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Assorted Death Glare.

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I always find it funny when books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson get crap for being ‘witchcraft’ and ‘anti-christian’ but you know who no one ever talks about? Phillip Pullman and his masterpiece His Dark Materials trilogy. Some of you may recognize the first book’s title, The Golden Compass from the awful movie adaption, but seriously those books are so so good and full of badass witches rebelling against the vadican for mutilating children, gay ass angels who join the rebellion so they can be free to love each other, an ex nun who escapes the oppression of the church to pursue a life of science, a little girl who is so good at manipulating she overthrows an entire empire in one day, and a 12 year old boy who murders god with a knife

Sunny Baudelaire: *is pretty much the most badass character in asoue*

Me: I must protect her

Sunny: Can bite through concrete and survive combat against an armed adult

Me: So Smol, so Good

Sunny: *Burns down a hotel*

Me: So Pure. My beloved Daughter. Protect her

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bucky, stop.

if acowar gives us elain being threatened and Lucien going FULL BADASS to defend her with the powers we can assume he has despite pointedly never using or talking about them, i will ascend from this mortal plane. that is all.

okay, but like what if neville went full plant-lover-badass after the war? like he finally gets known as both the most kind and strong teachers at hogwarts?

neville longbottom covered in colourful tattoos of flowers and plants.

neville longbottom seeing one of his students being bullied and setting his foot down.

neville longbottom with earrings in the shape of cacti.

neville longbottom turning his scars from the death eaters into vines and roses.

neville longbottom jamming to some loud hardcore music in-between classes.

neville longbottom switching to classical music the moment a student walks in so they don’t get scared.

neville longbottom with flower tattoos.

Post War Neville Longbottom

based off this post from @wingardiumleviosnah

Post War Neville

Post War Neville a full on plant-lover-badass.

Post War Neville changing his style, piercing his ears, wearing buttoned up shirts with sweaters, flannel, jeans and leather boots.

Neville Longbottom loving plants even more after the war.

Neville Longbottom being covered in colourful tattoos of flowers and plants, using these tattoos to cover the scars death eaters gave him.

Post War Neville starting his Job working as a Professor at Hogwarts.

Neville standing up for his students being bullied.
Professor Neville Longbottom getting excited to teach his students about what he loves.

Neville Calming his students down by having a class pet to keep them company if the war’s still giving them troubles.

Neville Longbottom being one of the best professors Hogwarts has ever seen.

Full on Plant-lover-badass Neville Longbottom

Seriously, you guys need to start watching Van Helsing, mostly if you ship Clexa, Hollstein, Wayhaught etc

Not only is full of badass characters, but these badass characters are:

-Vanessa (Van) Helsing [played by the wonderful Kelly Overton], bisexual lead character half human half vampire who happens to look a lot like Natasha Negovanlis

-Susan, Vanessa’s best friend and love interest, also bisexyal, who has history of being abused by violent men but who still manages to look at the world with hope

-Sam, a deaf man who is probably the most badass guy in this show?!! His disability never once is presented as an obstacle

-Doc, a WOC who is super smart and who is paired with the white male of the show

-Mohamad, another super badass POC, a teenager (i think) who saves everyone’s ass several times


-Interesting plot

-Already renewed for Season 2

-Aleks Paunovic is in the main cast (Gustus from The 100)

-Only 13 episode for Season 1, so it’s easy to binge watch