full bleed


A few of the illustrations I made for Moby-Dick are two-page spreads, and here they are, including the frontispiece and the map at the end of the book. All illustrations are full-bleed (printed to the edge of the page), which I think works well with the jarring, shadowy quality I was going for.

FOUR DAYS LEFT to preorder this book! Almost to goal. Thanks everyone!


Because faith does not look like perfection

Faith is things that are hoped for.

My faith looks like me, running full speed,

Scraped, broken, bleeding, exhausted,

On a path that may seem so dark 

That I can’t see in front of me.

But I know that it ends 

With the most magnificent light ever seen.

And that’s my story.

Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1969

Editors note: This new look at untitled 1969, gives us a more detailed and furious look than our original scan here, which is widely seen around the internet. There’s far more red-purple in this version as well as more brush detail and accents of yellow peeking out from under. The more exciting thing for me, is that now we see the full bleed canvas, where before we were a little cropped on the right and tightened on the edges. This color scheme now is close to the more serene Grey and Mauve  painted the same year.

Our former, more pastel view is beautiful and still, but this new one fits better into Rothko’s 1969 style: more dark and stormy than calm.

The world revolves around you
only for the seconds you have a chance to speak
in crowds of people who feel the same need.

The words evolved and found you
to become a weapon your mouth uses when weak
in vows you keep full only if shame breeds.

You claim yourself a pedestal
for anyone who needs your strength.

But in vain, your head is full
and everyone here bleeds the same.

Naked as we come:
deranged and dissolute.
We are self-destructive and full of love,
bleeding infinite beginnings
and tasting not copper, but gold.
We throw caution to the wind
and let our love swallow us whole.
Let us elude simplicity.
Let us never stop living in the red.
Let us die and be reborn
time and time again.
For life is only interesting
when it is wide.
—  Dear Lucien
Fruit loops make everything better

I was making an invite for a breakfast-themed event for a non-profit for kids. I started with a full-bleed photo of Fruit Loops cereal for texture. My boss wanted something healthier. I searched for hours because each photo I found was rejected, until we settled on a picture of gourmet toast and jam. The following week, my boss said that she had changed her mind; our current photo didn’t relate to kids at all. She sent me a photo of bear-shaped pancakes with chocolate chips for eyes (not so healthy). It didn’t fit on the invite, so after a full day of back and forth we went with a full-bleed photo of cheerios, which was pretty close to my original design.

The real kick in the pants came when the executive director saw the final printed piece.

Client: It’s nice, but I wish it were more colorful. Fruit Loops would’ve been better.

Who’s the most evil dude in the neighborhood? this guy.


Just an excuse to do a  backlight character image, simple right? well I got caught up in designing the face, designed it, rendered it and scrapped it 4 times. First it was a normal looking dude with top hair, then a more stylized version, then a more demonic guy and this one is more of a Japanese demon. 

Ran out of time again, also I wanted to do a more full bleed composition, more like covering the whole width of the image, top and bottom, so it is a bit stiff and chunky. -Gabo

Worst quality video you could imagine (a combination of filming a screen and uploading a big file onto tumblr), but you get the idea of it.
(HD helps a tiny little bit) 
I am not sure what to do with the logo and navigation bar, if I want to pin it or not. And as I said before I think I’d rather make the images smaller and give them room to breathe than going all full bleed, I think that would also feel more appropriate with my whole identity, which is very airy. Maybe I can take inspiration from my portfolio layouts for this.
The type can probably be a bit smaller.
Also this is the version with un-edited photos. 



Blank Party is finally here, and our first major project is a comics anthology fanzine all about the wonderful beautiful amazing SNES RPG …


… and we want your submissions!


  • We are looking for comics and illustrations about anything Earthbound-related that you can think of.
  • The zine will be printed at 5.25 x 8.125 inches, in full color and with full bleed! Please make your files 5.5 x 8.375 inches (the extra 1/8 inch will be cut off for bleed), 300 DPI/PPI, and CMYK! You can use this template!
  • You can submit one to four pages! You can do a two-page spread! You can do 2 two-page spreads!!!
  • Earthbound was released with a kid-friendly ESRB rating and we are following that in this project.  When working on your submission, keep that in mind.
  • This anthology will be curated, but all submissions will be posted on a special Earthbound Party Tumblr.


  • Please email your completed .PSDs or .PNGs (or a download link, if your file’s big!) to BlankPartyClub[at]gmail.com with the subject Earthbound Party Submission.  
  • Name your files like this: “artistname_01”, “artistname_02”, etc.
  • The deadline is July 1st!

 - By submitting to Earthbound Party, you are allowing us the right to print your submission in the zine, and to post it on Tumblr. -

All contributors included in the physical zine will receive one hard copy, and those contributors will be able to order extra copies from us at a wholesale price.

So get your pencil eraser and your eraser eraser and send us your stuff! 

Hello! I’m really happy to announce that submissions are now open for Uppermind Ink’s RESTLESS MINDS anthology series! 


The first Restless Minds turned out better than expected and I want to continue exploring the mind in a yearly comics anthology! This years theme is Imagination. This can be as broad or pin-pointed as you want, but the focus will be on Illustrations and Comics that show how you use your imagination to fuel your creativity when creating art!

If you’re interested in checking out the first book here’s a link: RESTLESS MINDS #1: ANXIETY!


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