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Famitsu DR3 Cast Interview #1: Nakahara Mai (Yukizome Chisa)

This is the first of what will apparently be a series of cast interview featured in Famitsu. First up is Yukizome’s VA, Nakahara Mai.

  • Her birthday is February 23rd and she’s originally from Fukuoka-ken.
  • Apparently the events that take place in the story surprise even the cast.
  • Nakahara describes Yukizome as a housekeeper that encounters and witnesses all kinds of incidents. She’s got a spirited, go-getter personality, and is always thinking of what she can do for her classmate Munakata. Though she appears as a teacher for the SDR2 cast in Zetsubou-hen, she’s actually there on Munakata’s orders to spy.
  • The first time Nakahara played Yukizome, it was to do the Zetsubou-hen intro narration. Because they began recording before she had a good handle on the character, she played her part while being guiding by the staff on how to do so.
  • Yukizome’s early death and position as Zetsubou-hen narrator was a chance to link the two series together using one character.
  • This is the first character Nakahara has played that has died in the first episode. Because DR3 airs twice a week, she believes it allows it to do some interesting things, like surprise everyone with Yukizome’s death in episode one of Mirai-hen and then cause them to relax by having her appear in Zetsubou-hen.
  • When Nakahara first heard about airing two episodes per week, she though it wouldn’t go well. She worried the staff would get too worn out, but it’s going along swimmingly thanks to their hard work.
  • Nakahara was nervous about what to say during the talk part between Mirai-hen and Zetsubou-hen at the advanced screening. Apparently Ogata went to bat for her and said that they should cut that part but in the end she did it, even though all she could say was “Ah, I died!” (This is true. That’s pretty much all she said. Ogata jumped in with “Mirai-hen is darker than what you’re used to, huh” but that was about it.)
  • Nakahara says that the atmosphere in the recording studio is different between the two series. In Mirai-hen it feels more like a class reunion centered around Ogata with the new VAs as new members, whereas Zetsubou-hen is a collection of everyone recording together. It’s the first time Nakahara has experienced that, so she said it’s very refreshing.
  • Nakahara has never played the DR games, though she has watched DR The Stage. Apparently she was working with Hagakure’s VA and he invited her to go, and since it was all new to her, she was very surprised by many of the developments. Though characters continually died, it wasn’t just death and despair, and she was intrigued by the class trials enough that it has piqued her interest in the original source material. So when she was cast for DR3, she was very happy.
  • Nakahara thinks that DR’s charm is in the details, tied up in the characters and the story, as well as in the developments along the way. She feels as though even people who haven’t played the games can enjoy DR3.
  • That said, in response to people who feel it’s difficult to understand without having played the games, Nakahara says that she hopes watching DR3 will inspire them to want to explore the source material like DR The Stage did for her. She hopes that they’ll play and think “Oh, so that’s what that was!” and discover new things and surprises.
  • Aside from Yukizome, the characters Nakahara is most interested in are Komaeda because she envies his luck (oh my) and Bandai, because she thinks that Kugimiya Rie did a fantastic job with his cute voice.
  • If she could have a SHSL talent, she’d want Yukizome’s ability to clean, without her tendancy to get wrapped up in incidents. If that was unavoidable, she’d want Andou’s sweets-making talent. Though that might make her get fat, so perhaps she’d just want Komaeda’s good luck after all. (Oh, honey. Please play SDR2. You don’t really want that.)
  • As for Nakahara’s final words, I’ll just translate directly: As Zetsubou-hen’s name implies, please watch how everyone will fall into despair. Also, I’d appreciate if you watched and looked forward to what the future holds in Mirai-hen while trying to figure out who the attacker is. Because what happens next won’t betray your expectations as fans, please watch until the end!