motivation jar. When you reach $100, use that $100 to reward yourself! Here are 15 ways to reward yourself:

1. New Gym Clothes

2. Personal Training Sessions, Yoga/Zumba/Pilates classes

3. Lingerie

4. $100 shopping spree

5. Massage

6. Buy nutritious food and make a healthy cookbook

7. Haircut

8. Membership (pool, gym, club)

9. Shoes

10. Exercise Equipment

11. Robe

12. Workout Music

13. Facial, Full Body Wax

14. Cooking Class

15. Dance Class

Good luck! Follow for fitness, nutrition, and motivation.


Angst & Fluff Prompt Collaboration - My Forged Wedding (Saeki Takamasa)

My take on the angst & fluff prompt collaboration with kanacchi, otomesweetheart, romancingpixels, and sonnet009. Enjoy!

“Mm—wait,” she spoke in the midst of their heated kiss. Her hands firmly gripped both of his shoulders and pushed him back to create some distance between them. Both of their eyes were still filled with lust as she opened her lips once more.

“Is it alright if we take a shower first?”

There was a brief pause as he gaped at her before his lower lip protruded into a sulk. His eyes now resembled that of a puppy that had been denied his treat.

“Honey…” he whispered softly. She could sense all the emotions he placed in that one word. Confusion, hurt, and most of all, melancholy. Libido? Consider it gone. She had anticipated this reaction, but boy does reality hurt like getting a full body wax for the first time.

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