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i've just recently finished reading Haikyuu and i still don't understand: what's up with bokuto and owls..?

first of all, you probably missed the translator’s note in this panel or there wasn’t any:

basically fukurodani academy is the name of bokuto’s team/high school, the kanji 梟 (fukurou) means “owl”.

second of all, every member of fukurodani’s team was based off a different kind of owl, on top of that owls are some of the strongest bird predators with eagles and hawks (which is likely why fukurodani is one of the champion powerhouses). It also doesn’t take too much observation to notice that bokuto’s design refers vaguely to that of an owl… (the spiky hair, the strong eyebrow game)

and here’s a list of what each character’s respective owl is for trivia:

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how would the captains + akaashi and Kageyama react to waking up from a nap and finding their s/o wrapped up in their arms? the s/o climbed in when the boys were sleeping? :3

Daichi was flustered when he woke up from his nap to find his s/o snuggled up next to him. After wiggling a little out of nervousness, his s/o moved too, making him panic a bit. But, good thing they didn’t wake up. Daichi smiled in relief, then kissed his s/o’s forehead, before removing his arm underneath their head and getting up.

Oikawa was surprised when he found his s/o snugged tight in his arms right next to him. He chuckled at how cute they looked in their sleep, and quickly took a picture. He teased them later with it.

Bokuto woke up to find his s/o cutely snuggled next to him, asleep. He grinned widely, before hugging them really tightly, waking them up. He apologized when they got mad for waking him up, but he explained, “I couldn’t resist myself! You looked so cute!”

Ohoho? Kuroo did not expect this. “This” being his s/o snuggling beside him when he woke up. He chuckled, making their s/o wake up. “Huh? Kuroo? You’re awake now?” They said, a little groggily. “Sorry for waking you up, babe,” He said. “By the way, you look like a kitten when you sleep.”

He got hit in the arm.

Akaashi turned red all over when he saw his s/o sleeping beside him. He didn’t want to wake them, so he got up slowly. After they woke up, he told them, all red,

“You look really cute when you sleep. I felt all warm when I saw you.”

Soon, his s/o was red too.

Kageyama was so surprised and flustered when he saw his s/o sleeping beside him, as a reflex, he pushed his s/o off the bed, waking them up. After his s/o yelled at him for waking them up, he apologized. “S-Sorry, I didn’t mean it,” He said. “But you were so… Cute. It shocked me.”

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Hey, it's Mod Amelie from hq-things!!! First of all, I just want to say good luck with the blog and that you're doing great! Mind if i request for Akaashi + Tsukki and Kuroo helping their s/o relax from the stress of school work? ;u;

Thank you so much!

Akaashi would try to help out as much as he can. He gave his s/o drinks, snacks, and massages. Also he would kiss them reassuringly to make them relax as well.

Tsukishima would bye them drinks and play some smooth r&b music for his s/o. He also snuggled next to them, and he offered to help them out when they were stuck at something. He denies anything that proves he cared about them.

Kuroo would probably try to help them on their school work and also giving reassuring hugs and kisses. He suggested they take a break if his s/o was up for it (ohoho).


I think we should appreciate how the, ’cool,’ Haikyuu!! characters are such dorks.
Actually, not even just the cool characters, but ALL OF THE CHARACTERS.

  • Kageyama flips his lid whenever volleyball is mentioned, and thinks the brain is a muscle.
  • Kageyama still doesn’t know how to properly high five someone.
  • Daichi and Asahi high-fived each other so hard they nearly collapsed from the pain.
  • Ennoshita likes making films and casts his loser friends in every one.
  • Ennoshita is the, ’Boss,’ of the Second Years.
  • Daichi made the fire alarm go off while in a scuffle with the basketball captain.
  • Sugawara has a shrimp shirt.
  • Asahi has long hair/ facial hair, because he thought it made him look, ’wild.’
  • Asahi is a powerful Ace who is constantly mistaken for a delinquent adult when he is about as dangerous as a ball of cotton.
  • Aone is an even bigger ball of cotton who just wants someone to sit next to him on the train - protect him at all costs.
  • Tsukishima collects dinosaurs and knows so much useless trivia, and Yamaguchi thinks he’s the coolest guy ever - plus they both have matching Prada bags.
  • Shimada actually folds his clothes neatly before he plays a volleyball game.
  • Ukai is a big, tough grumpy grump who sings to himself while cleaning when he thinks no one is listening.
  • Takeda looks like a 14 year old boy, but apparently loves to drink and party.
  • Kenma inwardly squeals and has face sparkles when he gets a new game.
  • Kuroo and Bokuto are two amazingly strong captains with so much knowledge and wisdom and they live and breathe really stupid puns and provocation.
  • Lev is literally a 6'4" baby. 
  • Bokuto is probably an even bigger baby than Lev.
  • Akaashi is everyone’s mom.
  • Iwaizumi collected bugs as a kid while Oikawa was a HUGE alien nerd and had a whole bunch of alien swag.
  • Oikawa is probably still an alien nerd, but hides it all behind his volleyball posters.
  • Ushijima is as dense if not more dense than the protagonist in a harem/ reverse harem anime.
  •  Akiteru has a Sazae San shirt and prioritizes the cuteness of his nearly 6'2" brother.
  • Kindaichi is Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s biggest fangirl and looks like a turnip.
  • Mad Dog is literally the angry puppy that pisses on everything that only likes Iwaizumi.
  • Koganegawa is a 6'2" precious crybaby who looks like a Pokemon and wants nothing more than to please his senpai.
  • Sakunami is half of his size and his guardian angel.
  • Nishinoya and Hinata have been mistaken for elementary school kids.
  • Literally every time Hinata has to go to the bathroom he is stopped by some threatening force - God, just let the kid pee.

There are a thousand more instances, but these are the ones that came to my mind. Feel free to add.


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