full boar


I have a cool headcanon where Daphnes, Link, and Ganondorf instead of regular teeth they have animal-like teeth in what they transform themselves into. Ex. Daphnes has lion teeth, Link has Wolf-like teeth, and Ganondorf has full blown Boar teeth. I really want to work more on the teeth with other characters ,but for now just these guyz!


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This is Leroy, my parents’ roughly 11 year-old, 18-pound toy Red Merle Australian Shepherd. He went missing around August 25 2014, from Otter Rock, Oregon, United States, and we’re becoming more and more convinced he was stolen. He’s the friendliest dog on the planet, which was his downfall as he has, on multiple occasions, hopped into other peoples’ cars and walked through open doors into other peoples’ homes. Pretty much all he’s scared of is water (yes, even rain).

The photos fairly accurately capture his coloring, though in direct sunlight he becomes a much more orange color (think like a human’s red hair). He was also wearing the same collar and tags pictured when he went missing. Despite his age, he’s high energy and runs and jumps full-boar as if he’s no older than puppy age. He also has a very distinctive bark, and barks. A lot. At pretty much everything, but especially when he’s either hungry or wants to go for a car ride. Car rides are his #1 love (his previous owner said he was once a breeding stud, so he never really learned how to play with toys), and when given the chance he will stick half his body out the window.

If in fact he was stolen, there’s always the chance whoever stole him would refuse to give him up, particularly since he had his collar with his name and our phone number on it. So in addition to keeping a close eye on Craigslist and search-everywhere-at-once pet adoption search engines, I hope to spread the word here and hopefully get as many people keeping an eye out as possible.

So please keep an eye out for this dog! Even simply knowing a possible location would help immensely. If you see him, or quite possibly even have him, please contact me at suicune3k(at)yahoo.com.

Thank you so much for your time everyone!