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If you don't mind. I have a campaign where my players are traveling through orcish lands to rescue a friend who had been captured by Orcs. These orcs are hostile demon worshippers, and many demons are allowed to run rampant. They've chosen to avoid towns on their way, but I'd like something to happen to make their rescue more difficult. Any suggestions?

Camping orcs notice them.

Bandits try to rob them.

the road they’re on leads through a town. Going around would add a few extra days, the woods are thick and full of wild boars and other dangerous animals. Not to mention orc hunters.

Orcs can sniff them out.

Make a small town that looks inviting. No signs of orc as far as you can tell. Then ambush them.

Becoming Real - Part 7

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Characters: Thorin, Company, Reader.
Erebor after BOTFA (Everyone lives, fix-it).
Synopsis: Firmly established in Erebor and fed up with the tedium of their daily duties, Thorin’s company tries to revive old times by going on a camping trip. Meanwhile, Thorin is reconsidering his choice of queen and trying to avoid the company’s well-intentioned meddling into his love life, with mixed success.
NSFW. Angsty. Hurt/Comfort with a lot of hurt.  
This is the first sequel to THE LONG DARK. It will make a lot more sense if you read that story first. My thanks go out to my darlings @hardlyfatal, @fromthedeskoftheraven and @snugsbunnyfluff for listening to my interminable whining about this story, making excellent suggestions and slogging through my first (and n-th) drafts without a single complaint.

Tic, tac, and we move
to that place of lesser resistance,
where inertia rests,
and there is no danger.

      — Luis Gil de la Puente

The next day, when the pink light of dawn met your aching eyes, you crawled to your feet in a daze. You hadn’t slept a wink. You looked down at your fingers, counting painstakingly. What did two and one make again? Ah. Three days without sleep now.

The world was oddly hazy when you packed your bedroll. Thorin was there for once. You were so surprised to see him that you handed him your breakfast bowl automatically. As you belatedly realized what you’d done you expected the usual rejection, but he surprised you by taking the offered bowl. He studied your face with a frown as he did so.

You gave him a vague nod, unable to process so much attention from him after days of nothing, and turned away to get another bowl. Picking up the spoon with little enthusiasm, you tried some. It tasted like cardboard mixed with glue. You placed the spoon back into the bowl as you chewed and swallowed, knowing you wouldn’t be able to stomach another spoonful. Then you sat there numbly until it was time to clear the dishes away.

You had never known quite such an exhaustion — or if you had, you didn’t remember it. It was nearly restful to drift, feeling nothing at all. Your hands, lying in your lap like dead birds, seemed to belong to another person entirely. You pondered that idly as the Company broke camp all around you, did all the things you usually helped with — dousing the remains of the fire and covering it with fresh earth, washing up and packing and cleaning up after themselves.

You only looked up when Fíli’s face appeared in your line of sight. He placed a hand on your shoulder.

“We’re leaving now,” he said, studying you with worried eyes.

You let him pull you to your feet. He helped you shoulder your small backpack and grabbed your elbow when you promptly stumbled over a small mole hill.

“Are you well?” he murmured.

You offered him the same airy nod you’d given Thorin. “Never better,” you droned.

Thorin frowned in your direction.

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Ok @willowdeville, you asked for some Mshenko! So here, have some silly Mshenko fluff! For the prompt meme - #49: “I’m really drunk, please help me.”

Kaidan hunched his head and pulled the collar of his jacket up a little bit higher, trying to hide his face from the cold as much as possible. When he had started his night the weather had been just on the cool side, in between the too warm for a jacket and not warm enough for just a sweater. His breath misted in the air as he walked along the street. A pleasant buzz gave a lightness to his steps, a soft smile twitching at his lips.

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New Girl

Request:  Hello love! Hope you’re having an awesome day :) I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is like a total badass and has been the only lost girl for a long time and her and Peter are like “a thing” but haven’t really labeled themselves, then suddenly Wendy appears and Peter starts to neglect the reader for her and then the reader makes Peter decide between her or Wendy? Xx

Pairing: Reader × Peter Pan × Wendy Darling

Rated: PG-13

Warning: none

 **Part 2**

  You drew the bow back and aimed the arrow straight at the head of the wild boar. Felix always told you to aim for the head so the meat isn’t damaged and the animal dies instantly.

  You released and smiled proudly when the boar instantly dropped.

   You started skinning the boar with the pocket knife that Peter gave you a while ago. You felt a hand on your shoulder, “Nice kill, Y/N.”

    You turned your head and smiled when you saw Peter admiring the boar.

     “Thank you” you said as Peter squat down next to you and started helping you.

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      The day ended with Peter and you making out against a tree. Peter pulled away and started kissing your neck.

      You wrapped your arms around his neck and moaned softly.

       Peter stopped and backed away quickly, “Someone’s on the island.”

       Peter could always feel when someone either came on the island or left the island.

       You quickly grabbed the sack full of the boar meat and followed Pan to the beach where people usually landed.

        When you arrived there was a girl, wandering around, looking lost. She was wearing a white dress and had blonde hair.

        “W-who are you??” She asked.

         Peter held his hands up and started walking towards the girl, “I’m Peter, Peter Pan.”

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         You secretly hoped that she was temporary. You were the only girl on the island and you liked it that way. Plus, she was very pretty which made you nervous that Peter would take an interest into her.

          Peter and you definitely acted like a couple but didn’t really put a label on it.

          “Y/N, will you please bring the meat to the boys. I’m going to show our new friend Wendy around.” Peter said to you.

           You looked from Peter to Wendy, a disapproving look on your face. “Are you sure about this?” You asked Peter.

           He nodded and put his hand on your cheek and gave you a quick kiss, “Don’t be worried” he stated.

          You smiled and walked back to the campsite with the sack of meat.

          Peter never came back for dinner. He wasn’t even there when you fell asleep in his bed. When you first came on the island Peter gave you a tour but it certainly didn’t last this long.

*Next Day*

         You woke up with Peter’s arm around your waist and his head rested on your shoulder. You smiled and laid on your side and gave Pan a soft kiss.

          His eyes fluttered open and smile spread across his face, “Good morning my lovely lost girl.”

          You smiled and wrapped your arms around him and bit your lip, “So, what’s Wendy like?”

          “Well, she’s sweet and seems very innocent and scared.” He said looking up at the ceiling.

           You rolled your eyes and got out of bed and started putting your clothes back on. “Where are you going babe?” Peter asked sitting up in bed.

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           “I’m gonna go start target practice with the lost boys.” You said putting your boots on.

            Peter got up and wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead, “You alright darling?”

           You smiled and nodded, “Of course.” You leaned up and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and left the tree house.

            You had a day full of teaching the lost boys how to throw knives, how to hunt and you did a little cleaning up.

             Peter hasn’t been around all day, neither was Wendy so you knew that they had to be together.

             You didn’t want to feel jealous or clingy because you two weren’t “together” but you were a girl, of course you would feel those emotions.

             Peter and Wendy came back to the camp just in time for dinner. You watched Peter give Wendy some,food,and then he sat down right next to her and began eating.

            You got up angrily and walked to Peter’s tree house and decided to wait on his bed to confront him.

            Peter came up several hours later, “Y/N, I’ve been looking for you all over! You had me worried” Peter said sitting next to you taking your hand in his.

           You pulled away and stood up, “I’m just going to be straight up with you. Do you have a thing for Wendy?” You asked staring straight at him.

            Peter frowned, “What??”

             “Don’t play stupid with me Pan, you’ve been ditching me and the lost boys for her.”

              Peter smirked and stood up, “Are you jealous?”

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              You rolled your eyes, “Screw off Peter. Why would I be jealous of a girl like that when I’m ten times better?” You said crossing your arms.

              Peter came closer to you and grabbed your face, “I don’t know why but I know you are darling.”

             You pushed Peter away, tears filling your eyes, “Choose Pan.”

             Peter frowned over you calling him Pan, you never have called him that.

             “Choose what Y/N?” Peter asked with a frown.

              “Choose between me and Wendy. You obviously feel something for her. How could you not? She’s pretty, innocent and afraid. Just how you liked me when I first came on the island.”

               “You’re being ridiculous Y/N” Peter said backing up.

             Tears started running down your face, “Oh yeah? Is that why you’re leaving to go to see Wendy?”

            Peter breathed out and looked at the door then you, “ Y/N..”

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           You wiped your eyes and walked past Peter, “I’ll go” you said lowering down onto the ladder.

            You looked up at Peter, “Hope you’re happy.”

             You climbed down the ladder and turned your back on the tree house and the thing you loved the most.

hopefully this is my last troll for awhile but i needed her so i could send vulgar things

Her name is Volvig Cicesh, a 5'4’’ fighter baby who loves any and all body types. You get in front of her and the first thing she’ll ask are when are your legs open.

Her lusus is a wild boar and they used to wrestle and bash their heads together when she was younger.

She extremely loud and brash, there is no filter on her mouth, even if you tell her to stop speaking her mind it will only last for 5 minutes. Although she is highly adaptable, if she wants to be on your good side she will do anything to get there.

Her favorite things to do are wrestling, kickboxing, and “admiring” the form and body of other trolls. She also loves to hang from things and sometimes will use her horns for this purpose, sadly she has also found that, that isn’t always the best way to hang, so she limits that to places she feels she can get out of.

She talks with an emphasis on certain words at random, and her O’s are replaced with ones with a dot in the center (im really lazy so im not going to find the symbol now)

Shes spunky and lives in a more dry region.

She discriminates against no troll, whether they are thick or thin, weak or muscular, she will just try to whip their pants down anyway.

Chumhandle: boxingBootaious

edit: also if she uses her strife they are brass knuckles

That last gifset/meta I reblogged got me thinking.  When Hook was using his blacksmith ruse, Emma really pretty much had zero use for him.  He was ogre food, dispensible, just basically a pain in the ass who she knew was lying, but who she didn’t have time to sit there and play games with.

The second, the second, he flips that switch (in that way he does that’s soooo subtle but soooo there), with his “Good for you, love! You bested me” …  Emma actually stops walking. She actually pauses.  Like it all finally came together and when she goes back to confront him, again, this time, without the “disguise” … this time, she sees something there that she understands and it’s what makes her untie him.  It’s really that moment, meeting Captain Hook, and not the blacksmith, that Emma sees something there that might be useful.

It’s just that neither of them know just what that’s going to come to mean for the both of them.  And I think it’s just such an underrated scene for the two of them.  I was full-boar on this ship by the time The Doctor was over, it was because of those little subtleties, that they both just play so so well.

Pan - Chapter Ten

AU Peter Pan Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: Um… so… don’t cry ok… and don’t hate me :D

Jane leaned back against Thomas’ chest as she looked into the raging indoor fire pit. Her stomach full of the boar he’d caught and cooked, her mind racing with joy at the idea of living like this forever. Forever. It didn’t seem like long enough. She ran her hands down the figure fitting black trousers the fairies had given her, twisting her fingers in the knot of the crop top she’d made from the oversized shirt. She’d never have worn something this revealing at home. The top cut down low, exposing the tops of her breasts, the fabric knotted tight just under her bra line to show off her slim stomach, the pants sitting low on her hips. She’d never felt more comfortable in her skin.

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Please signal boost if you can! I really need as many people to see this as possible!

This is Leroy, my parents’ roughly 11 year-old, 18-pound toy Red Merle Australian Shepherd. He went missing around August 25 2014, from Otter Rock, Oregon, United States, and we’re becoming more and more convinced he was stolen. He’s the friendliest dog on the planet, which was his downfall as he has, on multiple occasions, hopped into other peoples’ cars and walked through open doors into other peoples’ homes. Pretty much all he’s scared of is water (yes, even rain).

The photos fairly accurately capture his coloring, though in direct sunlight he becomes a much more orange color (think like a human’s red hair). He was also wearing the same collar and tags pictured when he went missing. Despite his age, he’s high energy and runs and jumps full-boar as if he’s no older than puppy age. He also has a very distinctive bark, and barks. A lot. At pretty much everything, but especially when he’s either hungry or wants to go for a car ride. Car rides are his #1 love (his previous owner said he was once a breeding stud, so he never really learned how to play with toys), and when given the chance he will stick half his body out the window.

If in fact he was stolen, there’s always the chance whoever stole him would refuse to give him up, particularly since he had his collar with his name and our phone number on it. So in addition to keeping a close eye on Craigslist and search-everywhere-at-once pet adoption search engines, I hope to spread the word here and hopefully get as many people keeping an eye out as possible.

So please keep an eye out for this dog! Even simply knowing a possible location would help immensely. If you see him, or quite possibly even have him, please contact me at suicune3k(at)yahoo.com.

Thank you so much for your time everyone!