full body portraits

Eugene de Blaas (1843-1932)
“Girl in a Lilac-Colored Dress with Bouquet of Flowers” (1911)
Oil on canvas

it’s that time again: testing is just around the corner, late work is stacking up, and i’m being beaten to death in this educational torrent called “junior year”. i thought i’d make an official post about my art, so i can see who’s interested. 

if you want to request:

  • you must be following me, trashtiel, angel of the bored
  • know that i like doing portraits!! full body art will take longer!!
  • reblog this post 
  • send me an ask with the specifics; do you want it realistic, or can i try it more cartoony?? who’s in it? what’re they doing? is there a color palette you’d like?? honestly just go wild
  • know that this is free!! i would love to do commissions in the future but i have no way to hold the money, unless you literally send it to me, lol. that would be cool since i am Poor
  • understand i’ll pick the requests i like - not in a particular order, just whatever i’m up to at the time. this’ll always be on my blog, so don’t ever be afraid to request!!
  • see that i don’t do nsfw art. no.

if you’d like to see my art, click here.


I’m currently in a somewhat tricky financial situation so I’m open for cheaper-than-usual commissions! Send me a PM or an e-mail (iagosaur@gmail.com) if you’re interested! 

And even if you can’t/won’t buy one yourself, consider helping me out by spreading the word–this is a matter of being able to pay rent and feed my dog (and perhaps even myself), so it would mean the world to me.



right now im having problems finding an hourly job, so right now commissions are my only source of income. ive had to change my price range recently in order to try and afford to make rent payments.

please feel free to message me with any questions you have at all.


simple lined, full color portrait of a character(characters) or person (people)


lined character(s) with full background


reference sheet including one full body drawing of the character, one headshot, a few descriptive facts about the character, color scheme, and one outfit