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This is kinda a wonky question, but I don't really understand all the controversy about Autism Speaks? Could you help me out if you know? If not that's totally cool thanks for acknowledging me. You're so cool omg

Pfft thank you xD 

Too sum it up quickly here’s a video they made, with the narrator supposedly being autism itself (If you get upset easily don’t watch it (I can’t watch the full thing)

Former Autism Speaks board member Harry Slatkin, whose wife, Laura, continues to serve on the Board of Directors, stated in an interview with Town and Country while still a board member that sometimes he hoped their autistic son David would drown in the backyard pond rather than “suffer like this all his life.” Evidencing a pattern of similarly violent rhetoric, Autism Speaks is also responsible for the 2006 PSA “Autism Every Day“ in which their then Vice President states on camera that she considered putting her autistic daughter in the car and driving off a bridge, and that the only reason she refrained from doing so was because her other, non-autistic daughter would have been waiting for her at home—her autistic daughter was in the room as she made these statements. Furthermore, the producer of this PSA explicitly admitted that the film was intentionally staged to portray negative images of autistic people and their families.

Only four days following the release of “Autism Every Day,” pathologist Karen McCarron smothered her autistic daughter with a garbage bag. McCarron stated that she murdered Katie because her “autism had not been improving,” had thought about killing Katie, that made an earlier brief attempt at suffocation, wanted to cure Katie, thought killing Katie would make her “complete” in heaven, and wanted to live without autism and thus had to kill Katie. Investigators found that McCarron was obsessed with different treatments for Katie. (See People v. FRANK-McCARRON, 934 NE 2d 76 - Ill: Appellate Court, 3rd Dist. 2010.) Though it is not presently possible to draw a direct connection between Autism Speaks’ PSA and Katie’s murder, this crime and dozens like it only underscore how the kind of rhetoric that Autism Speaks favors only serves to recklessly endanger the lives of autistic people.

(source article)

Autism Speaks also publicly supports the Judge Rotenberg Center, a group home for autistic and neurodivergent students that uses “treatments” like food and sleep deprivation and electric shock to try and train the residents into acting neurotypical. The center has changed states three times in an attempt to bypass regulation against abusive treatment, and their practices have resulted in the deaths of more than one student.


  • Autism Speaks does not have a single autistic member on their board.
  • Autism Speaks only spends 4% of their budget on “family services”.
  • Much of Autism Speaks’ money goes toward research, and much of that research centers on finding a way to eliminate autism, and thus, autistics (which will likely be done through a prenatal test, in the same way that the Down’s Syndrome test is conducted).
  • Autism Speaks produces advertisments, small films, etc. about what a burden autistic people are to society.
  • Autism Speaks was responsible for “Autism Every Day”, which featured a member of their board talking about contemplating murder-suicide of her daughter in front of her daughter. This has now be removed from Autism Speaks’ Youtube channel.
  • Autism Speaks is responsible for the atrocity known as “I am Autism”, a short film produced by the same person who directed the 3rd Harry Potter movie (yes, really) and features an ominous voice saying things like “I am autism…I know where you live…I work faster than pediatric AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined…I will make sure your marriage fails.”

For further reading, here are a few resources about Autism Speaks:

Here are a few other terrible things that Autism Speaks has done recently.

  • This woman’s job offer was rescinded after she asked Autism Speaks for accommodations in caring for her autistic son.  They refused, and she made necessary accommodations for childcare, but they withdrew her offer anyways.
  • Autism Speaks shared the news of Google removing hate speech regarding autistics from Google’s autofill feature, completely erasing any mention of autistic people’s flashblogs having anything to do with the change.  It was only after a member of the autism community (and not a parent, but an autistic person themselves) spoke with a reporter about the flashblog and a statement was released to the media that Google decided to make this change.
  • Autism Speaks highlighted AAC use, while erasing those those who actually use AAC devices to communicate.  The focus was on the caretakers, not on the autistic people themselves. (The attached link has a link to a rebuttal by a nonspeaking autistic person, Amy Sequenzia).

In short: Its a hate group disguised as a charity and my god I want it to end


hello! i’m eli and i’m 16 years old (in the first pic i’m 7!)

when i was 2 years old, i began to develop an eating disorder and no one knew the name or anything about it, it is now known as avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder or ARFID. it’s different from most eating disorders in that it’s sensory linked and has little do do with body image. basically, most of my life i’ve only been able to eat very few different kinds of foods. i’m still harassed and teased for my eating disorder by my family and by random strangers today.

when i was about 13, i began to hit a downward slope. i stopped doing homework and i stopped studying and would be beyond exhausted from school. i was diagnosed originally with a depressive disorder unspecified and an anxiety disorder unspecified

after rounds and rounds of med changes and therapist after therapist, it was evident that nothing was working. i was then diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. this was about a year ago

and then i began to get very ill, with extreme migraines nearly everyday and constant nausea. every illness is always blamed on my eating disorder, so that is what happened there. i was basically told that i was going to die if i didnt get rid of my eating disorder. it was terrifying and no one believed me when i said i felt like i literally couldnt physically eat foods that werent ‘safe’ for me.

about a month ago i was put into an impatient program for my eating disorder in which i was abused (i’m not going to go into details, but if you’d like to know more, you can message me. sharing what happened to me in a way helps me feel better, especially with those who can relate). i was so lucky to get out of the program after a week, when our insurance stopped covering the program at the claim that i’d had ARFID for so long that i would never be able to get rid of it (what the insurance company said saved me but was also very crushing). i’m still suffering trauma from the abuse and i have nightmares nearly every night about it and i have an extreme fear of being locked up and my thought broadcasting paranoia has worsened

i discovered that i might be autistic about 6 months ago, when i first learned how comorbid my eating disorder was with autism. however, i was unable to tell anyone due to the fact that i usually go mute when having to talk about hard subjects and after my trauma, i worried that a professional autism diagnosis would have me locked up in a hospital even more easily.

last week after visiting my doctor, i learned that they have found out that i am most likely autistic. i have to go back to the hospital in which i was abused for an autism assessment. i am relieved to finally have a diagnosis but beyond terrified to return to that hospital.

so yeah, a lot of stories on here end in nice closure but i’m still getting there. my school situation is still very bad and i still have chronic migraines as well as prediabetes from my ARFID. i’ve not always been confident about my disabilities and disorders, and i now feel like i am on the inside, even if it’s hard for me to show on the outside. 

i hope you all wish me luck, i love hearing all your stories you are all so incredible and help me to move along so much. #noshameday

Getting a full diagnosis for Autism is a long process and is a very serious decision. 

It takes months of waiting, it takes countless appointments that’re expensive, and on top of that you need to be FUCKING FOR CERTAIN that you want to go through with it. 

People online tend to forget that Autism is a very serious mental and medical condition that people live with for the rest of their lives. Autism is considered a disability and it affects people very differently around the world. Someone can be severely handicapped and someone else can have a high functioning range of comprehension. That’s why the medical field refers to people who have Autism / Asperger’s Syndrome as being on the Autism Spectrum (ASD).

That’s why it kinda makes me angry when people self diagnose themselves as having ASD without consulting to their doctor / therapist. There is a whole process of getting this shit taken care of and a lot of people who’re serious about getting help to fit in to society have gone through so much in order to make that happen. 

Whether it’s to help their concentration or their anxiety or their communication skills, people are getting diagnosed so they can become a high functioning adult. 

That doesn’t mean that they’re ashamed of the fact they’re on the Autism Spectrum, going out and getting diagnosed means they want to get help to learn how to live with what they have. 

And this can go towards any disability both medical and mental: If it affects your everyday life to the point where you can’t function then you need to put your money towards getting help so you can start living your life again. 

I have nothing against people who self diagnose that don’t have the money to get a full diagnosis but that should be your goal once you have a job and you have money to get that taken care of. 

But if you just self identify & use Autism as another label to make yourself seem special: Fuck you. Fuck you very much. You’re not helping people who’re on the Autism Spectrum, you’re being a fucking disgrace and actually hurting real people who live with ASD. By using it as another label, you discredit everyone else who is trying to be a part of society while learning how to live with what they have. 

I got 3 new jobs today ☺️☺️☺️

Comorbidity: Awesome word, less awesome thing.

Comorbidity is a hell of a drug. I’m Corey, and this is Autistalk.

In a previous post I used the term “an oroborus of bullshit,” and while it was completely accurate in that context, I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t save it for this one. It is, after all, pretty much a perfect definition of comorbidity. But if we’re trying to be slightly more appropriate about things, comorbdity is simply the presence of multiple conditions. That’s it! Fairly simple, right? But comorbodity is pretty much the bane of my existence.

While these conditions don’t have to be related, more often than not they feed into each other. Anxiety, autism, depression, ADHD, OCPD… not the most cheerful of combinations, but one I’ve seen far too often. See, the thing is that no mental illness exists in a vacuum, and a lot of them tend to have issues that are similar, or at the very least, overlap. I get anxious because I’m depressed, and I get more depressed because I’m anxious. “Vicious cycle” doesn’t even begin to cover it. But, for as much of a pain as comorbidity is, being aware of it can be quite helpful when it comes to figuring out issues.

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whenever i do something Really Fuckin Weird i have to say “oh i was on laughing gas” or “oh i didnt take my meds” to justify it, when in reality i do Weird Shit because thats my personality honestly

can yall understand what im saying? i sure as hell cant

The New Taste Sensation!

As far as most of the world knows, I have a minor nut allergy.

Nothing fatal or serious, just a bad reaction, so I don’t eat them if I can avoid it. Not a “can’t be in the room” thing, I just gotta be careful what I eat.

To people who know a little more about Autism, I’m less guarded on that front. “It’s a sensory thing,” or even just “it’s an autism thing. Can’t eat certain foods.” Same with onions, tomatos, a handful of other things. But a lot of those people have very concrete ideas about disability, and because I don’t match their idea of what Autism is, so I’m always prepared to get crap for it. I’m not really autistic, or not trying hard enough, I’m just picky.

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Oh my god, there are SO MANY… I’m still undiagnosed officially, but my history is full of autism signs.

One of the most obvious examples is how literally I took EVERYTHING when I was small…

Dad, as we are ready to leave for the store or something: “All right, let’s hit the bricks!”

Me: “All right!” *goes outside and begins slapping the bricks on the exterior of the house*

Dad, coming outside and seeing what I’m doing: “Why are you doing that?”

Me: *is mystified*

In a society of neurotypicals, relationship cultivation is about being friendly and showing concern. For most people with autism, cultivation is practiced through shared interests. This means that we discuss facts and topics of interest.

A Full Life with Autism, by Chantal Sicile-Kira and Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Everything makes so much sense now lmao.

yknow what im really lucky in the grand scheme of thing. a lot of people are in a lot of danger when stuff relevant to the trauma of an alter’s split happens but in this case, all renny’s done so far is Want to get drunk and fuck random strangers (which he hasn’t done, and i know this bc we’re basically never alone), and ordered me a sandwich on the wrong bread knowing full well than Autism™ would make it incredibly hard to eat. so like, really.

On Self-DX

As y’all know, I’m wishy-washy about the self-dx thing. My reason for posting on it at all is the amount of poop in the anti-self-dx posts that show up in the #autism tag. I might address actual pros and cons of self-dx later in this post, but my first points will be to address the poop.

1) It’s insulting to real autistics.
POOP. So far the only people I have seen make this claim are not actually autistic, they are not-autistics trying to speak for us poor autistic people that can’t speak for ourselves. We can, and we disagree. (if you are autistic and do find self-dxers to be an insult, feel free to respond and let us know why you find it insulting)

2) It’s harmful to real autistics.
This one needs evidence. How does someone saying “I am autistic” hurt me, an officially diagnosed autistic? How could it be, since the only things “real” autistics get from diagnosis is accommodations that require evidence? Self-DXers do not take resources from me.

3) You’re not autistic until a certified doctor says you are.
This is hilarious. If it were true then all we would have to do to eradicate autism is never tell anyone that they were autistic. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Autism is something we’re born with, whether a doctor tells us we are or not. Words are not magic that make it come into existence.

4) It’s wrong.
Moral judgments carry no weight without context. “Wrong” has to be defined. It’s an assertion with zero value.

5) Saying you’re autistic doesn’t make you autistic.
See point 3.

When I started to lose language processing ability, doctors told my mother I was going deaf. When it was proved that I wasn’t, they told her I was mentally retarded, in spite of the fact that I had previously been speaking and understanding speech. Why did they do this? Because I was a little girl and little girls can’t be autistic, it’s a boy disorder. (Later on I found out many doctors narrow it even further to white boys of middle income families.) It took two years of the most important development years of my life to get diagnosed with what was actually wrong. Fortunately, my mother, without knowing about autism, took it upon herself to diagnose me with a learning disorder that made spoken words hard and taught me to read and write long before I was finally diagnosed. (Aside re the mentally retarded - I am a member of Mensa and a software engineer. It’s a stupid thing to tell a parent of a 4 year old based on language processing.)

In the US, diagnosis for autism is ten to twenty thousand dollars. Of course only middle income kids are diagnosed - poor kids can’t afford to be. No, schools in low income neighborhoods do NOT sponsor the testing, they don’t have the money, either.

Doctors TODAY tell me that I can’t be autistic because I’m a girl. It is not a “used to be this way but it’s improved” thing. It is still a thing. So a non-verbal adult that cannot infer things from social cues, with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) signs, has unmanageable anxiety in social situations, etc (full list of autism criteria) can’t be diagnosed with autism simply for being born with a vagina.

I have had a doctor tell me that autism should be removed from my records because I had a head injury and head injuries are not classified as autism. In spite of the fact that the autism diagnosis came more than ten years before the head injury. Yeah, doctors can be incredibly stupid. Don’t forget that a doctor that graduated last in his class after repeating the course 12 times is still a doctor.

A serious reason for going beyond self-dx - some of the things that people think of as autism aren’t. And they are more treatable. Such as various anxiety disorders - if they are NOT autism, there are meds and therapies that can help a lot.

In closing, if a teenager suffering the usual teenager angst and confusion looks around at the autism criteria and diagnoses themself as an autistic all they’ve done is give themself a handle to hold onto until they grow through it. They haven’t hurt anyone.
If it turns out they are autistic, they’ve joined a community that can support them.
If it turns out they aren’t, they’ve become part of the community and a good ally because they have looked at it from the insider’s point of view.


If non-autistic neurology explains why most people watch sad movies and become sad, or see a romance and feel charmed, maybe that’s also why they like those shitty ~uplifting~ songs like that godawful “Walking on Sunshine” ear-turd!


A lifetime of bitter loathing has come to a random end with this completely astonishing “OH” moment.

EDIT: that song still blows goats though.