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Ichimatsu tries to be cute
Fukuyama Jun & Irino Miyu
Ichimatsu tries to be cute

In “Totty’s Wish”, Todomatsu teaches Ichimatsu that to manipulate Osomatsu you have to be cute. It doesn’t go well, but Ichimatsu’s failure to be cute is actually… cute.

I: [shakily opens the door] Ne~ ne~ excushe me, Ochomachu-nii– 
T: What?! WHAT? What was that?! Huh? HUH?! What are you doing?! That was disgusting!

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I'm curious about the characters of Yuri!!! on Ice? Were they also in other sports anime?! (can you do it like you did about the bungou stray dogs characters)

Um, sure!! I do have some free time and made a summary of it, and I’ll add some of the characters they voiced recently if some seiyuus didn’t have a lot of roles in other sports anime ^^ Even though you guys can see in the seiyuus character roles in their wiki or myanimelist…

Katsuki Yuuri is voiced by Toyonaga Toshiyuki

Viktor Nikiforov is voiced by Suwabe Junichi

Yuri Plisetsky is voiced by Uchiyama Kouki

Otabek Altin is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa 

Phichit Chulanont is voiced by Ono Kensho

Michele Crispino is voiced by Maeno Tomoaki

Christophe Giacometti is voiced by Yasumoto Hiroki

Jean-Jacques Leroy is voiced by Miyano Mamoru

Lee Seung-gil is voiced by Nojima Kenji

Minami Kenjirou is voiced by Murase Ayumu

Emil Nikola is voiced by Hino Satoshi

Nishigori Takeshi is voiced by Fukuyama Jun

Georgi Popovich is voiced by Hatano Wataru which he surely love to lend his voice in Daiya hehe

Minako is voiced by Komatsu Yuka

Nishigori Yuuko is voiced by Ise Mariya

That’s all of the seiyuus that appear in other sports anime (some with the recent anime they’re in). I hope you like this answer ^^

Osomatsu-san Season 2 cast comment

from Sakurai Takahiro
Eh? No way!? Are you for real!? Oh no no! This is bad! I’m telling you this is bad! You should rethink your decision! I’ll do my best!

[t/n: omfg wwww]

from Nakamura Yuuichi
To think season 2 has come… spending all this time without doing anything [for canon material] even though response has been overwhelming’s made me think “it’s gotta be because they aren’t allowed to continue [read: destroy] this work any further…” But it’s here after all (laugh) I’ll do my very best to bring smiles to your faces every week again.

from Kamiya Hiroshi
“Everyone! Thanks for the long wait!” is what I want to say, but there have been a lot of people calling it an “owakon” [t/n: product past its prime] so I’m worried if there’s anybody truly waiting for it… in any case I’m gonna do the sequel! Please let me do it! I ask for your favor! Please let us act as the greatest morons we can be again!

from Fukuyama Jun
After hearing the wacko anime with those sextuplets who’s got a couple more screws loose is getting renewed for a second season in some way or another, honestly made me feel it’s nuts but I want to do it again no matter what. To the me who thinks like this has got to have a screw loose as well but since I’m aware of it, I should try to be genuinely happy so I hope everyone will support us in some way or another again.

[t/n: his “dou ni ka” puns are getting lost in the translation…]

from Ono Daisuke
We’ve finally gotten season 2 thanks to everyone’s support. Ariga-douruiou! [t/n: jyushi’s thank you/stolen base pun] I’ll hustle to the best of my muscle extent for as long as my voice continues!

from Irino Miyu
Finally it’s season 2!? I think it’s probably gonna be interesting, but “season 1 was more…” there’s quite a bit of that. I’ll casuaaaally do my best again. It should be interesting!

Thank you for waiting for us!

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[Headphones] "Kiss me... more..."
Fukuyama Jun
[Headphones] "Kiss me... more..."

Closed Captions: Gasping, kissing, bed rustling, some moaning.

[So I went looking for FukuJun audio from drama CDs and otome games for a small secret project, but it was kind of a bust. Easily 95% of his voice acting roles aren’t anywhere near Ichimatsu’s range or register. However, I don’t tolerate 2-3 hours worth of combing dense Japanese sites to come out empty handed, so you get this mess instead.

I actually had enough fun cutting this together that I considered making a super extended, much more raunchy version of this someday, but in that event, I would have to splice in some audio that isn’t actually FukuJun’s voice, but another seiyuu who can pass as him at his lower range. And that seems somehow wrong.]


i love ichimatsu’s voice and we don’t deserve fukuyama jun: the video