full body hug

[Short KageHina coworker / drunken flirting / accidental domesticity AU ??? IDK]

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It’s Friday evening after the work day is done, and Kageyama is uncomfortable.

He’s not sure why, exactly, but it may have something to do with the fact that the izakaya is too stuffy, and all the beer he’s ingested is already making him sweaty, and the stiff collar of his shirt is beginning to chafe him, and his new coworkers and boss all want to make small talk with him, and he just wants to go home and watch the volleyball games he recorded the night before.

It could be any number of those things that are making him uncomfortable, but Kageyama thinks what really might be doing it is the way one of his aforementioned new coworkers has been looking at him for roughly the past twenty minutes or so.

Hinata has been working in the sales and marketing department at their office for a couple of years now, and seems much more suited to rowdy after-work drinking events, if his alcohol intake the past few hours is any kind of indication. Kageyama knows his own face is probably a healthy shade of pink, but Hinata is verging on crimson. His round cheeks are like two squashy apples. Probably squashy apples would be spoiled and therefore disgusting, but on Hinata, the look is nice. Like, maybe apples should consider being squashy more often, or people should just accept squashy apples as they are, without being so critical of their squashiness.

Kageyama is probably pretty tipsy, yeah.

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(i send you an anon every day lol i'm your user(name), literally jikook trash and i love your replies 😭) anyway to stay on jikook topic i love how jk can go from being jimin's baby to being his bodyguard. jimin knows jungkookie will always follow him around, i find it kinda funny tbh lol but they both like it

(ohmygod thank you so much ?? like that actually makes me so happy to hear omg) OKAY BUT TRUE THOUGH!!! like one second, jk is sitting on jm’s lap, or he’s cuddling next to him, complimenting him, just being this soft little boy. then the next jk’s all defensive and defending jm and ready to fight anyone who says anything about him. and i love how jimin just accepts it, like he just goes along with it. i get so emotional whenever i see stuff like this. like, god i just really really love jikook a lot. 

(gif cred to kookmint) like here we have jungkook, looking like he’s on his sugar daddy’s yacht, bout to ask him for a raise in his weekly allowance. but then we have shit like this ??? and it’s just like ??? what is going on ?? (gifcred to comfyjimin)

and then we get this, where jk gave jimin a backhug bc he was feeling down bc the members were lowkey making fun of his old selfies. and jk noticed that jm felt down about it, so he told him he was pretty (or something like that) and then went and backhugged him ?? like how fucking cute ?? (couldn’t find original gifcred)

(couldn’t find cred for this gif either sorry)

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(・◇・) What are your headcanons and thoughts about how the chocobros hug someone?

I did the audio here: Listen to me read this aloud, and extra things too. :D

Written copy and gifs for those who don’t want to listen to me.

Noctis: Noctis is a awkward hugger for sure. He doesn’t know how long to hug or if it’s okay to hug closely with a female. Noctis doesn’t want to be hugged too tightly as his back injury flares up easily. If he’s close to them he’ll do a full body hug, he likes to snuggle with his s/o in a deep embrace often falling asleep that way. He loves to bury his face in their neck falling asleep quickly. Most people want to hug him as he’s the Prince, it’s like should they?? So when someone does he get really shy and nervous about it, a lot of blushing.

Prompto: I see Prompto being a emotional hugger, like all day everyday hugger.He likes to hug for any occasion would rather hug than shake hands. He feels he can understand a persons true meaning by hugging versus the traditional hand shake. He know how long to properly hug someone without it being weird. Prompto likes to bury his face in the crook of their neck bringing that extra sense of closeness to each other. He may be small but he can handle bear hugs.

Gladio: Gladio well I think he’s not knowingly gives bear hugs but it happens. Gotta blame those muscles. Most people get buried in his chest (oh the torture) as he’s so tall. He’s big on the side hugs for friends. Since he knows it’s uncomfortable to be hugged like that for some. But a s/o gets the whole smooshed in the chest hug, knowing that they feel safe in his arms. He loves hugging his s/o when they are resting on his chest, laying in bed, they are so small on his chest, it’s just too cute he needs to hug them.

Ignis: He’s a if the mood calls for it hug. As for Ignis they are intimate actions. So if you get one means you are really close to him. This means most of the time the person he’s hugging is in distress, so it’s a shoulder to cry on hug. He is fine with hugging the person as long as they want to. Ignis is fond of rubbing soft patterns on their backs as a way to help relax them. He’ll whisper soft reassuring things in their ears.

Ravus: The boy is a awkward hugger too, Luna is the only one that has hugged him beyond his mother. So if approached for a hug Ravus keeps his main body fair as possible, not wanting to actually touch them. He’s wary of his magitek arm wrapping around them, what if part of it got tangled in the hair? Or he squeezes too tightly? So hugs with him are very quick and barely there. You would have to attack him in a hug and if you weren’t a s/o (or Luna) you might not make it out of alive from that attack hug. A s/o could get away with it but doesn’t mean he’ll give them a full hug, just means he won’t freak out about it.

Nyx: He just wants to hug everyone. More people at a time makes it even better. Nyx knowingly gives bear hugs, squeezing people tightly calling them pansies if they can’t handle “The Hero Hug”. Nyx doesn’t care what sex you are or if it’s a appropriate time to hug, he’s going to squeeze tightly body pressed against yours holding tightly. In his line of work sometimes you might not see that person for a next time so expressing his feelings for them with a hug is important.

Cor: He rather not hug, like if he did he would be admitting “feelings” and such. He doesn’t feel them professional at all. But when he does hug they are fantastic hugs! They are body melding hugs, like the two of you just became one person. He’ll stay hugging that person for a while but definitely knows when to stop hugging that it “is weird now lets stop or otherwise I might say something about you”. He loves to snuggle and hold his s/o tight while reading paper work, but will never admit it or ask for it, they need to initiate.

consider: robbie’s touch-starved as hell but has no clue how to ask for physical affection

also consider: after literal years of isolation he simultaneously craves to be touched so bad and shies away from it. sport pets his hair once and he spends weeks wondering if he wants it to happen again or not

(he works off some frustration by tackling sport in a full-body koala hug. it’s a villanous plan to stop him from moving, shut your mouth)

if keith’s gasp when lance touched his shoulder in 3x02 is any indication, i’m pretty sure that a genuine, reciprocated full body hug between the two of them would just about do him in

Snog Me Senseless 4

A/N:  So this was supposed to be a one shot about kissing, but then it became so much more.  Thanks to @team-styles for the teamwork between author and reader.  Thanks, as always, to @little-black-dress-24, for the encouragement and for forcing me to have the courage to tell this story.  I am so grateful to @melissas173, @niallandharrymakemestrong, and @emulateharry for their amazing suggestions and ideas.  

For Soap, my tumblr little sis.  I hope this one doesn’t embarrass you too much.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

As soon as you hear the sounds of the other boys in the fraternity house stirring, you move to get dressed in your clothes from the night before.  Harry, being the thoughtful boyfriend he has proven himself to be, clears the hallway so that you can use the restroom.  And even though you wrinkle your nose at the smell of the place, and even though you are stunned at the amount of shaved whiskers in the sinks, and even though the room is as close to a garbage dump as you have ever seen; you still glide in with confidence because you know your boyfriend is guarding the entrance.  You take care of your needs quickly, washing your face clean of any makeup and sliding into your clothes from the night before.  You finger-brush your hair, hoping that no one really notices that you’re wearing the same clothes.  Then again, you’ve never done a walk of shame, and you’re strangely excited at the prospect.    

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MTMTE Swerve/Rung/Rodimus in their holoforms getting a hearty hug from Reader for the first time? I imagine it would be a lot more different from hugging a bot.

Hhhhnnnnngggggg!!!  This is the kind of adorable fluff I live for!  <3 <3 <3

Swerve:  This just made the list of top 5 best ever days, easy!  There’s a good chance that you’d be taller than him in his holomatter form, so your head comes to rest on top of his as you squeeze him and sway slightly side to side.  If you make a joke about the height difference, he’ll just laugh and bury his head deeper against you.  He never imagined he’d be able to hold you like this.  There’s no risk of hurting you in this form.  He can finally give you one of those full-bodied, loving hugs that he’s seen in his Earth movies.  And to feel you returning his affection with the same vigor is honestly overwhelming.  He’ll probably cry a bit.

Rung:  He wraps his arms around you softly when you hold him in his holomatter form, not because he’s afraid of hurting you, but because he wants to savor every moment. He’s secretly waited for this moment for months, ever since he started making tweaks to the holomatter programs. In this form, he can feel the heat of your skin as you press against him, your heart beating in your chest, the feeling of your hair as he gently strokes his fingers through it.  Primus, you’re so soft.  He buries his nose in your neck, breathing in your scent with a soft contented sigh.  He’d like to stay like this for a while… if that’s alright with you…

Rodimus:  He lets out a hearty laugh as you practically tackle him to the floor in your enthusiasm.  “Holy frag, you’re strong!  Swerve oughta let you be a secondary bouncer!”  He picks you up and swings you in a circle, holding you by your waist as you laugh. He wraps both his arms around you in a warm, comforting embrace (man, is this boy warm!)  He likes to run his hands over your back as he continues to hold you.  He pulls back ever so slightly to tilt your chin up with one hand.  “You’re even more beautiful at this angle,” he says with a soft smile.

Thoughts on Bee!Chloe

so I’ve been pretty neutral on the whole “Bee!Chloe” discourse, but with the new storyboard release, I’ve accepted it as an almost garunteed possibility. 

That be(e)ing said, here is my ideal “Queen Bee” scenario:

  • Master Fu decides that Ladybug and Chat Noir need a new partner in the fight against Hawkmoth. Someone willing to be devoted and supportive of the pair.
  • He pulls his little “life alert” trick (which seems to be the only way he choses who gets a miraculous) at the mall and is helped up by a nice red-headed girl with glasses who says she’s shopping for her best friend’s birthday gift.
  • When Sabrina gets home and finds a mysterious hair comb in her bag, her first thought is “oh, Chloe would love this!”
  • (Honestly, this is the only scenario I could Imagine in which Chloe could possibly get her hands on a miraculous)
  • Later, after her big birthday bash, Chloe is sitting in her room, sifting through her dozens of presents, when she decides to try on that silly comb her best friend got her.
  • Cue the whole “hello, dont freak out, Im a kwami.” spiel.
  • Chloe (like Adrien) is immediately on board, especially when she learns her job is to team up with Chat Noir and L A D Y B U G.
  • Next time an akuam attacks, she dutifully runs off to transforms, leaping up next to Ladybug like “HELLO IM YOUR NEW PARTNER, YOU’RE SO PRETTY AND NICE AND I HOPE WE CAN BE FRIENDS ALSO CAN YOU SHOW ME HOW TO USE THIS SPINNING TOP??”
  • Chat and LB are a bit wary at first, since they dont have the best track record with so-called “new miraculous wielders”, but eventually it’s just like ah what the hell lets see what she can do.
  • Their first battle is sort of a juxtaposition to Volpina. Queen Bee is fumbling around, trying to get the hang of her weapon because this is the first thing she’s ever had to work for on her own and she really really just wants to do a good job and not let her hero down. She hangs on to Ladybug’s every word, follows her every command, and just gushes when she gets to see lucky charm do it’s job up close.
  • Ladybug (after her initial reservations) takes to Queen Bee almost immediately, welcoming her to the team with a smile and a fist bump.
  • Chat Noir is amicable as well.
  • (it doesnt last)
  • With the secret knowledge that she is a super hero, Chloe becomes about 200% more smug and unbearable in class. Her and Marinette’s rivalry has never been stronger, and the girls squabble almost every day. 
  • On the other hand, she’s suddenly stopped hitting on Adrien, and now the two are almost as close as they were when they were kids.
  • Queen Bee and Ladybug get along famously… almost too famously for Chat’s taste.
  • He watches them grow closer and closer. Bee somehow convinces LB that a full-bodied hug is an acceptable post-akuma celebration, and she actually goes along with it!
  • The two are joking and bantering and flirting and suddenly cat son finds himself with a bad case of JEALOUS.
  • The final straw is when he sees Queen Bee plants a “platonic” kiss on his Lady’s cheek, only to make the heroine blush the same shade as her mask.
  • (Marinette cant help it okay!! Adrien will always be first in her heart but Q.B is just so sweet and feisty and pretty and-  well she has a thing for blondes)
  • Feelings come to a head. 
  • Chat privately calls Queen Bee out on her behavior, and she snidely reminds him that just because he couldn’t get Ladybug to fall for him doesnt mean she can’t. .
  • (anyone remember the whole “Adrien will have competition?” thing) 
  • Ladies and gentleman, I give you… “The Love Hexagon.”
  • Adrien is great friends with Chloe but bitter rivals with Queen bee.
  • Marinette despises Chloe but loves adores cherishes gets along great with Queen bee.
  • All while the orginal love square is still in effect.
  • In conclusion, rip me
the slow pace of geologic time

Title: the slow pace of geologic time
Author: westernredcedar
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply. Aftermath of Bad Coming Out. Unsupportive Parents.
Completed: Yes
Word count: 4258
SummaryJack looks at her and then puts her luggage down and leans in, grabs her into a full-body hug, right there on the sidewalk, holding her so close. She can’t remember when he last hugged her this hard. “He told his parents. About being gay. About us,” he says into her shoulder. “They were awful.”

Most memorable line: “Eric, hearing you say that is my favorite thing in the entire world.”

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Merthur + all the numbers

1) Who kisses the other on the nose and the one receiving the kiss blushes?

Merlin loves giving Arthur nose kisses!! his mom used to give him nose kisses when he was a kid, so they’re just such a sweet thing that he’s always loved, but the first time he did it to Arthur he looked so completely baffled and taken aback that Merlin had to laugh. now Arthur just gets flustered, cuz he’s still not used to such innocently affectionate gestures.

2) Who sits on their partner’s lap as they wrap their arms around their partners neck?

Merlin fits perfectly in Arthur’s lap, they both agree. he also greatly appreciates the extra height it gives him. they’re almost the same height standing up, so he loves having the chance to tilt Arthur’s face up to get a kiss.

3) Who kisses the inside of their partner’s palm before reassuring them everything is going to be okay?

that’s an Arthur thing. Merlin’s more prone to full body hugs and neck kisses, but Arthur’s a bit more reserved, especially when he’s upset or anxious (and let’s be real, if one of them is anxious, the other one is too). he’ll hold Merlin’s hand, play with his fingers, kiss his palm or the sensitive inside of his wrist. he’ll just press his lips there and linger. it comforts them both.

4) Who initiates the forehead touch™?

they’re both big fans of the forehead touch. it happens a lot tbh. it’s just so close and intimate without either of them having to use their words, lol.

5) Where do they first say “I love you”?

it’s after a big battle, long past when the emotions have stopped running high. Arthur had almost said it before, when he’d been trying to convince Merlin to stay behind, he’d almost blurted it out but he’d stopped himself. they’d both known what he wasn’t saying, but they’d held their tongues because it felt too much like a goodbye in the moment. they rode out and they fought and they saved each other and failed to save others, and they didn’t say it. not until everything was over. Arthur back in his chambers, coming down from the shaky high of battle. Merlin leans in the doorway, watching. he says it first because he doesn’t want it to seem reactionary, like he’s just saying it because Arthur did. he wants Arthur to know he truly means it.

6) Who wraps their arms around their partner who is cooking?

Arthur can’t cook to save his life, but he loves to plaster himself all over Merlin and watch him cook, lol. (and nuzzle his neck and distract him until he abandons the food and they have to reheat everything later.)

7) Who breaks out the first aid kit when the other gets a paper cut?

Arthur is maybe a tiny bit overprotective. just a bit. Merlin just lets him fuss because he knows by now that resistance is futile. also he sort of enjoys the fact that Arthur openly admits to carrying and worrying now. he didn’t used to allow himself to show that kind of vulnerable emotion. so the fussing is worth it.

8) Who cuddles up to the other on the couch?

Arthur is really very tactile and often in need of reassurance, especially if he’s been under a lot of stress at work. he’ll crawl onto the couch and lay himself flat on top of Merlin, burying his face in Merlin’s neck and wrapping arms around him and all but demanding cuddles. Merlin has no objections, even if Arthur is very heavy and might be squashing him a little.

9) How do they hold each other when their partner asks to be held?

Arthur is the little spoon. he doesn’t always want to admit to that for some stupid irrational reason, but when he really needs the comfort, he’ll let Merlin curl around him from behind and wrap him up in strong arms and make him feel safe and cherished and protected from the world, like nothing can get to him while Merlin’s there. for Merlin, it’s best on the couch, curled up sideways in Arthur’s lap so he can hide his face in Arthur’s shoulder and block out everything else while Arthur rubs his back and holds tight to his hand.

10) Who picks up the other fireman style in a playful way?

if you don’t think Arthur throws Merlin over his shoulder every chance he gets (and gets his ass pinched in retaliation every time), then you are very wrong, my friend.

11) Who brings the blanket to wrap them both up in it?

Arthur does because he knows how easily Merlin gets cold.

12) Who falls asleep on who? What is their reaction when the other falls sleep on them?

answered HERE

13) Who likes to be held and who likes to hold?

they’re both pretty clingy. it switches a lot, depending on who had a bad day and what sort of bad day it was. mostly whoever reaches out first gets to be the hugger.

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Yuuri moved to Russia with Viktor. That means we have a small eternity in the timeline to imagine the kind of domestic bliss going on over there.

+ Viktor dragging Yuuri ALL OVER St. Petersburg as soon as Yuuri is no longer jetlagged, showing him everything

+ Viktor sitting in bed with a laptop while Yuuri slept, trying to see if there were any Japanese restaurant with high ratings around because he knew it’s a guarantee that Yuuri will miss home

+ petty arguments over whose turn it is to wash the dishes

+ always shopping extra for groceries because despite all of his complaining Yurio never fails to show up at their place for dinner at least three times a week after moving his home rink to St. Petersburg

+ “I survived in Detroit for five years, Vitya, I’m okay without Japanese food,” Yuuri says in amusement as Viktor dragged him out to eat. But he’s touched anyway and hey, food’s actually pretty damn good!!!

+ Yuuri actually using the kitchen appliances in Viktor’s old apartment

+ Yuuri becoming the neighborhood mystery and every granny and Viktor’s neighbors are Determined to catch him in conversation at least once a day, and Yuuri is terrified because his Russian is broken at best

+ “Alexei (the local butcher) congratulates on ‘finally finding the one after seven tries’,” Yuuri says one day as he returns to Viktor’s apartment with their grocery. “You sure are determined, Vitya.”

+ “I have to be a role model for Alexei, because he gave up after two,” Viktor replies grandly and comes over to give Yuuri a full body hug and a giant sloppy kiss on his cheek and a “Welcome home.”

+ YUURI LEARNING RUSSIAN (Viktor is Delighted)

+ Yurio is horrified when Yuuri repeated some of the things Viktor told him in bed and didn’t tell him what they meant. Yurio signed Yuuri up for a language learning class the day after and Yuuri is too mortified to protest.

+ Yakov invites Yuuri out for a drink and a talk. Yuuri seriously wondering if he should get a will put together in case Viktor’s old coach delivers the shovel talk but just stops at the “shovel” part

+ “Don’t worry, Yakov won’t hurt a fly,” Viktor tells him with barely contained mirth when Yuuri tells him this. After a moment, he also adds, “Besides, his legs are short. You should be able to outrun him.”

+ “Just watch out for the little pistol he has in his coat pocket,” adds Yurio, who is a complete shit

+ Yuuri calling Yurio “Yurachtka” instead of “Yurio”, figuring it’s a tad more friendly. Yurio pretends to blow a gasket over it but is secretly pleased; only his immediate family ever called him that, and Otabek was too formal for it

+ suspiciously, at least half of the fridge is full of things Yurio like to eat. There is a guest room that also has too many animal print stuff in it to belong to either Yuuri or Viktor. Nobody remarks on this

+ Lilia terrifies Yuuri, but they quickly form an amicable (“amicable”) student-teacher relationship after Lilia commands Yuuri to show up at her studio and dance for her. That was how she ended up getting introduced to Minako as well, who is ecstatic

+ the younger kids under Yakov flocking to Yuuri because he’s as talented as Yurio but is so much nicer. Viktor stands on the side of the rink being absolutely Smug

+ MILA AND YUURI FINALLY MEET, hitting it off right away after half a bottle of vodka. Mila has 50+ embarrassing pictures of Viktor and Yurio collected on her phone over the year. Yuuri is in awe

+ anyway I love this

An arm around the neck...

Both in the faux “birthday party” pic and in today’s standing-in-the-water-tank photo Cait had her arm wrapped around Sam’s neck.  It was perhaps the only way to touch Sam with a crew member standing between them, but when they are the only two standing together…

Have you ever posed for a photo with a co-worker with your arm somewhere other than behind their waist?  The only time I’ve ever wrapped my arm around a man’s neck like that was for a kiss, or a slow dance, or a sexy full-body-press hug that I hoped would lead to the removal of clothing.


the summer of love

marcus flint & katie bell : wind-down after quidditch practice, stolen flowers from the neighbor’s garden, gallons of iced coffee, air cooling charms, sparky getting in the way of full body hugs, smoothie bowls for lunch, discussing game manoeuvres, the hobgoblins blasting on the wireless, bedroom antics, soft sheets, comfortable silence, unbeatable team

requested by @calebski for the @hprarepairnet & @slytherdornet summer vacation challenge!

pairing: harry potter x pansy parkinson

setting: modern, non-magical, hockey au

written for: @diarycrux + this

notes: future timestamp/bonus chapter for time go

The whole thing—

It’s not as much of a disaster as it could be, honestly.

Harry’s only been home for, like, forty-five seconds when something small and plastic and deceptively heavy hits him square in the face, splitting the stitches on his upper lip.

“What the fuck,” he snaps, bringing his hand up to his mouth. There’s a potentially concerning amount of blood. “What's—Pansy?”

Pansy is standing in the doorway that leads to the kitchen, her arms crossed over her lower abdomen, wearing a pair of faded black yoga pants and what looks like most of a canister of flour. Her expression is pinched and kind of…panicked, but also furious, but also maybe the slightest bit relieved.

Harry squints at her in confusion. “What’s going on?”  

She raises her eyebrows, glaring pointedly at his feet. “Oh, I don’t know, Harry, why don’t you tell me what’s going on?”

He glances down without really thinking it through, and—

He freezes.

“Is that a pregnancy test?” he blurts out, stomach somehow simultaneously sinking and twisting. With nerves. And dread. And that very unsettling brand of anticipation that usually precedes, like, playoffs overtime and phone calls from his agent. “Wait, why did you throw it at me?”

She sniffs. “I assumed you’d be able catch it.”

“I wasn’t even looking!”

“You’re a professional athlete, you shouldn’t have to be looking.”

Harry gapes at her, shoulders slumping with a familiar flicker of helplessly fond outrage. “Pansy.”

Her lower lip wobbles. “Well? Are you going to check it?” she tries to drawl, but her voice cracks on a quavering note of hysteria, and Harry momentarily forgets about the blood trickling down his chin.

“Uh,” he answers dumbly. “I’m guessing I don’t…have to? Because it’s positive?”

It’s the absolute wrong thing to say, Harry reflects with a wince, watching Pansy gasp, her mouth hanging open and her cheeks flooding with color and her eyes positively glittering with indignation. When she starts talking, he reaches up, semi-instinctively, to loosen the admittedly crooked knot of his tie. He’s going to be a dad, what the fuck.

"—so bad at birth control, don’t you guys get, like, weekly PowerPoint presentations about paternity lawsuits and—wait, why do you look like a vampire?” Pansy pauses, furrowing her brow. “Harry? Who broke you?”

Harry sighs, deeply, before folding her into a warm, full-body hug and dropping a careful kiss onto the top of her head. A few errant rainbow sprinkles are tangled in her hair, and she smells kind of suspiciously like a spice rack, and the diamond stud pierced through the cartilage in her ear is covered in cake batter. He wonders if it’s weird that he finds all of that…charming. Attractive. Irresistible?

It’s probably weird.

"Hey,” he says anyway, and he isn’t sure if it’s because he hasn’t slept in almost twenty-four hours, or because he’s vaguely lightheaded from the blood loss, or because there’s a stupid expensive ring hidden in the bottom of his bag that he’d had to mortifyingly enlist the help of four separate teammates to buy, but—he feels really, just, abruptly confident. Like he’d made an accidental turn down an unfamiliar street and ended up somewhere significantly, undeniably better than wherever the smugly disembodied British voice in his GPS had originally been guiding him. Like—serendipity. A less shitty version of fate.  

“We’re gonna be good at this,” Harry eventually murmurs. “We’re gonna be good.”