Introduction to Nekoma:

Okay so these guys are Nekoma. They specialize heavily in defense. Though none are geniuses like Kageyama, they are a well rounded team and have great teamship (is that a word?). Don’t let the kanji fool you. They DO represent cats. Nyan~

Kuroo Tetsurou. Captain. Major science nerd. Hot piece of trash. Really bad bedhead. Bros with Captain Owl(Bokuto). Makes his team chant “We are the body’s blood-flow smoothly and circulate oxygen so the brain functions normally.” Totally in love with his childhood friend/precious setter Kozume Kenma *points at Kenma* I mean who looks at someone platonically like that. He calls Kenma their brains, backbone and heart. Is really smart but can be an idiot. Made sure Kenma didn’t quit volleyball. Expert Kenma Reader ™. “Oya Oya Oya?”

Kozume Kenma. Precious precious child that needs to be protected. Socially Awkward cutie. Gamer geek. Probably plays Dramatical Murder. In Love with his childhood friend/captain Kuroo Tetsurou. Dyed his hair blonde cuz Taketora Yamamoto, their ace, told him he’d stand out with long dark hair. Has never failed anything because Kuroo tutors him do they actually study *coughs*. Good friends with Sunshine Child Hinata. Analytical as hell. Number 1 Cat Bae.

 Taketora Yamamoto. Basically Tokyo’s version of Tanaka with a mohawk. Cannot-Talk-To-Girls and is actually a softie. A very good ace if you look past his idiocy. BFFs with Tanaka. Crushes on Kiyoko as well. Forms Kiyoko Protection Squad with Ryuu and Yuu. Has cute sister named Akane.

Yaku Morisuke. MY BEAUTIFUL LIBERO CAT MOM. Adorable to the max. Extremely high-caliber libero. Short, but don’t tell him that. The mom. The MOM ™. Once cried tears of joy over Kenma making friends. Smacks Tora and Lev into place when needed. He’s so cool when receiving. He isn’t paid enough to deal with this crap. Can be very dorky when he wants to be. Nishinoya idolizes him alot. Posed seductively in a trash pile once.

Lev Haiba. Tol Idiotic Russian Lampost  ™. Comes in later. Thinks he’s the ace (note the word thinks.) Pisses off Yaku, Kenma, Tora and Kuroo more often than needed. Can be a real sweetheart (mostly in the manga though, he’s pretty annoying in the anime). Learning, but learning quick! Probably has a crush on Kenma. Swings like a Whip. Has a very pretty sister named Alisa.

Kai Nobuyuki. Other Mom. Coolest Senpai ever. He’s so nice it’s to a fault. Apparently kinda scary when playing poker. The poor guy was stuck in the middle when 1st year Kuroo and Yaku were still bickering. Peacemaker dude.

Inuoka Sou. Literal Angel. Dog in Cat Team. He’s so enthusiastic and sweet it hurts that Lev took his spot as a regular. But he’s so sweet he ain’t even salty ‘bout it, just vows to work harder and is literally the only one who bothered to encourage Lev to be a regular, even though it was HIS spot getting taken. As quick as Hinata and gets along with him just as well. Gets along with KENMA, that’s how sweet he is.

Shibyama Yuuki. Cinnamon Roll. Yaku’s apprentice. Really shy but really cute when he gets comfortable with a person. Asahi scared the heck outta him when they first met. Can actually get along with Lev. Yaku believes in him alot. Must be protected.

Fukunaga Shouhei. He’s so cute seriously. It’s a running gag that he never says a word so his speech bubbles are literally just blank bubbles.Gets along with Kenma as well, probably because they’re both kinda awkward. It’s canon he’s actually really funny and makes jokes in his head but doesn’t tell anyone and laughs to himself instead. Tora tells him to “Talk more, c’mon”. Really Precious.

And there you have it!

I want you to look at this, look at the beautiful Nekoma members, man I missed them so much. Kuroo being a little shit like he always is and Daichi was like eyeing him ‘why the f–k am I dating this ass again’ (yes I’m a KuroDai shipper kill me).

Look at tiny Kenma wearing a mask and gosh that little wave to Hinata is gonna be the death of me. He literally does not look at anyone else except for his precious Shouyou (and yes I’m also a KenHina shipper). Inuoka man, dude unrequited crush much. No, no I’m kidding. I love their beautiful rivalry/friendship. It’s very healthy.

Yaku, omg Yaku why do you look so freaking hot smiling like that. Tora of course probably having a scary face battle with Tanaka behind Daichi. Shibayama, please someone protect that precious little child. Kai probably couldn’t believe his captain being an ass. AGAIN. But he knows Kuroo would never stop and he loves his captain nevertheless. Fukunaga, I always love his cute tiny mouth. He’s like cattest of them all (yes I made the word up), look at him being interested of something in the sky rather than having eye contact with a destined rival team. And then, of course, Lev the aspiring Nekoma ace, glaring at all of them burning with passion to go against Karasuno for an official match and probably shows off his new teamwork skill he garnered from the last match they had. Waiting to see how Hinata has improved also.

Man I could not wait for the Battle of Trash Heap to commence.

Haikyuu!! Novel Volume 5: Before Our Representative Playoffs - The Blazing Dodgeball Highschooler Bokuto “Dodge” Koutarou (Summary)

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