The signs

Aries is every smile on every face, taking the mind to heights never known, opening eyes again, leaving behind pain.

Taurus is every flowers petals, the noise trees make when then wind blows softly at night. Taurus is eyesight.

Gemini opened my mind completely, for it can never be closed again. I am the universe.

Cancer is the beauty that exists on this earth yet humble, you can see stars in their eyes. Cancer is the silence that helps you to sleep at night

Leo makes me lost for words, I have to catch my breath when they speak because what they have to say is always breathtaking, they hold the entire sky in the palm of their hands

Virgo notices what seems to be invisible to others, virgo is every beautiful thing in nature, the creators of life

Libra is limitless, everything near and around them stops as they walk by with total grace, Libras are the whispers you hear at night, putting you soundfully to rest

Scorpio talks to demons when alone, swimming along with them in pools of darkness, drowning each one and then themselves

Sagittarius is every religion to exist, every unanswerable question, walking God’s living among the earth

Capricorn are the natural disasters of the earth, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados. there is something beautiful about the things we have no control over.

Aquarius is so lovely in their madness, their voices are music, the embodiment of abstraction, the most alive beings in the cosmos

Pisces brings hot tears to my tired eyes because of their beauty, full of divine color, they understand sentient life more than anyone. We’d be lost without them.


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Dusk by Michael Boys
Via Flickr:
This was a beautiful evening at the Magic Kingdom. The sky lit up with numerous clouds catching purple from the setting sun. The full moon perched above Prince Eric’s Castle was the proverbial cherry on top.



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💫 @yesung1106 : after long time ^^ #superjunior #holiday
☀️ Heechul comment on Yesung’s photo : As expected there is a difference between (your photo) and the one teuk uploaded. The photoshop is stunning
☀️ Yesung reply Heecuhul’s comment :
Yesung: Heenim Of course! Colour is the most important ~
💫 @xxteukxx : ..#meeting..#superjunior#sj#sj#superjunior.
💫 @siwon1987 : good day for good friends.
Yesung1106 comment on Siwon’s photo : kkkk
💫 @eunhyukee44 : I photoshopped it too, I love you members💙 #Superjunior #sj
💫 @eunhyukee44 : We got caught on the Time magazine #LetsBeCareful #Paparazzi #DNE
☀️ Yesung comment on Eunhyuk’s photo :
Yesung : hyu … (sighing noise)
Eunhyuk : Yesung Aesongie
☀️ Yesung comment on Eunhyuk’s photo :@yesung1106 : Are the two of you constantly tied together? Sigh ㅋ
@eunhyukee44 : @yesung1106 There’s an ahjussi behind with us too
💫 @leedonghae : 🐯
☀️ Yesung comment Donghae’s photo : is it V??