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“Lost in Hakone” mini-conversation from Yomecolle.
Naruko: Crap… I’m totally lost… ONODA-KUUUUN! Old maaaan!! Captain! Makishima-san! Perm and Silent-senpai! …And I guess Hotshot too… ONODA-KUUUUN! …Ah, I said Onoda-kun twice. Ahhh, I hope someone who lives here passes by so I can ask for their help…
Toudou: Hey look, Shinkai. There’s a kid over there with red hair just like yours. Is dyeing it red what’s in these days? But you guys shouldn’t do that! It’ll ruin your cuticles!
Shinkai: Now, don’t say that. Why don’t you try dyeing yours red and see for yourself? If you go climbing that way with Yuusuke-kun next to you, I bet you two will look hilarious– ooh, he’s charging straight for us. Guess I’ll target him in the meantime. Kapow.
Naruko: AAAAAARGH, YOU GOT ME!! …Ah! My Osaka humor took over for a second there– I mean! I’ve come here all the way from Chiba to attend a training camp and while I was buying onsen manjuu as a souvenir gift the bus with everyone else on it disappeared and I left my cell phone in the bus too so I can’t reach anyone can you help me?!!
Toudou: Well, that’s a problem! Don’t worry, if I ask the Hakone hot springs association, it will be no trouble at all for them to announce your presence throughout the town. Can you tell me your name and age, little boy? …What? You’re in high school?! Seriously?!!
Shinkai: Haha, I didn’t have any intention to shoot you down though. Judging from the easy way you played that off, you were born in Osaka, huh? Then here’s one more. Kapow! And another kapow! Ohh, good reaction! …Hmm? Hey, Jinpachi, your phone is ringing.
Toudou: Ma–MAKI-CHAN?! What happened, Maki-chan?!! It’s so rare to receive a call from you! …Your kouhai is lost in Hakone? Okay, tell me his discerning physical traits… I see, I see. A bright red short guy– He’s right here! Right in front of me! Maki-chan, this must be fate!
Shinkai: Hyuu. So you’re from Sohoku’s bike club, huh? It’s great that they found you. Jinpachi’s destined partner is Sohoku’s Makishima. Guess they’ll be having a tearful reunion too… Hey, you can give us those onsen manjuu as thanks. I was starting to feel hungry anyway. Yum.
Naruko: Eh? “Maki-chan”… is Makishima-san?! What do you mean, Makishima-san is that hairband guy’s destined partner? …And don’t eat my onsen manjuu, I bought them as a gift!! Makishima-san, please come get me soon!!



1st photo: (left to right)
[1st row] Hino Satoshi (Shinkai), Abe Atsushi (Izumida), Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (Aoyagi), Toriumi Kousuke (Imaizumi), Itou Kentarou (Tadokoro)
 [2nd row] Yonaga Tsubasa (Manami), Yamashita Daiki (Onoda), Fukushima Jun (Naruko)
Although Matsuoka-san is not the seiyuu guest here but he came to see them! <3

2nd photo: Seiyuu time~

3rd photo: LASTGASP on the stage! They sang “LINK”, Yowamushi Pedal the Movie OST

4th photo: MAGIC OF LiFE on the stage!

5th photo: ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D on the stage!

Everything looked so awesome for me, what an amazing stage!



I really really enjoyed watching Arashi live in Fukushima. I can feel that the guys were top notch in performance and sharing the fun with the audience 

Hatenai Sora song never fails me, it always remind me to be grateful with the things that I have and to never take things for granted. Nearly sob again.. hope the people there will recover and live a better life (˘⌣˘)

Shots from The Music Day Ongaku no Chikara, 2014.07.12.