fukuoka 2013

Possible season 2 plot, skating-wise, there are:

Winter Olympics in February

Seung-Gil’s coach mentioned about Pyeongchang which is 2018’s Winter Olympics. I believe YoI is set in 2013 (they switch places a lot with RL event but Sochi GPF is 2012, the GPF logo they use is 2013 Fukuoka GPF, but the place is Barcelona which is 2014 GPF lmao, I decide 2013 is probably the best guess).

While it’s nice, it’s hard to see 2 months to stretch into 13 episodes… so there’s:

World Championship in April

Buuut idk… Having to repeat Eros and Yuri on Ice again… It’ll get repetitive… (Don’t even mention that Yuuri and Victor could make new SP and FS. No way in hell they could choreograph new programs in just 4 months and expect Yuuri to skate it clean for freaking OLYMPICS and WORLDS lol. YoI is realistic, cmon.)

Still, 4 months… Seeing YoI now that squeezed 12 months into 13. The pace will be all over the place hahaha. I’m not sure about filler episodes too…

Hnggg… maybe there will be OVA for this two events and season 2 will be about next year GPF… Preferably Pair Skating/Ice Dancing Victuuri lol (I wish).