ful circle

Day 7 - Injuries

Special appearance by Porlyusica san, witnessing the long way Erza has came from being that little sad girl with an injured eye and soul to this woman being all lovedy dovey with the love of her life…

Alas! Porlyusica san doesn’t let this to distract her… they have been there bandaging each other with lovingly stares for hours! that’s enough! D:< Get out of the house you two!


Freetalk: My first almost serious attempt at drawing a background with an atmosphere. The notes are my handwritting in its messiest form and there are  the titles of the songs of my favorite band :3. Initially the background was going to be the Fairy Tail infirmary however I changed it after reading Ajerzaaddict’s fic for “Injuries” in which Erza attend to Jellal’s injuries in Porlyusica home. Which lead me to search for pics of Porlyusica home and ended with me reading the scene in which Erza meets the healer after leaving the tower in the saddest moment of her life… so here, I had to make this go ful circle: years later, not alone, nor sad with the person she lost at that time as a child being by her side.