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From that video you posted I had to kind of laugh at "Furthermore, the fashion is another point. The snapshots we get of the girls in regular clothes were designed to appeal to adult woman." Yes, you designed ONE outfit for the girls to wear practically the entire first two seasons, aside from their school uniforms, and they end up being Power Ranger-type clothing haha.

I don’t know what you mean by Power Ranger type clothing?

I think it’s got something to do with there being no settei of these outfits, and/or most of Crystal had this “straight after school” vibe alongside the girls spends majority of the manga/Crystal transformed, i always got the impression these various outfits were planned but never made it out of “better said than done.” and development hell.

They do wear different outfits in Season 2 though…? There’s a couple of blogs that do show that, like @fukufashion and @sailorcivilian. I think Rei is the only one who doesn’t get a change in wardrobe outside merch art though.

External image

And from my point of view, i tihnk part of it the default outfit after transforming is their school uniforms implied here:

Usagi’s last outfit worn before transforming was this:

And remained as Sailor Moon through the series until brainwashed Mamoru takes her brooch and she detransforms and is in her uniform:

(this happens in the manga too) 

Who knows really.