fukuoka ken

Got my Tango on the Campania tickets!

Today is the official ticket sales in Japan, but I have already applied for priority tickets two months ago (S-seats), so I only need to exchange my reservation slip for the actual ticket. 

I will be attending the Ishikawa Prefecture run at the Honda no Mori Hall, and my seats are as follows:

Saturday’s opening show - I will be all the way up front in row J.

Sunday’s closing show - I will sadly be further back in row R. 

Can’t wait for February to come! 

TICKET SALES UPDATE: Seats are fully sold out in Fukuoka-ken, Hyogo (Kobe City) and Tokyo. Aichi (Nagoya City)’s tickets are running out. Lots of tickets left in Ishikawa (Kanazawa City)! Please come visit my beautiful and quaint prefecture! We have the best seafood in the whole of Japan!