fulfilling the prophecy

i feel half dead. but dont worry, its the inside half. my beautiful face is fine

Find someone who loves you the way Ezekiel loves gargoyles, giant eggs, pizza, and, in tonight’s episode– gold. 💰 |x|


Many centuries ago the Oracle forged a prophecy cube and she saw herself within it. She was being murdered by one of her 33 high priestesses, though she couldn’t see which one. So she forged new prophecy cubes, one for each of the priestesses, containing a vision of them dying at the hands of the person they married. So how did she link the prophecies? (requested by @mmisery)


‘But silver lining, Tyson’s right. He just proved that it can be broken…’ ‘The only way to break a prophecy is with a bigger prophecy, or if someone outside the prophecy intervenes…’ ‘Tyson, I’m impressed. That was some excellent lateral thinking.’

Having bpd is like being a walking self-fulfilling prophecy. We’re terrified of abandonment and convinced it’ll happen any second. Because of this we split on people, anger quickly, manipulate, cling to them and push them away ourselves. Because of this, they leave, and we say we knew they’d abandon us all along- when in reality we caused it.

every day i think about george lucas’s draft script of star wars where there was an ancient prophecy about the “son of skywalker” and darth vader had killed all of the skywalker boys to make sure the prophecy would never come to fruition but vader neglected to go after the only skywalker daughter, who was just kicking it on her aunt and uncle’s farm on tatooine, and then obi-wan comes along like “GIRL!!! FULFILL THE PROPHECY” and then it’s just the plot of the star wars movie we know and love but luke is a girl who gets with han solo and the empire gets brought to its knees by the daughter of skywalker… i’m crying why wasn’t this the movie