full body cosplay

You’d better believe each member of the Justice League wears each other’s merch ironically.

Clark wears a Batman t-shirt to meetings and pretends he doesn’t understand why Bruce is glaring at him.

Diana and Dinah buy each other’s merchandise and have a swap meet from time to time. 

Ollie thinks it’s hilarious and has been known to gift Green Arrow merchandise to members of the team as a congratulations for taking down a particularly tough villain.

Hal shows up to League events in increasingly ridiculous Flash gear - first a Flash keychain, then a phone case, then a t-shirt with a Flash emblem, followed by a bedazzled, sequin-embroidered bomber jacket declaring himself “Flash’s #1 Fan”.

Barry literally showed up to one meeting in full-body Batman cosplay.


Ahhhh the con is over! I had a great time and didn’t make a complete twat out of myself in front of celebrities. Loads of people recognised Rimmer - I was saluting for photos all day. The highlight was singing the Rimmer Song with a storm trooper :D
I reckon this might be my best cosplay yet! I’m v proud of myself.



(almost done with my lup cosplay for animazement!! gonna find some bling and a red jacket. … .. taako is my twinso @midoizuku!)

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For the made-up fic title game : "The big short" or "ComicCon 2K17"

Fic I Would Write For This: Viktor is a big time comic writer with a series that’s made his name and face famous across the world. But sometimes fame gets a little too much for him and he decides to join the increasing trend of celebrities wearing full body cosplay to wander round the lastest con he is due to sign at to remain unrecognised. There he meets Yuuri, his biggest fan who accidentally manages to seduce Viktor in a single day before he finds out who Viktor is. When he discovers the man his has been flirting with is his idol he runs from embarrassment, leaving Viktor heartbroken and with no way to contact him. Determined to find the man who stole his heart, Viktor decides to reach out through the only medium he knows Yuuri will see, his comics. The next issue that hits the shelves features a new character, a character who looks strangely like Yuuri…

Otherwise known as the one where Viktor tries to woo his true love through the medium of art and somehow Yuuri ends up cosplaying as himself

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I can’t wait to wear All Might again so I can spend more than a few minutes on his makeup, 😅. A few fixes to make from this first run, and lots learned about the Muscle Suit, v2.0 and using the suit with Uther’ll be much better because of it! Thanks to Josh Shot Photography for the full body photo, too!